Let’s Do Blogging Adam-Style

by Adam Dryer, age 9 (almost)

Hey everybody!  My name is Adam.  Well, not really, but my Mom won’t let me tell you my real name.  Anyways, let’s get to blogging.  First things first–tomorrow’s my birthday, and I’ll be nine.  That’s why my mom is letting me blog.  I’m celebrating my birthday quite a few ways.  One of them is my mom, dad and I are going to see the Lion King musical tomorrow night.  It’s going to be fun.  I’m also gonna have a sleepover with a few of my friends.  They’re coming over so we can do fun stuff like watch movies and play video games and other stuff.  Another way I’m celebrating my birthday is that I got Mario money from family members and used it to buy a Nintendo DS.  I’ll tell you what a DS is later.  But for now, one more thing.  My grandmother, I call her Mimi, is coming over for my birthday.  My grandmother, who I call Gego, was here last weekend.  Oh, I just remembered.  I was going to tell you what a DS is.  Well, it’s a really cool video game system, that’s for sure.  Here’s a list of what cool features a DS has:

  1. It has two screens.  One screen is where you actually play the game, and the other holds valuable information. 
  2. It has a digital pen that you can use to write messages to other DS-es, to make the game cooler and other stuff. 
  3. It can play both DS games AND Gameboy Advance games. 
  4. It has a lot of buttons, which makes the game more complicated, which makes it fun. 
  5. When you first turn the system on, it has a digital clock, calendar, and something called picto-chat.  Picto-chat is when you use the digital pen to write messages to other DS-es. 

Now, I’m going to make a list of things so you’ll know more about me. 

  1. I like video games.Chickenlittle
  2. I’m going to third grade next year.
  3. My favorite movies are The Lion King, Chicken Little and Cars.
  4. I enjoy publishing my own books. 
  5. I like to do art and crafts.
  6. I am a Bear Scout in Cub Scouts.
  7. I am going to start Tae Kwon Do this summer.
  8. My favorite sport is swimming.
  9. My favorite subject in school is writing.
  10. My favorite books are Stink The Incredible Shrinking Kid, Ricky Ricotta’s Might Robot and Charlotte’s Web. 
  11. I have two brothers, one sister, one mom, one dad, one dog and one hermit crab.
  12. My pets’ names are Ginger the dog and Gilbert the hermit crab.
  13. My favorite television shows are Sponge Bob, The Fairly OddParents, Jimmy Neutron and Danny Phantom. Sponge20bob_1
  14. When I grow up I’m going to be a voice for an animated movie. 
  15. My favorite vacation spot is Disney World.
  16. In my free time I like to have a few snacks.
  17. My favorite food is fried shrimp with tartar sauce. 
  18. When I can’t get to sleep I turn over my pillow, fluff it, and then lay my head down.  It helps me.
  19. My favorite company is Nintendo.
  20. A lot of times my brothers and sister drive me nuts. 

And so, that’s a little bit about me.  That’s my blog post!  I’ll be blogging next year.  Bye!

Note from Shannon:  First of all, is he the cutest, or what?  And second, remember that tomorrow is Works-For-Me Wednesday.  See you then!

87 thoughts on “Let’s Do Blogging Adam-Style

  1. Michelle- This One's for the Girls says:

    Dear “Adam,” (I know your real name because I met your mom in person a few weeks ago–but your secret’s safe with me.)
    First of all, “Happy Birthday!”
    Second of all, you sound like a fantastic guy, even if your brothers and sister DO sometimes drive you nuts! I have a ten year old son, Titus, who sounds an awful lot like you. I’m sure you’d be fast friends if we lived in your town. (Which, by the way, I was born in your town.)
    Have a great time with your new Nintendo DS.
    Birthday Hugs,
    Mrs. Ray

  2. boomama says:

    Adam –
    #16 on your list made me laugh out loud. Because in my free time? I like to have “a few snacks,” too. 🙂
    And I’m SERIOUSLY impressed by how well you write. You did an awesome job with your post.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. PastorMac's Ann says:

    Happy Birthday “Adam!” Hope it’s terrific.
    Really impressive list. Only nine? If you hadn’t told us, from justing reading your post, I would have thought you’d be turning at least 12. You’ve got some cool birthday plans.
    I would love to have a Nintendo DS (I only have an SP). I’ll try that pillow flip next time I can’t sleep.
    Have fun at the Lion King musical – sounds like a blast.

