My Funny Valentine

Today NPR ran a commentary by author Julie Zickenfoose on how blogging affects relationships.  (Click here to listen, and hat tip to my brother R for the link).  Julie’s hilarious piece deals with the politics of a two-blog marriage, where partners compete for "blogworthy" material.  But for those of us in marriages where only one spouse blogs, the politics can get equally sticky.

It was actually Hubby’s idea that I should blog.  Being the supportive man he is, for years he’s been after me to spend some time writing.  When the blogosphere began to explode in popularity, he insisted I should have a place in it.  As is typical, I resisted this idea, until the urge hit me back in the fall.  And now, I’m sure, he rues the day he suggested it at all.  When a blog idea hits me, I have to write it right-then-that-very-instant or the moment is gone.  And the privacy issue?  I’ve nearly sent him over the edge.  Though I know you are all wonderful, he’s convinced you’re all ax-wielding serial killers searching for my first tiny slip-up about our "real" identity. 

But you know what?  He’s a sport about it, just like he is about my ever-changing hare-brained schemes.  Sacrificing his own comfort or convenience for that of his family’s is just what he does–all day, every day.  So to my heart-stopping, laugh-inducing, towel-folding, blog-tolerating, soccer-coaching, kid-wrestling, Hamburger-Helper-eating, homework-checking husband, I say Happy Valentine’s Day.  You still make my knees weak.

12 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine

  1. mimi2six says:

    I can’t pass up an opportunity to brag on Shannon’s husband….my son-in-law! He really is all that she says….and more. I deeply appreciate his admiration and appreciation of Shannon’s talents. He’s always encouraged her to develop and express them. He is a great husband and dad…..and the best of sons-in-law! And….he even really likes me…his mother-in-law!!I’m blessed!

  2. Peach says:

    Great post. I could have written the same one. My hubby was the impetus for my blogging too. Now, he shakes his head and smiles over the friends I’ve made and lives we discuss of people we’ve never met. We are both blessed to be married to such incredible men!

  3. Carol says:

    Exactly how, why, and when I started blogging. The only thing he worries about my blogging is that the laundry bin seems to fill up more than it used to. Otherwise, he’s cool with it…so far.

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