*UPDATED* What a New Set of Eyes Will Do


My real-life friend Kim, who reads this blog and will not for the life of her leave a comment (!!!), has such an eye for interior decorating.  Her own house looks like something out of Southern Living, but she’s so down-to-earth and warm that you would never in a million years think yours looked frumpy in comparison.

So anyhoo, I was trying to rearrange some decor-type items in my house this week and I realized that I have been looking at the SAME STUFF arranged in the SAME WAY for 12 years.  It’s almost like I can’t see it anymore.  Don’t get me wrong–I love my stuff and am very thankful for it.  But I wanted to see it in a fresh way. 

So Kim came to my house yesterday, took everything off the walls and counters in my kitchen/guest bath (the two rooms in question), put it all on my kitchen table, and shifted everything around.  And I feel like I’m in a new house!  What a boost a little rearranging can be.  Here are some of the arrangements she came up with. Most of this stuff I’ve had for years, though I did spend about $30 at Hobby Lobby (also known as the Mother Ship) yesterday on a few clearance items:




And that’s just the kitchen!  I have to paint a shelf in the bathroom before I can show you the cute stuff she suggested in there.  The best part?  She totally didn’t make me feel like a dope for the way I had it before, which–trust me–didn’t look nearly this good. 

So thanks so much, Kim, because I know you’re reading!  (Now, come on, leave a comment so all these great women can meet you!)

UPDATED TO ADD:  Here’s the finished guest bath!  (The walls aren’t that funky-looking in real life.  It’s gingham wallpaper, which for some reason didn’t translate well on the photographs.)



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43 thoughts on “*UPDATED* What a New Set of Eyes Will Do

  1. Carol says:

    I have that same Hobby Lobby platter with the harlequin king guy on it. My MIL gave it to me.
    Tell me, doesn’t the house just feel “new” now even though it’s your same old stuff? My friend (the interior decorator) and I (the tool girl) do this as a side job. Her business is called “Spruce Up”. We take what folks already have, re-do it, and make suggestions for things they might do differently (paint the walls, get a few throw pillows, whatever). If they want us to, we’ll even do it for them. It’s tons of fun and they actually pay us!
    The only problem – I don’t get around to re-doing my own house. Haven’t changed a thing in about 3 years. Big plans, though. Yeah, big plans.

  2. Supermom says:

    Send Kim my way!! I have some pictures to hang and I can’t get them to look quite right.
    Where do I get one of those friends?

  3. Shannon in Arizona says:

    Looks great!!! Like a coffee shop kinda like a chit chat warm place ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Shalee says:

    Does Kim do house calls in Kansas? If not, I’m going to try and convince Antique Mommy to come up for a “creative” weekend. That and the coffee/wine/shopping may tempt her here again.

  5. momrn2 says:

    I tend to leave things in the same place as well *sigh*… so much for creativity on my end!
    She did a GREAT job! It looks fantastic!!

  6. Kate says:

    I love moving my stuff around. I do it every time I change the paint color (to dh’s dismay that is about every 2 years). Your stuff looks awesome…your friend is a genius.
    The Laundry post below cracked me up. That pull up and poop must’ve smelled like a spring rain. LOL

  7. boomama says:

    I love me some red – and your kitchen looks awesome. About once every six months I have to “mix it up” – I start to get antsy. ๐Ÿ™‚ What a sweet friend to help you out – and what great results!
    And Hobby Lobby = the mother ship? Cracked me up.

  8. Sarah says:

    I love rearranging our stuff! I also love to paint furniture–especially old, real wood furniture, which used to horrify my husband! Nothing is sacred in my house:) The Simplify sign? Love it. I need one! Kim did a great job!! And my two dearest friends read my blog faithfully but never, ever comment, either. Neither does my husband. *sigh*

  9. Sarah says:

    Oh–I just saw that you added me to your sidebar! I’ve read about your policy and am duly honored:) Thank you! And just so you know, I’d already planned on adding you to mine today–before I saw mine on yours:)

  10. chilihead says:

    That looks fantastic! Of course, I thought it looked great before too. I know what you mean, though, about mixing it up a bit. What a great friend!