  4. Faith says:

    Happy birthday!!!! I am so with you on #16,17 and 18. I fluff my pillow- it helps. Shrimp with tartar sauce- one of my all time favorites. Snacking in my free time – shoot, I like to snack most any time!
    I hope you have a great time!!!

  5. Theresa says:

    Happy Birthday ‘Adam’!! You are going to be a great writer, shoot, you make my blog look bad! *smile*
    I love shrimp, snacking, video games, musicals, grandma’s…can I come over for the sleep over?
    Ok, boys only I see, well have fun at the Lion King! I am a HUGE fan of musicals, I know you will have a blast!

  6. Kay says:

    Happy Birthday tomorrow Adam, from New Zealand. I enjoyed your post.. especially the bit about pillow turning .. I do that all night!

  7. meredith says:

    Bon Anniversaire Adam.
    My daughter is going to third grade next year, too, but in France. She likes some of the same things you do, except, the fried shrimp and tartar sauce!

  8. peach says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Adam! I have a daughter going into third grade this coming year, too. She’ll be doing all her school work on the computer at home!
    Sounds like you have wonderful plans for your birthday. I would especially like to tag along to the Lion King — one of my favorite musicals.
    Loved your post. You definitely favor your mommy in the writing arena.
    I also do the pillow flip, especially when it gets hot on one side. The other side does make sleeping better.
    You are a great kid, Adam. Thanks for joining the blogosphere for such a special event — your birthday!! Have a great day!

  9. Kim from Hiraeth says:

    Hi Adam,
    Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading your birthday post. Your video game system sounds awesome–two screens and one for valuable information; sounds very cool.
    I, too, flip and fluff my pillow. And SpongeBob is one of my favorite cartoons. I like Mr. Krabs best.

  10. Angie says:

    Happy Birthday ‘Adam’! I love the list, especially #18, I fluff too! And my Daddy is a shrimper, so I am with ya on the shrimp one, but I like cocktail sauce.
    You did a great job and I hope that you enjoy your big day! My son will be 6 on Wednesday, the first day of summer!

  11. F says:

    Adam –
    You are SUCH a great writer! I am so very thankful to be a part of your life. You are an amazing man. Happy Birthday My Favorite 9 Year Old! I miss you and love you very BIG!
    Love you,
    (M to the blogging world)

  12. Mich says:

    Very cool 9 year old-
    That was such a great post! I hope you have the best birthday every. Your list seems alittle different from the one you had for your second birthday – blues clues all around! How you’ve grown up to be a very intelligent young man with great hobbies. I can’t show my kids your post or they would be very, very jealous. I hope all your wishes come true on this special day.

  13. Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday, Adam!
    That was a great post! My boys have been asking for Nintendo DS, now I understand why, they sound pretty cool!

  14. KennyW says:

    I take Tae Kwon Do and I’m a yellow belt. Here’s a tip – you gotta be ready to work really hard! Happy Birthday, Adam!

  15. Katrina says:

    Happy Birthday, Adam! What a great first post!
    I like to have a few snacks in my free time, too! And my almost-8-year-old loves his Nintendo DS, especially when he’s playing MarioKart!

  16. ~p~ says:

    happy birthday, adam!!
    i am in love with #16 – i think we all need to have that fine hobby – and #18 — fluffing is good.
    you rock, dude 🙂 enjoy your birthday!!

  17. mom2fur says:

    From one writer to another:
    Nine is such a cool number! Did you know, no matter what number you multiply by nine–if you add up the digits, you get 9 again? Like 9×2=18 (1+8 is 9!) and 9×6=54 (5 + 4 is 9!)
    And 9 is a perfect square: 3×3=9. So I guess that means you’ll have a perfect birthday!! Enjoy your video games–they sound awesome!

  18. udandi says:

    happy birthday, adam!
    To be a voice for an animated movie, what a cool future career!
    I would have never said it as a kid, but now I kind-of miss my siblings driving me nuts 🙂

  19. aggiejenn says:

    Happy Birthday, “Adam!” What a great writer you are! (I used to be an English teacher, so trust me on this one.) 🙂
    Your list was great! I love The Lion King and writing, too. I really hope you enjoy the musical. I saw it a couple of years ago and LOVED it.
    I hope your 9th birthday is the best yet!
    Be blessed!

