Moving Forward

Snowleavesncg6Thank you to everyone who shared such heartfelt remembrances of September 11.  I realize now what I’ve realized at the close of every September 11th since 2001:  we’ll never really get it.  We’ll join together, we’ll remember, we’ll grieve, we’ll re-hash, we’ll read and we’ll do whatever else we can to try to wrap our brains around what happened to our nation.  But never will that evil fully make sense–would we want it to? 

So instead, let’s move into September 12th, holding a part of our hearts empty, but looking firmly into the future.  Let’s love our families better.  Let’s speak more kindly to each other.  And let’s seek something Larger Than Ourselves–because that’s where the Hope is.

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11 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. momrn2 says:

    Heads held high, shoulders squared… moving one step forward at a time.
    And most importantly hearts and eyes heavenward as we seek and cling to true “hope”… God Himself!
    Thanks for such a lovely post!

  2. PastorMac's Ann says:

    “Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith.” Heb. 12:2
    Glad I stopped by here on my way to bed. It’s been a very heavy day. I definitely needed a lift.
    Thanks, I really mean it.

  3. dcrmom says:

    Thank you for that reminder, Shannon. If we let ourselves get mired down in the grief, then we allow the evil one to win. That’s one of my favorite verses too.

  4. Robin (PENSIEVE) says:

    So glad you included verse 13 in the Jeremiah reference; it’s a beautiful reminder that God DESIRES that we seek Him, He desires to be FOUND!
    I guess I’ve given up on trying to make sense out of 9-11 (or any evil that exists in the world, and even in my own life :/). In all the smoke and fog of “circumstance”, my soul and sole pursuit is seeking God in the midst…because He CAN be found 🙂

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