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Last night I watched the Academy Awards.  The movies were politically charged, but the evening was, for the most part, pleasantly tame (I was braced for a good bit of Bush-bashing).  The dresses were beautiful, Jon Stewart was funny, Reese Witherspoon was charming–all in all, an entertaining evening.  But George Clooney’s acceptance speech, in which he proudly reveled in being "out of touch" with main-stream America, got me thinking.  Oscar

The Oscars, while fun to watch, are really nothing more than a chance for Hollywood to proclaim to a billion viewers how "important" their work is, how they’re changing the world with their art.  And that never sits right with me.  The reality is, out here in middle-America, we know who the world-changers really are, don’t we?  The kindergarten teachers and firefighters, the foster parents and basketball coaches, the nurses and the police offers–these are the heroes.  Folks in the real world who cook their own meals and wash their own cars.  Families who are pinching pennies so a parent can stay home and raise the kids.  People who have to deal with broken washing machines, dead-beat dads, lines at the grocery store and car trouble.  And at the end of the day there are no fancy dresses, no photographers–instead there is dinner to cook and homework to check and a bed to fall into so you can get up and do it all again tomorrow.  Those are the world-changers.

So, Hollywood, make your movies and entertain us every now and then, but know that the real heroes don’t require award ceremonies to tell them how they’re doing.  They’re too busy making the car payment and coaching soccer.  And to those of you out there fighting the good fight, you may not get an Oscar, but you have the respect of those of us in the trenches with you.

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  1. Heth says:

    Amen and amen!
    Great thoughts Shannon.
    But can’t we at least get one night on the red carpet with a designer dress and someone to do our hair? And I think day to day life would be a lot more fun with background music.

  2. Owlhaven says:

    Thanks for the encouragment Shannon! but, yeah, I want a really fancy dress too– and an excuse to wear it– and really (really) good undergarments so I will actually manage to look really hot in it!

  3. melnel says:

    I appreciated your comments on this.
    A coworker and I discussed it this morning–how the films proclaimed as the best of the year often do not relate to the life, morals, or opinions of the average trying-to-get by family. And how the actors’ lives don’t portray what any good mother or father is trying to teach their child. Why is that? If it’s about Hollywood changing the world, I’m sure I don’t want to be a part of that world.
    I’ll do the fancy dress and hair in my own world where real heros and loved ones have a greater voice. Where honor and virtue and integrity have greater value. Where love and responsibility and facing fears and overcoming challenges is daily duty. A world where gold and glitter, paprazzi and awards are replaced with hugs and smiles, sacrifice and service.
    That’s the world I want.
    And now I’ll step off the soapbox. 🙂

  4. Peach says:

    All right . . . I’ve now tried you out in Firefox, Camino and Safari. Something weird is going on. Can’t see the ginormous header on Camino at all. Saw it on Firefox and it was SO ginormous that I was afraid of it! You are tooling around with your template again, aren’t you, friend? If I remember right, “Now godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6. Just kiddin’, but we can become obsessed with the things we can change.

  5. Peach says:

    BTW, I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I skipped watching the ceremony, but I have scanned all the dresses online today. Why do I care, I ask myself? I guess it’s just to remind me that others do still have reason to leave their homes in something other than ill-fitting capri pants and Crocs!
    Great words, once again, Shannon

  6. Amber says:

    AMEN! I hate awards shows for entertainers. Seriously there are like 2 billion of them and it’s all tooting their own horns. Drives me nuts! Real heros are quietly doing their thing, living day to day and changing lives one person at a time.

  7. Addie says:

    Here! Here!
    Two comments that stood out to me last night, were “Art is not a mirror, but a hammer by which to shape the world.” (I think that’s what he said. He kind of stumbled over it himself.) And then the screenplay writer from Brokeback Mountain said “The job of art is to shed light into the the darkness of men.” Again, not a direct quote, but close enough.
    Anyway, Great post! I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog lately.

  8. Morning Glory says:

    I agree with you 100% on this. I think the real heroes are you, my daughters and all the other young mothers out there who are trying to raise good families in today’s world. I’ll lead the pack of Grandmas in handing out Hero Awards to all of you!

  9. GiBee says:

    Oh yeah! My friend is Shannon, and she kicks butt… um, I mean hiney.
    So watch out, cause she’s on the Momma’s side!
    Hey, did you see me do that karate kick in my fancy high heels and nude colored bejeweled dress? Just be careful, because I might slip a time or too in my high, high heels.
    kay — gotta go fix dinner now… in my jeans and mules. Yeah, back to the real reality. Life.

  10. mimi2six says:

    Right on, Morning Glory! I’m right behind you with those awards to the real heroes! Shannon, you said it all so well. I feel the same way. Those Hollywood folks just don’t have a clue what real life is all about, and I feel kinda sorry for them about that. Think of the simple joys they are missing. I love being just a plain, unglamorous grandmother!

  11. hogphan says:

    Reese Witherspoon got it right by quoting June Cash who said “I’m just trying to matter!” Trouble is, those folks don’t realize what really matters. It’s all about them, to them, and the truth is they live in a fantasy world that is, at best, sometimes interesting, but hardly ever something that matters! I did appreciate Reese’s speech. Maybe she’ll try to live it out in her work and bring a little sanity to her trade.

  12. Julie says:

    How true your words are. When George Clooney accepted his award he talked about how his name would always be synonomous with this award. “Oscar-winner, Sexiest Man Alive 1997, Batman – died today in a freak accident…” I thought – how sad.
    I’d rather have my obit say “A loving wife, devoted mother and a generous heart died today.”

  13. ggirl says:

    I agree with you that we more mundane folks can and often are heroes. However, I think that art does have the potential to change world in a way that folding my laundry doesn’t.

  14. emma aka jennybee says:

    okay, I might get reamed for this..
    I only watch for the dresses. You can buy next weeks People Magazine and see the dresses so I didn’t watch it.
    Don’t you know that the Academy Awards are evil? hehe.
    From one trench to another: Well said!

  15. Goslyn says:

    Reese’s dress was pretty!
    And Amen, sister, to your comments about real heros v. hollywood heros.
    George Clooney is just wayyyy too full of himself.
    But, Jon Stewart was funny.

  16. Shalee says:

    You go girl! If it weren’t for all the real-life heros and those who live in reality, the “rich and famous” would not exist. When will there be a time when goodness is valued above all else?
    I made it a point to not watch this year, but, considering the fact that I rarely ever watch tv, that wasn’t really all that big of a deal for me. I had no desire to see any of the movies win.
    I mainly didn’t want to watch grossly out of touch people tell society what is right and what is wrong, nor did I want to hear the Bush-bashing either.
    I did, however go online and check out the dresses. I did like Reese Witherspoon’s dress as well, but what was with some of the others? I’m thinking that the only reason some of them wore their dresses was because they lost a bet.

  17. jenn v says:

    Amen sister!! Before kids (BK), I loved the Oscars. I really bought into the whole thing. Since I’ve had children, I will still watch them, but most of the awe is gone. hmmmm…

  18. blestwithsons says:

    Yeah well… I’m married to one of the real heroes. And although I like his twinkly medals when he wears his blues… They’re not what he works for and what he dreams about. And there wasn’t a big gala when he got them…
    He’s just a good man serving his God, his Corps and his country – and he’s pretty cool with his wife and kids too!
    Post good. Hollywood bad.

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