  20. Traci says:

    Happy Happy Birthday “Adam”!! Awesome post! You are quite the writer. From what I can see, you will be publishing lots of your own books.
    You have great taste in cartoons. Those are favorites at our house too!
    Enjoy the Lion King!

  21. Barb Szyszkiewicz, sfo says:

    Hi Adam! You did a great job on your very first blog post. I hope you do one again on your next birthday.
    If you don’t get to be a voice for an animated movie when you grow up, maybe you could become a writer. I used to be a teacher and I think you are a very good writer for a 9-year-old.
    My kids like to play Nintendo too. They think you will like the Animal Crossing game.
    Happy birthday!

  22. janiners says:

    Happy Birthday, Adam! # 16 was awesome! – snacks are the best! Have so much fun with your mom and dad at the Lion King; I’m sure you’ll love seeing it “in person” on the stage. 🙂

  23. Neighbor Jane says:

    Happy Birthday Adam! You’re a great blogger. We went to Lion King a few months ago and our whole family loved it…watch for the baby elephant…I think he’s funny. Thanks for blogging today.

  24. momrn2 says:

    You will absolutely LOVE the Lion King Musical. If it is the same one that came to our town, it is amazing!
    Fried Shrimp is my favorite too! There is nothing quite like a plate full of shrimp!! YUMMY!!!
    The nintendo game you are getting sounds like one my 10 year old son would enjoy. Too bad you don’t live closer or he could share some of his gameboy advance games for you to try on it.
    Happy, Happy Birthday and have a fabulously fantastic day!!

  25. Susie says:

    Hi Adam! 🙂
    When I was your age, I enjoyed swimming and playing games on my Nintendo, too. I hope you love your DS – it sounds really cool.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  26. Laura says:

    Adam – Happy Birthday! Have a really great time at the Lion King and your sleepover!
    We play XBox over here at our house and for my husband’s birthday, he just got the new Star Wars Lego version that’s really cool. I think you’d like it! The DS sounds pretty cool though! I’ll have to tell my husband about it and maybe he’ll get that next! 🙂

  27. mopsy says:

    Happy Ninth Birthday, Adam!
    You are lucky to be getting such a great video game system for your birthday. It sounds like you are having a very special celebration with tons of fun.
    I look forward to you next post, when you are TEN!

  28. KimC says:

    Happy birthday, Not-Adam Boy!
    I’m having a baby soon and like to have them on other people’s birthdays. Can I use *your* birthday?

  29. melnel says:

    Happy Birthday, Adam (who’s not really Adam)!
    You’ve got one cool celebration planned, Lucky!
    That Nintendo DS sounds cool. I don’t play video games much because I have dyslexic thumbs–all those buttons…my person/car never goes straight!
    Have some snacks and say hello to Gilbert–I think that’s the coolest pet name!

  30. chilihead says:

    Happy Birthday, Adam! We are going to see The Lion King show next week so you will have to let us know what you think.
    You did a great job posting your first blog!
    I hope your birthday week is filled with tons of fun! I know you’re going to enjoy your new Nintendo DS.

  31. Rabbit says:

    Happy birthday, Adam! Hope you have a super time at The Lion King (I’ve seen it and hope you’ll tell us what you think afterwards) and at your sleepover! Fried shrimp & tartar sauce? A boy after my own heart!! Happy happy!!

  32. Heth says:

    Happy Birthday “Adam”. I was reading your post with my eleven year old son and when we got to the part about the DS he said “See? Everybody else has a DS?!” 🙂 Have a ton of fun and make sure you let your mom try it out.

  33. rsd says:

    Hey Adam! Happy Birthday! That was a great blog post and I am already counting the days until I can read another one of yours (364 days left!). I am so proud of you and I really like you. You are a great nephew. You have a great time at the Lion King and I will talk to you later.
    happy trails…
    Uncle R

  34. theresajacobi says:

    Mazel Tov “Adam”…that means Congratulations. You are a very good writer. My son writes movies, maybe one day you can be the voice in one of his animated movies. Have a great birthday and have lots of fun.

