But the rocks aren’t only in my DRYER…

What is it with little boys and rocks?  I mean, they’re just rocks.  Lumps of hardened earth.  Dirty, drab little hard things that can be weaponized at any moment (ah, I may have just answered my own question…).  As the mother of three boys, I find rocks everywhere.  Just today, here are the places I found rocks in my house, and I promise I didn’t set any of these up…

In the floor of the minivan:


In the decorative chest on my coffee table:


In this Wal Mart sack hanging by the back door (and that’s all it contains–rocks):


In my four-year-old son’s coat pocket:


On a shelf in my seven-year-old son’s room:


And in my jewelry box.  Okay, actually this is an acorn, but it’s still a hard, earthen object, and I didn’t put it there:


But you know what?  These rocks all over my house mean those rowdy, noisy, rock-bearing boys can’t be far behind.  I’ll take that any day.

19 thoughts on “But the rocks aren’t only in my DRYER…

  1. Heth says:

    Love it!
    We find Walmart sacks of rocks too. What is up?
    My wierdest rock discovery was in the bottom of the Little Tikes baby doll crib. It had a pull out drawer and one day I found it full of gravel.
    I love that you documented this.

  2. Jennifer says:

    This post made me smile. I also find rocks everywhere, and we have a bag of them in the garage that has been there for three years, around the same time we bought that rock tumbler that’s still in the box. 😉

  3. chilihead says:

    My kids LOVE to collect rocks. We have rocks from everywhere we’ve ever visited. Oye.
    Hmmmm. Wonder what ELSE they do with rocks besides collect them and possibly use them as weapons? 😉

  4. Lauren says:

    When we went to CA in November my 16-year-old’s friend asked him to bring him back a rock, don’t look for the rock collecting to be over anytime soon! 😉

  5. hogphan says:

    Hey, I agree, it’s not just little boys. This is your dad and your son’s grandfather, Pop, and I remind you that when we go to Colorado each summer, I bring a rock back to do SOMETHING with! Either a reminder of a fun picnic, a decoration for the landscaping or just a nice looking rock for a hike or jeep ride! You never can tell when you might have a need for a good rock! 🙂

  6. Carol says:

    These guys are on my team! I love rocks. I have scads of them. I even abscound with my kids’ rocks, if they’re cool. Rocks….uh….rock!

  7. Kim in IL says:

    Oh, does THIS bring back memories. I still have my boys’rock collections and they are 24, 21, and 15. They inspired me to collect rocks!
    Oh, we love rocks at our house. Isn’t it fun having boys?

  8. Megan says:

    Speaking of weird, hard objects in Wal-mart bags… The other day I came home from shopping at Wal-mart and one of my bags had only a half-of-a-brick in it!!??! I wasn’t sure it it was an angry employee or some random stranger playing a weird joke on me or if maybe I’d actually purchased half-of-a-brick and didn’t remember? Maybe I was hit in the head with the other half first?
    It was pretty strange…

  9. momrn2 says:

    Don’t you just love boys? I went to Nashville not too long ago and threw in a pair of overall shorts for the nicer weather they were having. As I’m wearing them, I feel something in my pocket. Surrounded by all these “business people” I work with, I retrieve the mystery from my front pocket. A HUGE ROCK! It evidently had been found last summer the last time I wore the shorts, had made it to the hands of mom to carry the “special rock”, made it through the wash, back into my drawer, and even through airport security. Wonder what they thought about a rock heading to Nashville?

  10. Shannon says:

    Mary, the ONLY reason it’s vacuumed is because it’s a rental while mine is in the shop. Seriously–my “real” van has things growing in the carpet.

  11. Karen says:

    In my house it’s dried up hardened fruit snacks that I find everywhere. Sometimes they’re shaped like Scooby, sometimes Nemo, occasionally a Disney princess, and most recently a hot wheels monster truck. Good times.

  12. Linsey says:

    I have 4 boys. 3 of them are old enough to love rocks and collect them, in ANYTHING that will hold a rock, mush like you 4 yr old! Funny!

  13. Lucinda says:

    Girls love rocks too! Granted they are usually dainty. My girls use them for crafts and art projects. Many times they get faces and hair drawn on them. The faces almost always have long eyelashes. Ahh… the female rock collector.

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