Works For Me: Keeping Cool


It is hotter than the surface of the sun in Oklahoma right now, how about where you live?  Ugh.  When I need to keep cool, two words come to mind:  ICE CREAM.  A friend shared this homemade ice cream recipe with me, and it’s too yummy not to pass along.

In your ice cream maker’s canister, put in one can of sweetened condensed milk and one 2-liter bottle of soda, any flavor (I’ve tried orange and root beer–both were great). 

And….that’s it.  Do the ice/rock salt thingy, turn it on, and get ready for some yummy ice cream.  You can use fat free sweetened condensed milk and diet soda to make it lower in fat and calories!

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49 thoughts on “Works For Me: Keeping Cool

  1. Julie says:

    Sounds yummy. I’ve been scared to try homemade ice cream ever since the incident of “Old Fashioned Vanilla” where you could actually taste cooked egg. It was not pretty. My husband still talks about it. But this, this is foolproof. Right?

  2. Faith says:

    Oh my word. I’ve never heard of doing this before! I’ll give it a try on Saturday when all the gang will be here for dinner!!!

  3. Rabbit says:

    If I had an ice cream maker, I’d try it in a second. Then again, if I had an ice cream maker, I couldn’t fit through the door. 😉

  4. Shannon in Surprise, Arizona says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds yummy Shannon! We would like to get a homemade ice cream maker, but we just haven’t. You have made me think of one again however…..and that would work for me if I had one!!!!

  5. the "other" Sarah says:

    Yowzers! That sounds delish! It is h-h-HOT here too. My hubby works outdoors, so they’re starting work at 6am tomorrow so they can finish early. Less time in the heat of the day. Maybe I’ll try to have some ice cream made for when he comes home?! Probably not, since I don’t have an ice cream maker. I do, however, know of a cool trick for making a homemake ice cream maker out of a coffee can and a ziploc bag. Perhaps I’ll use that for a future WFMW post….

  6. Jennifer, Snapshot says:

    Hey, that’s great. We bought one of the freezer canister ice cream makers last year, and we have not used it once this year, because I never have heavy cream, etc etc on hand. I am going to try this one!!! In fact, it’s going in my Act On folder right now.

  7. mopsy says:

    What a fascinating idea! We got an ice cream maker as a wedding present almost 10 years ago and have used it twice. I might have to find it (uhhhh…where IS it????), dust it off and give it a whirl.

  8. Celebrian says:

    I may have to dig out my ice cream maker to try this one! I just started MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMondays! on my blog to share recipes on Monday. Check it out!

  9. Heather says:

    Hmm, wonder if it would work with soy milk? Anyone try soy milk in an ice cream maker? My kids use whipped topping instead of ice cream because they are allergic to milk and low sugar soy ice crea is more expensive than expensive ice cream.

  10. KimC says:

    Ice cream is a staple around here – in fact, I almost posted about what to do with the buckets after you eat the ice cream, but I had something a little more relevant to my week.
    I’ll probably be doing the ice cream bucket post next week. Ice cream is *always* relevant, right?

  11. Amy says:

    What a great recipe! Now I just need an ice cream maker. I will keep my eyes out at Goodwill. I have the Cusinart one on my Amazon Wish List though (just in case anyone who is posting today is feeling a little generous-hahah!)
    Great recipe to keep in my back pocket. As always, Shannon- love it!

  12. Cindy says:

    Shannon, please forgive, since this is my first time to do Works for me Wednesday I forgot to add that my tip was about making Funnel Cakes. I can’t wait to try that ice cream you posted about. I bet strawberry would be yummy!

  13. Susan says:

    I posted my first one today! I love reading all of these and have adpoted many of your ways. Have a great Wednesday! I am going to have to try that Ice Cream, yum!

  14. Linda says:

    I am brand new (a little over a week now) to this blogging business, and I absolutely love it. It’s all of the great women who blog!
    I would love to be part of all the special things but am so computer-illiterate I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong and lose my whole site!!
    I am enjoying reading your posts, and if I can think of something brilliant (after 39 years of marriage you would think I had as many great ideas as Heloise) – and (BIG AND) if I can figure out how to do it – I’ll try to become a part of all this.

  15. Heather says:

    Just for fun — reduce the amount of ingredients used — part of the milk, part of the soda — use two coffee cans of different sizes. In smaller can, add ingredients and put on the cover, place in middle of larger can, add ice and rock salt… now shake shake shake! Home made icecream with a little bit of work! LOL

  16. mom2fur says:

    I have one of those hand-crank Wilton ones–you know, the kind that you put the bowl in the freezer. I’m also always looking for easy ice cream recipes. Definitely gonna try this one! Ooooohh…I’m thinking root beer flavored!

  17. Nikkie says:

    Sounds delicious and fun! Its been really hot where I live too, and it doesn’t look like its going to let up anytime soon!

  18. Barb says:

    I just wanted to tell you that asking people to put a brief remark next to their name was brilliant. WFMW has gotten so huge, it’s impossible to read every single one linked. It’s really nice to look at the subject and choose the ones I want to read. I’d love to read them all but I’d need a big red S on my chest before I’d even try.

  19. MomInTandyLand says:

    Yum! I’m in Texas, so I only venture outside when I have to because of this ridiculous heat, and ice cream sounds perfect right now! Also, my husband is allergic to eggs, so this recipe would be great for him! I wonder how it would taste with Dr. Pepper…
    My post is up. It’s about making cheap but cute shoes for little girls.

  20. Mommy the Maid says:

    Oh wow that sounds good! I need an icecream maker 😦 I’ve been telling hubby we need for one for a while now. I bet the rootbeer icecream would change his mind 😀 Thanks!

  21. Lori Gammon says:

    Where at in OK are you? I am in Broken Arrow a.k.a. the pit of hell! It is SO hot here I often wonder “What am I doing here? I have lived here all my life and put up with this crap?” What is wrong with me? LOL! Love your blog! Read it everyday. Just wish I was at witty as you to start 1. I have a 4 yr. old an 2 yr. old, both boys. Makes for a very interesting life. Wouldn’t change it for the world, though! 😉

  22. Amelia says:

    I’m going to have to try this just because it sounds waaay too simple! Homemade ice cream is supposed to be a lot of work! Can’t wait to try it. It’s hotter than hot here in FL too!

  23. Jules says:

    Grrr…really bugs me when people don’t link to their WFMW post, but to their home page. If I can’t get to the list right away I have to spend time hunting through blogs. Grrrr…

  24. ChickenMama says:

    Love what I’ve gotten to read so far. It’s great to find women of faith sharing with others. And I can DEFINITELY identify with rocks in my dryer. Come to think of it- rocks, army men, pennies, and screws, but especially CRAYONS in my dryer!
    Be back soon to read more. Thanks for keeping this blog.

  25. LammyAnn says:

    Is it just a small can of sweetened condensed milk? Or is there another size I’m not aware of?
    What a fantastic idea.

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