Introducing “Works-For-Me Wednesday”


Yes!  A column!  Following in the footsteps of brilliant blogging friends like Kathryn, Beth, Faith, and GiBee, I’m starting a new regular weekly feature called "Works-For-Me Wednesday".  Here’s the scoop:

You know how it is–we all have come up with dozens of little shortcuts or ideas around our homes to make managing our lives easier.  Maybe you came up with such an idea yourself in a moment of desperation, or you learned it from your mom or another friend…it doesn’t matter how it came about.  What matters it that your life runs the tiniest bit more smoothly because of your clever idea.

I’m not a brilliant homemaker or cook, but when it comes to finding shortcuts–THIS I can do (which probably doesn’t speak much of my character, but that’s another blog post….).  Each Wednesday I plan to publish one of my own little make-life-easier ideas.  They may not be spectacular (they may not even be original–I’ve learned so much from friends!)  But they "work for me"–hence the title! 

Now, here’s where I hope you’ll consider playing along.  I would LOVE to see some of my fellow Moms Of The Blog World join in and do your own "Works-For-Me Wednesday".  If you let me know you’re participating, I’ll link to you.  Think how much we could all learn from each other if we share our own little ideas!.  IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EARTH-SHATTERING.  Just simple, affordable and designed to make the tiniest difference in your day.

Moving right along….

For this week (and I’m sorry this is turning in such a marathon-length post) here’s a little idea that has made packing easier when traveling with kids.  I buy those two-gallon Ziploc bags (they are MASSIVE) and label one for each day we are traveling.  Inside each bag is every kid’s clothing for THAT DAY, all the way down to underwear and socks.  So, no more rummaging around in a crammed suitcase or having boy #1 use up all of boy #2’s underwear.  I simply pull out that day’s bag, dump it on the bed, and they can dress themselves.  An added bonus is that it keeps the clean clothes away from the dirty ones.  Here’s a photo of the idea in action, from our recent Disney trip


Such a simple little thing, really, but it made the biggest difference in our trip!

Remember, if you have an idea to share, write your own "Works-For-Me Wednesday", and let me know–I’ll link to you!


51 thoughts on “Introducing “Works-For-Me Wednesday”

  1. Jennie C. says:

    Adding to that, if it’s going to take an overnight or two to get where you’re going, pack a change of clothes for everyone and toiletries in a small seperate bag so you don’t have to carry ALL the bags into the hotel for just one evening.

  2. Heth says:

    We do this too. Especially if I am sending the kids to Grandma’s for a couple days. It sure makes it easier for her to figure out whose clothes belong to whom. It’s great for camping too, keeps everything nice and dry.
    I love your “works for me wednesday” idea. Not sure I would have more than two tips to share though… 🙂

  3. Stacey says:

    I was here late last night and posted a comment and now it’s gone… weird!!
    I love the idea and I’m going to have to try that on our next trip
    to CA. I can’t wait to come back and read all of your great hints and tips for moms everywhere!!

  4. Lynn says:

    I love the ziplock bag idea! I am definitely going to use that when my 2 oldest go to Boy Scout camp.
    I’ll try to participate next week.

  5. momrn2 says:

    GREAT idea! I lay everything out stacked together in the suitcase, but never tried the “baggie” idea.
    I’ve posted mine.

  6. Jane Payne says:

    Brilliant idea! You are one talented woman.
    This idea was the final encouragement I needed to add a blog to my website.
    Thanks for all you share.
    Jane Payne

  7. peach says:

    Mine are up at my site, and I have loved all the ideas I’ve read so far! This is a great and clever brainstorm, Shannon. I LOVE it! You are so creative, friend. Thank you so much.

  8. Shalee says:

    I just love the playboy comment above. I was just thinking about how I needed to find a good magazine… only for the articles, of course…
    I hate spam!!! (Just thought you might want to delete it.)

  9. Susannes says:

    You are one creative lady! May I put my idea up here seeing I’m not blogging (yet)?
    My beloved hubby is a spur of the moment guy, so I keep a list in the suitcase of what I need to take no matter where we go. Then I check it off as I pack. Then it goes back in the suitcase so nothing gets left at the hotel.

