Perhaps Someone Should Take Away Our Computers

KeyboardHubs was out of town on business last night, as was Chilihead‘s husband.  Being the problem-solvers we are, we took this excellent opportunity for a girls’ night, and she and her kiddos came for a sleepover.  The kids watched a movie and then all sacked out upstairs, while Chili and I got into full blogging mode downstairs (she had brought her laptop, of course). 

So, we’re sitting in my kitchen, me at my desk and Chili at the kitchen table, fingers clicking away furiously, when Chili says, "Oh my gosh, you have to see this.  I’m going to e-mail it to you."

"Um, yes," I replied, "or I could just walk over there and see it."

Because, you know, those 8 feet from my desk to my kitchen table are an awful strain for a girl who has some bloggin’ to do.

22 thoughts on “Perhaps Someone Should Take Away Our Computers

  1. Don't Try This At Home says:

    Slumber Party!

    Guess where I slept last night? Nope. Try again. Nope. Try again. Nope. Apparently you aren’t going to get it so I’ll just tell you. I slept at Shannon’s house. Notice I didn’t say I slept with Shannon. What kind

  2. boomama says:

    Tonight I was telling my husband about the blogging get-together in Dallas this fall, and he said (with a hint of sarcasm), “What are y’all gonna do? Take your laptops to a place with wi-fi and sit and blog about each other?”
    So now I’m going to show him this post, stick out my tongue, and say, “YES! That’s EXACTLY what we’re going to do!”
    By the way – WHAT AM I DOING UP AT THIS HOUR, COMMENTING ON A BLOG? I’ve lost my mind.

  3. Janice says:

    way too funny! – i love Boomama’s comment. Andi agree with her – i gotta get to bed – it is WAY too late! 🙂

  4. maria says:

    too funny, and sadly true…hub and i im each other too. because walking up and down the stairs is very tough. glad we’re not the only ones!!

  5. Barb Szyszkiewicz, sfo says:

    I email my husband all the time–and he’s sitting in the next room. I find that he has the ability to tune out just about any noise around him, including human voices. It’s helpful at work (he’s a programmer) but not at home. So my workaround is to email him. When he SEES something, it stays in his head.

  6. Laura says:

    That is sooo funny. My best friend heather ( and I do that all the time. LOL
    Did you know yahoo doesn’t let us send files to each other when we’re on the same wireless network? ::giggle::

  7. Shannon in Arizona says:

    Yep…been there done that….my husband and I instant message one another in the house. Sometimes I am on my laptop just in bed and he is sitting in our room with me using the desktop. We don’t talk we IM……

  8. momrn2 says:

    I was just over at Chilihead’s site and saw her post. I left her a comment also telling her that you guys are evidently so “in”! Communicating with each other via computer while in the same room?… I’m in awe…. My sister that just graduated from HS does this all the time with her friends?! Guess you two just have it together!! 🙂

  9. Morning Glory says:

    That’s too funny. I have some family members who send messages to each other through our family group website and it has nothing to do with the rest of the family. They live 4 houses apart and could easily call each other or walk.

  10. Shalee says:

    Now that is humorous!
    And boomama, you should get yourself to Dallas just to prove what a fun time we bloggers can have with or without the laptops!

  11. emily says:

    heehee, that’s like me and my husband too! one of us on the desktop, the other on the laptop….typing away. and it cracks me up when he emails me something, and we’re in the same teensy apartment!

  12. Karla says:

    That is toooooo funny! But you know what I just realized? I do the same thing with my neighbors at work & I’ve NEVER thought about it until I just read this. Wow. =)
    Ahhhh. A full night of blogging…sounds glorious! =) *sigh*

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