Number of hours until departure for Disney World:  8.5

Number of hours we’ll spend driving in the next two days:  22

Number of hours this week my friend Chilihead has kept various combinations of my children so I could tend to packing business:  8  (You’re the best, Chili…)

Number of little boys in my household who are whipped into an absolute frenzy: 3

Number of times the poor teachers of aforementioned little boys will have to tell them to calm down and stay in their seats today:  approximately 723

Number of hours of Chronicles of Narnia read aloud on CD we’ll be listening to: 17

Number of matching outfits for my boys so we don’t lose them in the parks:  6

Number of pounds I will gain from eating lavish Disney meals:  I don’t want to talk about it.

Number of days my one-year-old daughter will be with my parents while we’re gallavanting in Florida:  10 *sniff*

Number of DVDs awaiting watching in the car:  23

Number of times I expect to hear the sentence "Are we there yet?" in the next 48 hours:  20 bazillion

Number of miles we will put on our mini-van in the next 10 days:  2,450

Number of times I expect to laugh out loud in the next 10 days:  Too many to count. 

Mickey_2So on that note, it seems like a fitting farewell:

M-I-C (see you later)…

K-E-Y (why? Because I like you!)…


(And by the way, posts will be appearing while I’m gone, because Typepad lets me write them ahead of time and schedule them for publication…how cool!  But I will probably not be checking comments, e-mails or other blogs until I get back home.  I’ll miss you bloggin’ friends–have a good week!)

21 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. peach says:

    Have a super time! Don’t know if you’ll be going down Interstate 95 at all, but if you do — think of me! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you return. Enjoy that Chronicles of Narnia on audio. My kids love listening to Adventures in Odyssey while we travel. Makes for great family discussions along the way,too.

  2. momrn2 says:

    Praying you and your family have a fun, safe, fantastic, memorable time! Will definately miss you while you’re gone! Enjoy the time with your family.

  3. Goslyn says:

    Have a wonderful time, and enjoy the Florida sun for me! If you get this before you leave, don’t miss the Lion King show at the Animal Kingdom. It’s fantastic.

  4. Shalee says:

    Number of hours of sleep that you will be making up later: 48
    Number of blogs that will come out of this wonderful adventure: 34 (you know so much is going to happen that the memories and experiences will work themselves in naturally!) I look forward to reading every one of them!
    Have a blast!

  5. chilihead says:

    Woot! You are going to have a GREAT time! I loved having the kids this week. Corrie and I have now officially bonded. šŸ˜€
    I’ll be thinking of you! Be safe!

  6. emma says:

    have a blast!!! Your children will remember it for the rest of their lives. Really!!
    Be safe, have fun and I can’t wait to hear about it!

  7. missmellifluous says:

    Have a great time.
    You know I have found a way to stop my children saying the,”Are we there yet?” thing repeatedly on long, or even not so long, trips. My plan of attack is to say it before they do. Once you beat them to it a strange role reversal takes place and they end up responding as I would…”No! Please don’t say it again!” “Not too far to go.” “We’re nearly there, mama.” It works.

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