  11. Lindsey says:

    I *looooove* hobby lobby. And I’ve found a new great place for house stuff at good prices, at TJ Maxx & More (the bigger TJ Maxx stores with a huge home decor section, I think it is called Home Goods in some areas)
    Your house looks so lovely, so welcoming!

  12. Lindsey says:

    I *looooove* hobby lobby. And I’ve found a new great place for house stuff at good prices, at TJ Maxx & More (the bigger TJ Maxx stores with a huge home decor section, I think it is called Home Goods in some areas)
    Your house looks so lovely, so welcoming!

  13. the "other" Sarah says:

    I, too have the problem of leaving things in the same place for too long. Unfortunately for me, that “place” is my garage, where I still haven’t unpacked most of my decorative items that moved here with us over a year ago. Ah, well. Some day, some day.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Shannon, I have a friend just like that – and oddly enough, I’ve asked her to do exactly the same thing (when we’re done this round of renovations)! Your friend did a really great job.

  15. Natalie says:

    I would love to have someone to come in to my home and do that! Instead, I do nothing because I don’t want to make a mistake. We remodeled our family room three years ago and I still don’t have curtains up because I have no clue where to start. Congrats on your “new” house.

  16. emily says:

    i love it!! it’s so awesome! i’m totally impressed with kim’s arrangements (what do you call it? decorating?) anyways, love it, and lol at the mother ship. i think mine is the Gap. i heart the gap.

  17. Shannon in Arizona says:

    Yeah right I know that bathroom is your get away and trip out bathroom…..the wallpaper is that funky and you know it……….LOL

  18. Joy says:

    Your things look so cute! She did a nice job, but you did a nice job too…picking those things out in the first place!
    I bet the bathroom wallpaper is really cute in real life!

  19. Kim says:

    Okay..I am leaving a comment. First, Shannan I feel honored for the very awesome Thank You left to me on your blog that I do ready daily. You have great stuff which is made even greater because it all has stories to go with it. Most of these things were YOUR ideas with a little guidance. The bathroom looks fantastic. I really like the books!! Lets do the family room shelves next!

  20. Chappyswife says:

    Looks great. I love your bathroom. I, too, like to rearrange often, taking things from room to room, but it would be fun for a friend to do a makeover like that.

  21. Karla says:

    Very nice! I have the same picture of the “French cat”…only the big, honkin’ size!! =)
    Good to see Ms. Kim left a comment. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing your home’s lovely new look with us.

  22. Jan says:

    Love the gingham! Everything looks so great–and you should take part of the credit, for having such great stuff for her to work with!

  23. Robin says:

    I love Hobby Lobby or Hob Lob as we affectionately call it. I’m even excited that they already have some Christmas stuff out! Yes, I’m one of THOSE people. We go at least once a week.

  24. Lisa S. says:

    Wow, that does look great. I love the lamp in the kitchen. It takes me back to our first newlywed apartment, with faulty wiring so no lights worked in the kitchen, and we had one of those orange Sears mechanic’s lights on a hook… hmm, that memory wasn’t nearly as good as I thought!
    I also love the books in the bathroom, but if I tried that around here, someone would take them down and read them. And leave them on the floor to mildew.
    I also *love* the red!

  25. Pam says:

    LOVE it. Specially the bath. So cheerful. Kudos to KIM. That’s it, take a bow or a curtsey. Don’t be shy. As Debbie Reynolds is fond of saying, “Chins Up, Chest Out, It’s Showtime!”

  26. Theresa says:

    Looks great Shannon and I love the pink gingham wallpaper – too sweet. My sister has a knack for this type of decorating too. I need her to come down to my house real soon.

  27. islandsparrow says:

    Kim – would’t you love to come up and visit “Anne of Green Gables” land?? Bring Shannon along with you – and you know – when you have a spare moment drop in for a cup of tea – give me some ideas…oops, I mean chat – or whatever…

  28. Susanne says:

    Love the “Simplify” arrangement with the black & white pic! I wish I had a knack for doing this kind of stuff. It takes me forever to decide where to put stuff.

  29. StephanieG says:

    Beautiful job!!! Of course, I don’t have cute stuff like that to START with…heh…
    Oh and yes! Hobby Lobby is TOTALLY the Mother Ship…Beam me up!!

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