Happy Birthday, Joseph!

Dscn1509 My youngest boy is turning five tomorrow.  My baby boy.  This is the boy who has carved lightning bolts into my mini-van, poured honey on my carpet, spread Hershey’s syrup on my dog–and utterly, completely nestled himself into the deepest part of my heart.  His tendency toward mischief is overshadowed entirely by his tender heart for the people around him.  He loves his family with complete abandon, and his teacher brags on how kind he is to his fellow students, especially those that need extra encouragement.  He cannot walk past his little sister without kissing her on the forehead, and our dog, confident in receiving Joseph’s generous affection, follows him around all day long.

Dscn1816 Each of my children has brought something unique to this family, filling a spot that no one else could fill.  Joseph is the child who has, in five short years, taught me so much about the nature of love–its unselfishness and its simplicity.  So happy birthday, sweet boy…we all love a little better all because of you.


On an entirely different note, remember that tomorrow is the second edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday.  Be preparing your handy ideas to share with us all!  I’ll link to anyone who participates, if you’ll let me know.

31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Joseph!

  1. Shannon in Surprise, Arizona says:

    That is so sweet…I look forward to my son getting older as I continue to learn more about who he is as he does grow. He is sitting up on the desk now while I write because we are going to search the internet for a toy clock. He would like a clock he said this morning at 5.55am….LOL
    But, he then saw the pics of your son and said…..tis me mama and mama…tis sissy too mama….LOL
    I enjoy your blog inthe morning…thanks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son!

  2. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday!! I can’t remember if he was born on this day due to you eatting blue icing or you running up and down my backyard. It’s hard to believe that was five years ago. I am enjoying your blog greatly. Even back in the six girl room we knew you would be a great writer!

  3. Susanne says:

    Happy Birthday to your young man! I laughed at the Hershey’s syrup on the dog. As he follows your young man, he’s probably hoping for a little more chocolate to come his way! Better keep that bottle up high! 😀

  4. Rabbit says:

    Happy Birthday, little man! My baby boy will be 5 in June. Such a growing time, they are becoming themselves before our eyes. You’re right, filling a spot that no one else could fill. Love it. Birthday joy from our house to yours!

  5. Faith says:

    Happy, happy birthday little Joseph!! He sounds like such a sweetheart. He sounds a bit like my second son and it just gets sweeter and sweeter!!!
    Looking forward to playing along tomorrow.

  6. Laura says:

    Happy birthday to your boy!
    time does fly when you are having fun….LOL
    No works for me tomorrow because I will be busy. My little man will be having surgery #9 in the am.

  7. Shalee says:

    Happy birthday Joseph! A whole hand? Wow, now that is something to celebrate!
    (Shannon, I’ll send you some kleenex if you’ll tell me where they should go… Hey, be nice!)
    Enjoy the blessing of that your littlest man.

  8. chilihead2 says:

    Happy Birtday, big guy! Shannon, he is really one of the most precious boys I’ve had the privelege to know. I’ve always thought to myself that he was the “heart” in your trio of boys (the eldest being the “head”–so logical and smart!, the middle being the “brawn”–so athletic!). And Corrie, sweet thing, is easily the laughter.
    I do love those kiddos. Hope he has a fabulous day! How was the party?

  9. hogphan says:

    No post about Joseph would be complete without my weighing in. I’m his grand-dad, Pop, and the picture Shannon drew of how he loves people is exactly right. When I visit their home, little Joseph hangs with me as my partner during much of the visit. I love all my grandchildren but Joseph is a special little guy!

  10. Perri says:

    After going back and reading about the rental car a wholehearted happy birthday goes to joseph, who in another family – might not be celebrating this day!

  11. mimi2six says:

    Shannon’s sweet description of Joseph is right on target. He has the kindest heart of anyone I know, and he’s only 5! I often wonder how God will use his tender heart in the future. Joseph loves deeply and it is one of life’s best blessings to be his Mimi and be one of the objects of his love! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!

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