Trackpackage I LOVE catalogs.  I have loved catalogs since I was a little girl and that monster-sized Sears catalog would arrive at Christmas and I’d mark it up with a Sharpie marker.  But in adulthood I forgot about the joy of catalog browsing, until we moved into this house nearly four years ago.  The previous owner was an AVID catalog shopper–and of course, the publications all continued coming to our house once she moved.  And I rediscovered the fun of window shopping in my pajamas!  Now I get tons of them (hardly ever buy things from them, in case you were wondering).  Sometimes, for old time’s sake, I’ll even take a sharpie marker to them.

Here is a list of my very favorite catalogs (all of them free, seeing as how I’m as *ahem* tight as the bark on a tree).  I’ve included links to the page where you can order your own free copy.  I’m sure your mailman will love me for this.

  • Pottery Barn Kids.  I include this one first, because it is the chief drool-inducer in my house.  Oh, how I love this stuff.  Mostly I use it to get ideas. Catalog order form.
  • Lillian Vernon.  Adorable stuff, and they have great clearance sales on their websites, too.  Be sure you request both catalogs, including the one from Lilly’s Kids.  Catalog order form.
  • Personal Creations.  This stuff is all personalized, and usually the cost of personalization is included in the price of the item.  I’ve ordered several Christmas gifts here.  Catalog order form.
  • Best To You.  This is merchandise with a Christian theme, and it’s usually quite affordable.  I’ve gotten some fun ideas from this catalog for crafts I could do myself.  Catalog order form.
  • American Stationery.  Another drool-inducer!  I’m a sucker for beautiful stationery–it’s my favorite splurge.  This place actually has some selections that aren’t terribly expensive.  Catalog order form.
  • ABC Distributing.  A quirky little catalog with super-cheap stuff–fun to browse through.  Catalog order form.
  • One Step Ahead.  The queen mother of all parenting catalogs.  Catalog order form.
  • J.Jill.  I love these clothes.  This is what I flip through when I’m feeling wistful for what the non-sweatpants-wearing crowd is wearing these days.  Catalog order form.
  • Mindware.  Great catalog of "brainy toys"!  Catalog order form.
  • Terry’s Village.  This one is so cheesy-cutesy-sappy that Hubs actually groans when it arrives in the mailbox.  But it’s still fun to look through!  Catalog order form.
  • Land’s End.  These are the only clothes I’ve found that can actually make it through all the way through three little boys without looking like something we pulled out of the trash.  Catalog order form.
  • Christian Book Distributors.  GREAT prices on Christian books.  Catalog order form.
  • Colorful Images.  Really cute address labels, etc.  Catalog order form.
  • Current.  Similar to Colorful Images, above.  Catalog order form.
  • Home Focus.  Oh, I’m in Heaven…this catalog is great for people who love to organize and clean things.  I don’t do either, but I sure enjoy thinking about it.  Catalog order form.
  • Vermont Country Store.  They call themselves "Purveyors of the Practical and the Hard-to-Find."  Catalog order form.
  • Desperate Enterprises.  Strange name, but fun catalog.  They sell lots of vintage signs, tins, keepsakes, etc.  Catalog order form.
  • Oriental Trading Company.  If you are a homeroom or PTA mom, you probably already know about this one.  Too hard to describe, just go look at it!  Catalog order form

Believe it or not, this isn’t all of them, just my top ones!  (And if you know of any good ones I didn’t include, add them in the comments section).

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26 thoughts on “Catalogs!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Ordering catalogs is like getting a free subscription to a magazine. There might not be any articles, but there is plenty to look at for hours! The stationary one is on it’s way to my home soon!

  2. Kim from Hiraeth says:

    My favorite is the Williams and Sonoma Catalog. I also love the pictures in the Harry and David catalog.
    What I love is the Sunday Newspaper inserts. I’ll bet you do, too!

  3. Sarah says:

    A friend calls catalogs “breeding grounds for discontent.” Unfortunately, that’s what they are for me. I’ve had to give them up! But some of your list. . . I’m tempted!

