3 thoughts on “A Thought For the Weekend…

  1. Bethany says:

    A very nice quote indeed.
    I’ve seen your blog on many a blogroll and have been intrigued by the title. I keep meaning to come over for a visit. But today, when I took a load of my son’s clothes out of the dryer and about 15 rocks came out too I thought it was definately time to give you a visit!
    Hope you are having a lovely time in Disney World! Wish I were going there sometime soon! 😀

  2. Carmen Rockett says:

    Beautiful quote…I’ll try to remember it as I chase lizzards back outside and wipe noses…wings…Jesus gives me wings…I’m sure I’ve had rocks in my dryer, but I’m more concerned about the wildlife my five boys like to bring in.
    “No, not my bed!!! Stop!…
    (Well, gotta’ go) Stop! Take it back outside!”

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