Why My Kitchen Smells Like a Baby’s Backside

Adcreamoriginallarge While I was unloading groceries today, Corrie somehow got her hands on a tube of A&D diaper rash ointment.  Would you like to guess what a one year old does with a tube of greasy mess?  Spreads it all over a section of the kitchen floor, of course.  And as I walked around the room putting away groceries, oblivious to what was going on (mysterious, sticky spots on my kitchen floor are absolutely NOTHING out of the ordinary around here), I tracked the stuff all over the kitchen.  Guess what?  A&D Ointment doesn’t wipe up easily.  Actually, A&D Ointment doesn’t wipe up at all.  For the rest of the time we own this house, I believe there is going to be a thin, sticky film of the stuff covering my floor.  We are finding globs of A&D on anything that has touched the floor today.  When Hubs picked up a 12-pack of diet Coke that had been sitting on the floor, he said, "What is this sticky stuff on the box… *sniff, sniff*…is that diaper rash medicine?"  (How much do I love this man that he recognizes the smell of diaper rash medicine?  What a keeper.)

But I’m looking on the bright side:  the next time she has a diaper rash, I can just put her naked little booty on the floor and tell her to scoot.

32 thoughts on “Why My Kitchen Smells Like a Baby’s Backside

  1. cmhl says:

    oh NO!! hahahah. at least it wasn’t hte original desitin that smells like fish. yuck. I kind of like the smell of the creamy desitin. maybe I am weird. ha.

  2. peach says:

    Do you have some Greased Lightning? It seems that it clears up any slimy mess that we’ve come up against. You can get it at dear ole’ WalMart.
    A+D ointment always reminds me of being a little girl, because my mom used it on my younger brother all the time.

  3. Diane says:

    Oh no! LOL…tell her to scoot! ROFL!!!! Thanks for the smiles—once again!
    The very same thing (with a few variations–happened in the car) happened to my son years ago. How strange that today I am saying good-bye to him as he relocates 1600 miles to Orlando, Florida. He is stopping by in one hour to say good-bye for his long road trip–I better go to the closet and see if I have any left over A& D ointment…for the trip!!!!!

  4. Kim from Hiraeth says:

    Hi Shannon,
    That reminds me of my own A & D story. I’ll have to ask son #1 permission to blog about it; not sure he wants all of bloglandia to know his toddler antics. I’ll let you know if I ever do blog about it. If he says no, I’ll email it to you. You’ll appreciate the humor. . .

  5. Susanne says:

    Too funny! Maybe oxyclean might help get it up? If you do use your bottom to get it up make sure you video tape it for Posterity’s sake of course! 😛

  6. Mary says:

    This is hilarious. Once when we had a party at our house, a toddler disappeared for awhile. Her mommy went looking for her and found her in the master bedroom smearing vaseline all over the back of the door. The woman was mortified, but we thought it was priceless.

  7. Amber says:

    Same story but insert ‘ignoring my kids’ for ‘putting away groceries and ‘baby powder, can of frosting or entire box of cereal’ for ‘A&D cream’ and it’s happened at our house many times.
    I have a 10 month old Corrie (Corinne) too!

  8. Molly says:

    Hee Hee… and I thought Diaper Cream was only good as a Stay-at-Home Mom’s french manicure! Floor polish is a new concept!
    I’ve really been enjoying your Blog, Shannon. Thank you for insight and laughs! The journal of your Disney trip made me start a new change jar!

  9. GiBee says:

    Oh, my!!!! I hope it’s not a hard wood floor!
    My mom uses A&D on everything… EVERYTHING … hang nail? A&D. Zit? A&D. Burn? A&D. You cut your arm off? A&D.
    The miracle cure? A&D.
    You know… your daughter scooting her hiney on the floor over the A&D might make a good commercial!

  10. Rachelle says:

    At least there is a bright side. LOL! I cannot stand the smell of that stuff. Note to self: Rid house of remaining tube before Cam discovers it.

  11. anneberit says:

    LOL, – it’s so stressfull when things like this happens, but really funny later on 😀 My son (age 2,5 at the time) poured sugar all over (almost) our livingroom….it stayed for a while and got into everything 😉

  12. mimi2six says:

    Another use for A & D! You know when you’ve had a cold or sinus and your nose gets kinda raw and very sore from blowing so much?? Well…..after you blow, put a tiny dab of A&D on the tender area, and it helps almost immediately. I get sinus attacks a couple of times a year, so I pack A & D in my purse and blow to my hearts content!

  13. mimi says:

    I feel ya. Try getting it out of shag carpet; TONS of fun. Last week my six year old was running with the dog and landed on a closed tube. It literally EXPLODED all over the living room rug. I’m really not sure what to do now.

  14. Gabriela says:

    Any luck yet? What a mess. Over here I am dealing with what I imagine was about 12 oz of soda that was spilled and subsequently tracked throughout the entire house and nobody bothered to tell me(surprise, surprise). Good luck!

  15. Suzi says:

    Reminds me of a time that my little boy was down for a nap (or so I thought) and I went to check on him, he had Desitin (the white stuff) all over his face, his hands, the wall, the sheets, the crib, the carpet. It was a full tub of it (2 pounder from Sam’s), how he unscrewed the lid is beyond me! He was about 18 months old, and apparently could reach through the slats of the crib and somehow got a hold of that stuff. Incidentially, that tub did not fit through the slabs of the crib…I still haven’t figured out just how he did it…only that he did! There was a permament grease mark on the wall where he smeared it, never got the carpet back to normal, and it took several scrubs for a couple of days to get the white, pale, pasty look off of his face, hair. His sheets never recovered either, I finally gave up, and had to buy a new bumper pad (I had washed that one so many times that it became permantely misshapeded)The crib was a wood crib, but there are white stains in a couple of places that the stuff would not come off of. That smart little boy of 18 months is now a 13 year boy/man…I do have the perfect revenge picture, that I had the wits about to take before it became such a mess to clean up (I am glad that I took it before I started to try to clean it up, it only took me mere seconds from laughing my head off at the sight of him to muttering under my breath at the damage it did!) Anyway, long comment to say, I remember those days all too well…and I am laughing since it seems I am not the only Mom who has learned some lessons that we can laugh about later (in my case, I am still laughing after all these years, it just took several days, and a move to fully recover!)I love your blog!
    Laughin’ at your stories…they are precious!

  16. Shalee says:

    A & D the miracle ointment.
    My mother-in-awe swore by it! That is why I got a new tube of it anytime the baby got a rash, coughed, spit up or cried.
    So sorry about the mess. Perhaps you could throw water on your floor and turn it into a slip and slide?

  17. Chaotic Mom says:

    I know you already have a million comments on this post. I just wanted to restate how MUCH I love coming to your blog and getting my daily chuckles in! 😉

  18. Rach says:

    Oh, girl, that is TOO funny. 🙂
    Sounds like my house. Lucy just found my Cabbage Patch babies and now they’re covered in baby spit!

  19. Jane says:

    Another positively true story about the goodness of A&D.
    In the mid-50’s, my mom worked at White Laboratories in New Jersey (later part of Schering Plough), the makers of A&D. One day, a worker received severe burns in an accident at the plant. They put him in a vat of A&D until the ambulance arrived. The way I remember Mom telling it, the guy was OK.

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