A Saturday In Pictures

I’m drawing a big, fat bloggin’ blank today,  so I’ll let my pictures do the talking this afternoon.

Earlier this week, a group of girlfriends and I got together to paint ceramics at a local paint-your-own pottery shop.  This morning I picked up the finished products.  I was kind of pleased with how mine turned out!  I made one of those "special occasion" plates you can use to serve up dinner for a family member who had a big event…or just a bad day.  Here’s a picture:


Afterwards, we headed out to the last soccer game of the season…in the POURING rain.  Here’s my boy (#10) doing his best to hit every possible puddle on the field:


And here’s a shot of what his legs looked like at halftime:


After six months of utter drought in Oklahoma, we have caught up completely on our rainfall–IN THE LAST FIVE DAYS.  It is a swamp around here!.  Here is one section of my backyard:


Joseph saw me taking the above picture, and suggested that I take a picture of the mozzarella cheese stick he was eating.  "Why?" I asked him.  "Because we’ve never taken a picture of cheese before," he replied.  Well, he’s got me there


Last but not least, the kids thawed out from the rainy soccer game by cuddling in front of Chicken Little.  Here’s a picture of my youngest and my oldest (and my dog):


Hope you and yours are having a restful weekend.  Now quick–go take a picture of cheese with someone you love.

19 thoughts on “A Saturday In Pictures

  1. Susie says:

    How humbling to realize that there really is nothing new under the sun. It is so edifying to know that you are not alone in the world.
    My kids are watching Chicken Little right now, AND we had soccer today as well.
    Maybe I will post some pix on my blog, thanks for the idea.
    I always think that what I want to blog about, no one would understand, but you have proved me wrong. I love your blog.

  2. Sarah says:

    As I think about, cheese is truly a most under-photographed food. Tell Joseph thanks for the plug — “the power of cheese” and all that!
    In West Texas we, too, are breaking a drought by having me sit through baseball season in lightening and rain. I’m not amused!

  3. Nettie says:

    What an adorable plate! We had a “you are special” plate growing up. It is really fun for the kids. I should find a way to do that to.

  4. peach says:

    Love the “You are Special” plate. I need to make a new one. Ours got broken a couple years back, and I’ve not made another.
    Glad to see you’re not in danger with all the rain, but I’m sure you’re ready for some sunshine. Glad I could share some with you via our soccer game!

  5. Susannes says:

    Love the plate idea. And Joseph’s reasoning on cheese picture taking sounds absolutely reasonable to me!! You’ve got to be the blog queen posting a great blog when in blog blank. πŸ™‚ (Sheesh I just realized I used blog 3 times in one sentence. Is there a prize for that somewhere?) πŸ˜€

  6. Traci says:

    I love the plate. I definetly need to make one of those. As for the rain, we are feeling your pain over here in AR. Looks like it’s not letting up anytime soon.
    Tell Joseph – cool cheese pic! πŸ™‚

  7. Tiff says:

    I love the plate!!! I love going to those types of places but I haven’t been in awhile! Love the string cheese – we eat that like crazy around our house!! Cute kiddos! What kind of dog is that??

  8. Jamie says:

    Don’t ya feel like you are walking on a sponge? Summer in January and this cold rain in May. What’s up with that?

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