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Wedding_bells_k Through late-night talks and long drives, through first homes and old homes, through big cities and little towns, through loss and heartache, through laughing hard and fighting fair, through Adam and Stephen and Joseph and Corrie, through colic and tantrums, through bicycles and stomach viruses, through changes and sameness, through doubt and faith, through all of it, I stand next to you as happily now as I did in that church 12 years ago today. 

Happy anniversary, my sweet Hubs. 

22 thoughts on “To Hubs

  1. Neighbor Jane says:

    What a good post…”through laughing hard and fighting fair”, “through changes and sameness”–that describes the marriage journey perfectly! I loved sharing your memories with you, too (great links). Thanks for keeping up such a great blog for us all to enjoy.

  2. Mich says:

    Has it really been 12 years? Wow! Congrats – You are a wonderful couple with a great family and I wish you many many more years to come. (I will offically say I was wrong – apparently you should date him! Yes you heard it hear – I was wrong!)

  3. mimi2six says:

    12 years……it’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Your wedding was beautiful….aren’t they all?….but yours had a special beauty to it because you two loved each other so much. I remember that as you said your vows, I had the sense of eavedropping on an intimate conversation. And….I remember one lady’s comment after the ceremony was over…”That was the tightest knot I’ve ever seen tied!” Congratulations to you both… are such a blessing to us.

  4. peach says:

    Love what your mom said. How wonderful to spend 12 years with your best friend. I’m speaking from experience, too, as we’ve been married 12 1/2 on the 18th.

  5. Michele says:

    Congrats! So many people on the Internet are celebrating their anniversary, I think you are the fourth blogger that I’ve wished congrats!
    I guess it makes sense since so many people marry in June.

  6. Shalee says:

    And may God give you many, many more to blog about!
    Congratulations to your both making it work and having fun at the same time!

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