Now Hiring: Automotive Engineer

Stephen has his sights set on designing cars someday.  In preparation for this, he sent the following packet of car designs (the rectangular stapled papers, each bearing a front and side car design) and letter to Honda:


If you click on the photo it will show you a larger, easier-to-read format.  But just in case, I’ll offer the text of his letter:

Dear Honda,

I’m 7 years old.  I want to be a car designer.  Here are some ideas for you to turn into real cars.  Bye, Honda.

Your friend,

Stephen X

P.S.–These are cars that have never been discovered.

Remember, tomorrow is Works-For-Me Wednesday.  Y’all have been making it so much fun–I hope you’ll consider participating with YOUR great ideas for what works in your household.

27 thoughts on “Now Hiring: Automotive Engineer

  1. Doug V. says:

    Remind Stephen that if he designs cars he has to move to MI or CA….bleh! šŸ™‚

  2. Kim from Hiraeth says:

    My son did the very same thing! I’ll have to see if I can find that letter.
    He was about the same age. By the time he was 10 he was getting three car magazines every month. We have years of them in boxes in our attic–in order, neatly labeled.
    He’s 24 now. That’s a lot of boxes!

  3. carrie says:

    We have some keepsakes from my husband’s childhood that this reminds me of! He had a recipe book that he wrote when he was 11, and various houseplans he drew up! šŸ™‚

  4. Traci says:

    That is awesome that he is so ambitious already. You have to keep it so that he can frame it and hang in his office at Honda someday!

  5. chilihead2 says:

    Have I mentioned that I LOVE YOUR KIDS? That is fantastic.
    BTW, learned a new “very long way” (according to 5yo) to go to school today thanks to your kiddos. Very cool.

  6. Molly says:

    OH! That is so darn sweet! My 8 yr. old wants to be an inventor. We’ve tried to tell him that sometimes inventors are called engineers, but he wants nothing to do with engineering- just inventing. (Camp invention just might be in his future!)

  7. Tiff says:

    Now that is one smart kid! You really should send it off and see what kind of response you get! šŸ™‚
    I would like to participate in the Works-For-Me Wednesday! Let me know what I need to do…or did I just do it?

  8. Gibee says:

    Your children are simply adorable. Stephen already has his future planned out!!!
    Here’s his challenge: Can he design a car that works off of something other than gas and can accomodate a family of 5?

  9. momrn2 says:

    That is so GREAT! My son also wants to be an inventor. In fact, my works for me Wednesday is going to address this in him. (yes, I’m in once again)
    I tagged you for a meme. Head on over and check it out.

  10. Julie says:

    How cute. If he can invent a car that will somehow keep air conditioning running while I’m in the store he will have a huge future in Phoenix! That’s the thing I hate most about summer. Coming out of Wal-Mart and getting in a car that is about 160 degrees inside :-0

  11. Shalee says:

    If he can’t be a car designer, perhaps he can work in Sales… Who could resist such great presentations!!!
    When they send something back, be sure to post on it. It will be a delight for him to have receive “real mail!”

  12. Rachelle says:

    What a smart boy! I’d love to see what his ideas are. I hope they take the time to write him back and at least let him know they got it.

  13. Faith says:

    HEHEHE! I love it. Isn’t it great to have the whole world before you and no bad experiences to weigh you down?!!

  14. Nettie says:

    That is too cute! I’m wondering why Honda? That would be way too far away for him to move. You’ll want those grandbabies much closer. Get him to go American!

  15. Caryn says:

    That’s unbelievably adorable! I hope the packet falls into the hands of someone who loves and appreciates children.

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