A Very Easy Baby Gift

A few weeks ago, one of my dearest friends had a baby, and I wanted to get her something special.  So I made her a quilt like one given to me when my daughter was born, made by a friend.  It is such a good blanket, and best of all, it is VERY easy to do.  First, here’s the finished product:

This is the "smooth" side (you’ll see what I mean in a minute).  These are 9-inch squares of flannel (with a half-inch seam, the finished squares are 8 inches).


This is the "fuzzy" side.  The way to make this quilt is to use a double thickness of flannel (right sides facing OUT), and sew them together so all the seams are exposed on one side.  Then clip the exposed seams, launder, and watch it fringe!


For an added touch, I monogrammed one of the quilt squares (I didn’t post a picture of the monogram, for my friend’s privacy, but it turned out really well).  This is easy–just print out the font you want to use in the monogram, and tape the print-out to a window.  Tape the flannel over it, and you can easily trace the name onto the cloth with pencil.  Then use a simple back-stitch to monogram over the pencil marks.

21 thoughts on “A Very Easy Baby Gift

  1. momrn2 says:

    Adorable… absolutely wonderful! I am definately going to have to give this a try sometime! I’m not very good at the sewing thing but I could probably get straight lines done! It looks so warm and snuggly too! Thanks for the great tip and idea!
    (BTW..I’m the first one to comment?! I think that’s a first! 🙂 )

  2. peach says:

    cute, cute! My hand-me-down sewing machine just broke, but I am planning to buy a new one soon. This might be a great first project. Like MomRN2 said, I can sew straight lines. Thanks for sharing such a darling idea.

  3. chilihead says:

    No, Diane, there is NOTHING she can’t do. She really is amazing.
    Shannon, my fabric is cut out and pinned together. Now you just have to come and sew it up for me.

  4. GiBee says:

    Oh, I just love that little blankie! I love stuff like that. I always have good intentions… and I start off with a bang, but… then, I hit a bumpy spot (like threading the bobbin thing) and I throw my arms up in the air and give up. Although… lately, I’ve been buying pre-threaded bobins, so really… I have no excuse.

  5. mimi2six says:

    Hey, I really like Chaotic Mom’s idea of the quilt being for someone besides a baby! Wouldn’t it be a neat way to do a Christmas or winter throw for the living room? I’ve seen Shannon’s that she received as a gift. After many launderings it is still as strong and pretty as ever. It’s my favorite baby gift she got! It would also be a cool graduation gift…maybe for the class of 07!!!

  6. SusiePie says:

    Saturday Shortcakes #9

    I’ve always adored the eloquence of writer Peggy Noonan, but her article this week, entitled Patriots, Then and Now, is simply 100% spot on. Go read it, please. Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer shows us a beautiful baby…

  7. Liz says:

    could you please post some pictures of your step by step directions for a monogram? I’m a visual learner, but printing the font sounds really cool. you can use my initials if you want ETF 😉

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