  4. Nettie says:

    New visitor and love your blog! Great topic. I took notes! I also love Restoration Hardware and Tender Heart Treasures. Oh, and a stack of gardening catalogs too many to list.

  5. carrie says:

    Here’s to delurking! 🙂
    I, too, love PBKids but have no idea how I got on their mailing list, since I could never spend that much money on furniture for kids’ rooms! 🙂 But it definitely has some awesome ideas. Sometimes I want to pretend I’m on one of those HGTV shows where they copy a designer room for less. “And instead of this $5000 crib in the designer room, we found one off craigslist for $50!” 😉

  6. Christy in TN says:

    I’m a catalog junkie, too. I like Ballard Designs and Brookstone. Definitely just window shopping, tho!

  7. Traci says:

    I’m a catalog fanatic too!! Some of my faves that you haven’t listed are Harriet Carter, Land of Nod, Posh Tots (way to pricy, but fun to look at it) & Red Envelope. Something else I LOVE getting in the mail is my “Kraft Food and Family Magazine”. It’s not a catalog but it is free so I thought I would mention it. It’s full of great, easy recipes and you get it 4 times a year.
    Thanks for the recommendations, I’m definetly going to check these out!!
    Oh and one last thing, you can go to to find all kinds of great catalogs!

  8. Lori says:

    I’d have to agree with Sarah. Catologs seem to breed discontentment in me. If I look at any it would be Chadwick’s (for me) or Oriental Trading (for the kids.) But I almost always throw them out without even looking… even if I want to look, I am getting sick of all the clutter!

  9. GiBee says:

    OH.MY.WORD … that was MY Mailbox you were looking through! Shame on you!!! That’s against the law! Oh, wait… I don’t get Desperate Enterprises … maybe it WAS your mail box you were looking in!!! LOL!
    I love taking a Sharpie to the catalogs, too, but I never buy anything ’cause I don’t have any money! … my husband gets as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs around Christmas time when all the cool catalogs pour out their Christmas fodder!

  10. Emily says:

    i love LL Bean. similar to lands’ end, but most ppl. have probably heard of it.
    LOVED your list. i signed up for a few, too. i love to browse them, i get ideas for making jewelry especially from j Jill!

  11. Lyn says:

    Oh goody! I just went straight to order a catalog. Didn’t even browse. So it will be a fun surprise on some of them. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Carol says:

    I didn’t read the other comments, so ‘scuse any repeats.
    Williams and Sonoma
    Ballard Designs
    Home Decorator’s Collections
    Restoration Hardware
    Land’s End Kids
    Pottery Barn
    And JC Penny! (Easy to buy for Hubby there!)
    Uh…maybe I was the lady who lived in your house before you?

  13. Mary says:

    I love catalogs too and just moved so we don’t get any. I hardly ever buy anything, but I did get a pair of land and shore shoes (I think that’s what they’re called) from Land’s End. I felt like I was the cat’s meow! Then a friend surprised me for my birthday and got me a pair in PINK! I will remember that forever!

  14. momrn2 says:

    I think I could become very addicted to “catalogs”. I’m with everyone else. No money to buy. And right now no time to browse. Well, guess I could if I gave up blogging. Maybe someday… soon, there will be more time.? I may go ahead and get some of these coming… “just for the fun of it.” My step of faith that, someday, there will be time? Thanks for sharing all these great links!

  15. Amber says:

    How fun! Thanks for posting all those links too. I went through and requested way too many catalogs to be sent to me. I also enjoyed perusing through the commenter’s suggestions and added a few more! Yikes!

  16. Lei says:

    PB and JJill are two of my faves from your list. Still waiting for PB to choose my baby’s pic as a contest winner! Lol, that’s the first place I turn in the catalog!
    May I add the wonderful Land of Nod catalog?

  17. Kathryn, The DYM says:

    Oh thou evil temptress! How dare you entice me to order more catalogs? You make it too easy. Just…click…on…the…link. Nope. I won’t do it. Okay, only one or two.

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