  10. GiBee says:

    RATS!!! I just wrote a great comment and it got deleted because I temp. lost my internet connection! GAAA!!!
    First of all — this is a PHENOMENAL idea for a column. LOVE it. YOU ROCK!
    Next … I love your idea of the zip loc bags. I had thought of it in the past, but never did it because I’m a list freak, and make out a daily “clothing menu” of everything I’m going to wear, and basically … I just didn’t want to give anyone ANOTHER reason to laugh at me.
    But not any more! I’ve learned that I have to pack so much more with a baby, and this will make it a lot easier for me!
    Thanks for the great tip!

  11. Lauren says:

    Hmmm, I’ll have to see if I can come up with anything! I’m still getting used to taking care of my apartment and my, you know, self, but I know I’ve got a few corner cutters….and if I save up these tips now, when I DO have kids, I will be the most organized mom EVER.
    Ok, probably not. But still. Cool idea.

  12. Nettie says:

    I love the ziploc bag idea! My kids never seem to match up the outfits I plan correctly, so by the end of the trip they all are wearing clothes that clash. It does make it easier to spot them in a crowd, though. I’ve played along and posted on my blog, too.

  13. Christy says:

    Shannon, once again I love you. ::hee::
    Your article idea is awesome & I’m in. Mine is done & posted on my blog. And your Ziploc idea is brilliance. If we ever go on vacation again, I’m using it!

  14. ambah says:

    Done! Great tip btw. I’m totally doing that next time.
    Also- I love the ‘mom who does NOT have it all together’ tagline. Seems like so often we assume that everyone but us does- it’s great to see that it’s not true in print.

  15. chilihead says:

    I’ve do that every time we go on a trip longer than a night! Love it! I’ll have to get my Wednesday tips going too. Not sure how many I actually have…

  16. Faith says:

    Cool idea. I’m so late getting here today, but I’ll play along next wed. I’ll need that much time to dream up an idea, try it out and post about it!!! ;D
    I love yours for today. I’ll be using that!

  17. janet says:

    I don’t have a blog but i visit your’s regularly ever since you started Barbara’s laundry fun. LOVE the idea and hope you link every Wednesday. Thanks for the ideas!!

  18. beth says:

    This is brilliant! Thanks for the great idea. I’ve certainly had my share of messy suitcases and will try a variation our very next trip. I only wish I could find those bags you mentioned.

  19. Rabbit says:

    Yes, it’s Thursday, but I finally got mine up! Hope it’s not too late to join in the Wednesday fun! 🙂 Thanks for doing this, Shannon, I’ve already found lots of great ideas!

  20. Monica says:

    Just found out about this today, but have posted a painting tip and plan to participate next week! Thanks for the great, fun, and practical idea!

  21. HolyExperience says:

    FABULOUS idea–the column and the bags—now HOW do I get those bags here in Canader…we don’t have them 2 gallons one here, nowhere, no how–and I’ve looked high and low! Anyone want to start exporting them here to your friendly neighbor to the north??!! We’ll reciprocate by helping tourism with a trip to Disney ~warm wink~
    Ann V.

  22. JKS says:

    I got a great tip from a friend recently regarding laundry. Instead of washing everyone’s clothes together and then doing endless sorting, she suggested that I do a room a day. That way you’re keeping up with it all, but not having to sort the socks from the towels, from the hubby’s shirts, etc. Plus, it mostly means just one load a day instead of my normal laundry marathons!

  23. no_average_girl says:

    that’s a wonderful idea! glad to see we have bloggers going into unchartered territory fighting off the alien super-powers…..ok, maybe not that extreme – but you get the point! 🙂

  24. Leah says:

    I do the same thing with the ziploc bags and the kids clothes. If you squeeze out all of the excess air, you have a lot more room in their suitcases too! I’ll try to post my Works-for-Me Wednesday soon.

  25. Tim MMF says:

    My girlfriend and I use a lot of ziploc bags. When I was in the Army I used to put my gear in them all the time because you never know how dirty you’ll get and the bags can come in handy. My girlfriend is in the Reserves and she does the same thing. 🙂 Great post.

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