  35. GiBee says:

    Adam — happy 9th birthday!!! I can tell that writing is one of your favorite subjects because you’re very good at it, and your grammar is GREAT! Good job! And you are simply adorable!
    Hey, I bet you’d be great at designing games for Nintendo! Seriously! You know so much about DS already! You should probably think about that one!
    Miss GiBee

  36. Shalee says:

    Have the best birthday you could ever imagine! I’m not going to sound all adultish like everyone else, even though they are right that you write extremely well.
    No, I want to see if you know how to do a sleepover right… Do you know how to wrap someone when they are sleeping? If not, ask your mom for my email and I’ll share it with you. It is too fun!
    Thanks for sharing yourself with us. It was fun to read about someone else in Shannon’s family. Oh, and there are too many things we have in common to name, but 18 usually works for me too!
    Lots of love and birthday wishes for you,

  37. Karla says:

    Happy Birthday Adam!
    You sound like quite a busy young man. I’m glad you are able to find some free time to have some snacks. I wish I could do that. =)
    You write very well. I would like to see some of the books that you publish one day. That sounds very interesting.
    I’m glad your mom let you post. It was nice to hear from you.
    I hope you have a very wonderful special day on your birthday!!

  38. lori says:

    Hi Adam!
    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you are enjoying your special day.
    Secondly, you are one talented writer. I think you must take after your mom. I so enjoyed reading about you and what you like. My daughter definitely agrees with you on your favorite vacation spot!
    You have a wonderful time at Lion King tonight. Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to your next blog!

  39. hogphan says:

    Adam (I know your real name too, since I’m your grand-dad. By the way, my real name is not Pop so I have a fake name too!)
    Great Blog. Very cool to only be 9 and already a cool blogger! Hope you have a great day. Mimi is already looking forward to seeing you on your birthday. I’ll call and wish you a great day in person.
    Love, Pop

  40. Hubs / Dad says:

    Adam, (Feels funny calling you that)
    Great post! It’s always a joy to see the things you write. You are a good boy and I look forward to seeing all the new things you’ll learn and do this year.
    I love you,

  41. uncle mike says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Adam you are a great guy. Wish I could be there with you. Enjoy yourself and I will look forward to the next time I get to see you.
    Uncle Mike

  42. mimi2six says:

    Happy Birthday, “Adam!” I’m so proud of your blog. I already knew you were a talented writer….now the whole blogging world knows it. You’ve gotten lots of wonderful responses, and I know that makes you feel very good. You are such a fine boy, and Pop and I are so very proud of you in every way! I look forward to being at your house tomorrow. I’m going to babysit your brothers and sister while you and your parents go to see “The Lion King”. I can’t wait to hear your report about the musical. Love, Mimi

  43. Jennifer says:

    What a great post. I was very impressed with your spelling and grammar and the way you made the list, and what you had to say. Nice job and happy birthday! It’s great to celebrate lots of different ways.

  44. Addie says:

    Happy Birthday Adam! You were born on the same date as my little girl. Only, she will just be 1 tomorrow so she isn’t getting a Nintendo DS. Have fun at the Lion King Musical!

  45. marijean voss says:

    Dearest “Adam”,
    You are an awesome writer!!! You are a very smart and talented guy!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! This is your very own, special day.
    Always know that we love you. Hope to see you soon.
    Auntie Marijean

  46. Missy says:

    Happy Birthday!
    When I was a kid, my favorite food was fried shrimp! I used to beg my parents to buy me shrimp when we went out to eat. Now that I’m a grownup, my favorite food is peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches! (Especially if it is made with home-made bread, natural peanut butter, and strawberry perserves.) Yum!

  47. Cindy says:

    Happy Birthday, whomever you really are! I hope that you have a great time at the musical and the sleepover. Enjoy the Nintendo DS as well, any game you have your eye on to go with it?

  48. Scott, Kansas City says:

    Hi “Adam”,
    I couldnt help but notice your command of The King’s English and find it quite refreshing. You write better than many adults and your subject matter is more interesting too. I too have a dog, but lack a hermit crab. The lessons you learn in Tae Kwan Do will have a long, lasting impact on the rest of your life. Good luck in the 3rd Grade and keep up the good writing!!

  49. Cousin DV says:

    Happy birthday! Your mom had better be careful. You might beat her out for “best blogger around these parts!” That’s a BIG COMPLIMENT!
    I like shrimp and video games too! The next time I see you, you and I will have to go out for some shrimp. We’ll charge it to your dad’s credit card. He won’t mind. Tell those 3rd grade teachers to take it easy on you!!
    Cousin DV

  50. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a grand time on your birthday. I loved your list. I am seriously trying the flip the pillow thing the next time I can’t sleep.

