Morning Laughs

Every one of these conversations happened in my house this morning before 8:30 am:

First, 8-year-old Adam came downstairs wearing a black shirt and navy blue pants. 

Me:  Adam, you need to change your clothes–those don’t match.

Adam:  Why not?

Me: Well, blue and black don’t go together.

Adam:  But they both start with B!

Minutes later, as I drizzled syrup on 4-year-old Joseph’s pancakes:

Joseph: Can I put the syrup on?

Me: No, not today.  How about if I give you some extra syrup instead?

Joseph:  [Flipping me a thumbs-up sign]  Thanks, babe!

Then I heard 7-year-old Stephen in the pantry, unable to open a new bottle of apple juice.  My hip-hop child was chanting, in his best rap style:

Yo, yo, Mom, help me out!

Yo, yo, Mom, help me out!

Who needs cable when you get to eat breakfast with characters like this?

On a different note, thank you for such wonderful comments to yesterday’s post.  If you haven’t been back to read them all, you really should–seems like many of us have stories of how the old hymns have touched us.  Thank you for sharing!

21 thoughts on “Morning Laughs

  1. Sarah says:

    Love morning fun! You never know what you’re going to get at my house. And, for better or worse, I have completely given up on the “those don’t match” conversations. I let an 8 year old where orange micro-check shorts with a red, white and blue shirt yesterday. Other mothers talk about me, I feel certain.

  2. GiBee says:

    Well, at least your son is acknowledging (sp?) the truth — you are a babe. Feels good to have affirming words from your child, huh?
    Can’t wait until my son starts to talk… sooo cute. Great breakfast times!

  3. chilihead says:

    LOVE that! And look at you! Top 10 on Top Blog Site and quickly approaching 10,000 visitors! You rock!
    You know what I love about your kids? The fact that they are sooooo “cool” (e.g., rapping) but that they ALWAYS say Mrs. XXXX when they are addressing an adult. They aren’t too cool for manners. You’re a great mom.

  4. Sheri says:

    We had just moved here (Ok) from California when Gavin boldly announced to his Sunday School class that his name was “Little G”, and apparently he and another little boy taught each other to rap.
    We found this out one day when we walked into Walmart and the little boy was ahead of us. Gavin (at the time FOUR) yelled : “YO! W’as up dawg!”
    To which the little boy replied “Yo, yo yo you Little G!”

  5. peach says:

    How cute is that? I love the pantry rapper, and you know it always feels good to be called “Babe” by someone who really loves you.

  6. Shannon says:

    Lauren, jeans are different entirely. They were navy blue TRACK pants. With a green stripe down the side. And the shirt was black. With a yellow design. Not pretty.

  7. Rach says:

    the “yo yo mom help me out!” cracked me up. How blessed you are. 🙂 my little duo (hubws and daughter) are requesting my presence in the kitchen. i’d better go! 🙂

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