Treasure Tuesday

I haven’t participated in Faith‘s Treasure Tuesday for a while, so I thought I’d jump back in. Today’s treasure is oh-so near and dear to my heart.

You see, I am a Southern girl, born and bred.  And as you may know, we proud Southern women wear our hair big, we wear it proud, and we always, always (say it with me, Southern sisters)…accessorize.  Even the youngest of us is not exempt from this fine tradition.  My baby daughter Corrie had a hair bow stuck in her hair when she only had a few strands on her head.  Now that she sports a beautiful head full of silky blonde hair, that poor child’s head is a veritable pin-cushion for hair accessories.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m not a frivolous shopper.  But bows…oh, those precious bows…well, they are my weakness.  And it is with this in mind that I present to you my "treasure" for today.  Won’t you please step inside The Inner Bow Sanctum:Bow1_1

Bow2 I keep this big basket on top of my fridge (I fix Corrie’s hair while she sitsBow4 in her high chair eating breakfast).  We’ve got polka-dot bows, funky bows, formal bows, multi-colored bows, large bows, tiny bows…you name it.  AND, thanks to my new friend SuperMom, we’ll soon have homemade bows.   She is the queen of bows, and she makes them for her two daughters.  I’m going to her house later this week so she can teach me the fine skill of be-decking my daughter’s head with my own handiwork!  I’m so excited.

Bow5 And no, if you’re wondering, I will not force Corrie to continue wear bows when she’s older, if she decides she doesn’t like them.  Except on Sunday.  And Christmas.  And to sporting events.  And to meals.  And on days that end in -y….

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26 thoughts on “Treasure Tuesday

  1. Overwhelmed! says:

    Okay, so this is why I hope to have a daughter some day. I love bows too! 🙂 You have quite a collection!
    I’ve posted a TT as well. Stop by and take a peek. 🙂

  2. Shannon in Arizona says:

    wow lots of bows…..yep sissy is in the same boat and i ain’t even southern…
    i love painting her toe nails (sigh)

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hee hee. I tried putting a headband bow on my baby when my mom was taking her for a walk yesterday, but my mother balked. Well, I never! I’m trying to get her (the baby, not my mother) used to wearing things in her hair so she can be super-cute, too.

  4. Melissa says:

    I must admit, I’m an embarrassment to Southern women everywhere. I did NOT do bows in my daughter’s hair. She didn’t have much hair to speak of until she was almost 2, and she wouldn’t keep those bow headbands on. Then, when she got hair…oh my goodness did she ever! It was so thick & curly that little girl hair accessories wouldn’t work. It was way too frustrating, and I gave up.
    Sorry to be such a discredit to our gender 😉

  5. Michelle-This One's for the Girls says:

    All my girls were so bald as babies that I didn’t even try the bow thing until they got older–but then I went CRAZY.
    When Jane was born, I discovered
    Oh, I was one happy Southern gal. 🙂 But now Jane keeps pulling them out. She always starts out with one though. 🙂
    The people at our church were so sad when Anna turned 7 and “became too big for her bows.”

  6. Faith says:

    Ahhh, those were the days! My girls always had to wear bows. The youngest HATED them! It was a struggle, but I’m the mom, so I won!!! I grew up in Alabama and that is where we lived when they were young- we were all about the hair bows!

  7. Karla says:

    I am Southern and I do not do bows. Somehow I suddenly feel like part of a Bows Anonymous group…or maybe a No-Bows Anonymous. 😉 I do not do the bow thing. I don’t even really like them in my Bean’s hair. They are certainly cute on other precious little girls & I know your Corrie must be just adorable with her bows! =D I was a tomboy & I think my Bean is a tomboy, much to Grannie’s chagrin. =)
    It’s great to see others’ treasures though. That’s what makes the world go ’round! =)
    Mine’s up!

  8. Sarah says:

    Oh, how this strikes home! I just spent an amount of money I won’t divulge on bows for Addison–and one of them is light pink with an “A” monogrammed on it:) I’m in Girly Girl Bliss! My heart fairly skipped a beat when I saw a WHOLE bin of them in your picture!

  9. Sandra says:

    That is a wonderful collection of bows. If my daughter would only let me put bows in her hair, but she won’t….
    Great treasure 🙂

  10. Tess says:

    fixing little girls’ hair is probably the #1 reason I want to someday have a girl. It drives me batty to see this one precious little girl at church with her hair always in one ponytail, not even a 2 minutes worth of heating up a curling iron to make a ringlet. thanks for sharing!

  11. whimsy says:

    Well, I’m in Missouri and there is some debate over whether that is Southern or not. But I tell you what, we’re all about decorating up our kids! When my twins were born (13 years ago!!) The nurses made a vaseline concoction to stick bows to their bald little preemie heads. Within hours of birth. It ranked right up there with making sure they had oxygen.
    Now, even at 13, they are still required to put something in their hair. No free flying hair around here! So, it’s not bows anymore, but have you seen the pretty sparkly hair clips the teens where? I’m lovin’ em I tell ya!
    I hardly ever get to fix little Kacie’s hair because of the aforementioned big sisters. They love to fix her up and pick out her clothes. And the shoes… well… I better not even get started on those…..

  12. Andria says:

    I have only boys so I have no bows to speak of, but I remember them from my days as a southern girl and I still look at them when I am in the w*mart and enjoy them. Very nice

  13. Lori says:

    I’m so glad to read that someone else keeps their hair supplies in the kitchen. I don’t want to think of the taboos I’m breaking while brushing my girls’ hair at the table (please forgive me Emily Post!)

  14. Trish says:

    That is so sweet! My little girl is 15 and loved bows when she was small. Now I would be lcuky if I can get her to wear a dress, even to church!
    I didnt do Tues Treasure, I did CWO “In other Words” Check it out.

  15. Kathleen Marie says:

    This very much reminds me of when my girls, Timoni and Tara were little. Today Tara plans on becoming a hairdresser although she is constantly doing my hair. Both of my girls love to accessorize and play with hair. And, now that I am a grandma of a precious girl (check my blog to see beautiful Alexys Marie!) I can’t wait to buy all those cute dresses with matching bows for her beautiful hair! Fun!!

  16. Cheri says:

    let’s have a moment of silence…
    ”and God did upon the 6 day make a hairbow and he placed it upon the head of the woman, and Adam looked up the woman and said ”woman, thou art lovely with thy hairbow.” And God saw what he had made, and it was good and He declared to every woman child born, thou shalt lay bows upon the head. Big bows shalt thou lay, frilly bows and even unto her head thou shalt put polka dot bows. BUT woe be unto the girl child who shalt throw a fit and rip out the most holy bow, frizz shall be upon her head, and double cowlicks and split ends.
    (Taken from The Southern Woman’s Guide to Proper Living (or…potentially I made it all up) heh!
    Should my baby girl every get enough wisps to HOLD a bow…IT SHALL happen. 😀

  17. Tracey says:

    Sigh… after 2 boys, I finally have a girl to put bows and ribbons on and she’s pretty much bald at 9 months, still! I don’t do the hairband bows. They freak me out (choking hazards and all). But they do look cute!

  18. Mary says:

    At Little Misty’s Boutique you can order any size bow in any color with your little girl’s name on it! TOO CUTE! We always got lots of compliments on our personalized bows!

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