  51. Queen Beth says:

    Adam, you need to fly over here and meet my son Little Man. You two would get along swimmingly. You both have tons in common!
    Great post by the way and Happy Birthday!!

  52. FOS says:

    Hi Adam,
    I think it is so cool that your mom let you blog for your birthday. Maybe you can practice your Lion King introduction song at the musical. Ha Ha!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy all of your special plans. If it’s ok with your parents, maybe you guys can come over soon and we can celebrate your birhtday too.

  53. Gego says:

    WOW ADAM!!!!! Your post looks even better on the blog. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday. I am so glad you were born. I love you, Gego

  54. Lucinda says:

    Adam, what an interesting post. You definitely inherited all your mom’s writing talent. I can’t believe you are going to be nine. It makes me feel old. I have a picture of you when you were just a few days old!!! That just seems like yesterday, ask your mom, I’m sure she feels the same!!!
    Have a great birthday!!! Tell your family hi for me!

  55. Disneypenpal says:

    That was so cute Adam! I can’t wait for your next blog next year! I hope you have fun at the Lion King! And I never knew you watched Sponge Bob. Have a fun birthday!

  56. HeatherW says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Adam! I think you’ll find 9 to be a great year. Live it up! It’s your last year in the single digits after all!
    I’m going to check out your book recommendations (#10). I only know about Charlotte’s Web and I really like it, so I bet I’ll like the others too. Thanks for the tip!
    Have a great time at the Lion King. I wish I could go! 😦

  57. anneberit says:

    Hi Adam! It’s so nice to meet you. Hope your birthday tomorrow will be funny. Seems like you have your hands full with all the family memebers (both human and pets), but how great is that, to have so many loving you and caring for you!!
    Enjoy your summer and off course: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (here in Norway it’s the 21th already ;))

  58. Janice says:

    Adam – you are awesome!! You have a brilliant future ahead of you. And I will definitely read your blog.
    I love your: “In my free time I like to have a few snacks.” – that is hilarious!
    Well, you have more comments here than I get in over a week. And the day isn’t even done! My word! You are a star!
    PS – make sure you print your post and all the comments for your teachers – you should definitely score some extra points!!

  59. Cousin Amy says:

    What an awesome post! I bet there aren’t many nine-year-olds who can say that they’ve been blogging! You ought to see if your mom will let you be a guest writer more often than once a year….
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday.
    Lots of love,
    Cousin Amy

  60. Bebo says:

    Hello there Adam! Happy birthday from Bebo and Nonni (SuSu). I enjoyed your post very much and all I can say is that you have a very special family who is very proud of you (and your brothers and sister). We’ll look forward to seeing you soon, I hope, and maybe you can come visit us at the Cabin. OK?

  61. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday Adam! I hope you really enjoy The Lion King show…I’ve heard it’s fantastic. Hope you’ll come back and post again some time, in between snacks.

  62. Gina C says:

    Happy Birthday Adam! You’re a lot like my nine year old son. He likes crafts, video games, karate, acting, has 2 brothers and a sister who drive him nuts, and he lives in your town!
    Enjoy the Lion King. We’re going too!

  63. Carol says:

    Dude. You and my Ruben sound like the same kid or something. He likes everything you like. He’d probably like a Nintendo DS, but he’s got GameCube and X-Box and his Mama says that’s like, two too many platforms in one house. (She’s a drag sometimes.) And he’s not only going to do the voices for the animations, he’s going to draw them, too. He’s nine, too. But he’s going to 4th grade now because he’s been nine for a while now. And he has a purple belt in Karate – that’s 3 away from black belt. He’s laying off karate for a while, though.
    So, tell your mom to bring you to Texas. We don’t have Disney World, but we have Six Flags, and Hurricaine Harbor is right across the street from that. You and Ruben would have a blast. (He doesn’t like his real name sometimes, but it really is Ruben.)
    Happy birthday, Man. Hope the Lion King was good.

  64. Nichole says:

    Happy birthday Adam!!!
    Your mom may or may not be glad to know that you will be a fan of Nintendo your whole life! I’m 24 and I have a DS, too! Tell her it’s cool because you’ll have great puzzle solving skills, and superb eye-hand coordination!

  65. Jan says:

    Sorry I’m late, but happy birthday anyway! I too turn my pillow over and fluff it when I can’t sleep. It’s always cooler on the other side too.

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