Isn’t it like this at your house?

Cassatt_1 I have posted before about how I love Mary Cassatt paintings, so I’ll share another one. It’s especially moving to me since, whenever I sew, my children quietly gather at my lap like this. Yeah, right.

What this picture doesn’t show us is that this little wisp of a girl was probably asking her mom for a cup of milk for the 432nd time, and just outside the picture, she was kicking the dog.

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3 thoughts on “Isn’t it like this at your house?

  1. Owlhaven says:

    Yeah, and at my house the item being sewed by the mom would be something that a kid needed to have ON THEIR BODY in one minute so we could all hurry and get in the car and race to a choir concert or something!

  2. blackbird says:

    One of my most favorite museum trips was the time we saw a few dozen of her paintings…
    it was my favorite because we brought the boys and we sat them down in front of a couple of the paintings and asked them what was going on.
    In front of one of them Middle said –
    I think that little girl did a bad thing and is trying to tell her mom about it.
    -so interesting to hear what they thought!

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