Works For Me: Um, NOTHING, Actually…


You know what "works for me" today?  Taking a brain-breather from being all creative and problem-solvish.  Y’all go ahead and list your ideas below, and I’ll be back next week with one of my own!

May I pretty-please ask that before you e-mail me any questions about WFMW you check the guidelines here?  It will probably answer your question.  If you still have questions, feel free to send me an e-mail.  Thanks!

31 thoughts on “Works For Me: Um, NOTHING, Actually…

  1. Cheri says:

    Thanks for making it so easy to be included in WFMW. This new blogger now has a personal sense of accomplishment (yes, I’m wearing a goofy grin!)

  2. LammyAnn says:

    You deserve a break….I took a break ages ago because I was totally blank (well, that, and I was on vacation). I dunno how everyone does it–week after week. I’m not as clever! 🙂
    We (heart) you Shannon!

  3. Lauarie says:

    Thanks, Shannon, for giving us the opportunity to do this! The ideas flowed fast and furious at first, now they have slowed down to a trickle, but with so many participants that doesn’t matter. In any given week somebody (several somebodies) will come up with good ideas.

  4. Barbara H. says:

    We all need a break now and then. 🙂
    Between this and Wordless Wednesday, I’ve come to think of Wed. as “blog visiting day.” I’ll be visiting around a little later — looking forward to it.

  5. EaglesWings98 says:

    Dear Shannon,
    Thanks for having the availability for us to continue to share our ideas! But every once in a while we need to “take care of the me in mommy”.
    I just finished reading Lisa Whelchel’s book – awesome!

  6. Merci says:

    My first venture into WFMW! I love this idea. I read the guidelines and sure hope I did it right. Looking forward to learning something new every week! 🙂 Blessings, Merci

  7. Charlsie Swadley says:

    Shannon thanks so much for hosting this on your blog. This is my first time, mostly becuase I am a bit computer illiterate but it was not as difficult as I thought it would be! Look forward to reading what everyone else is writting about today!

  8. blestwithsons says:

    You are getting sleepy…you are getting sleepy…. You will hear only the sound of my voice…
    You are Shannon of Rocks in my Dryer. You will fountain forth with ideas of astounding cleverness and usability. You will solve the missing sock conundrum and forever put to rest the laundry pile…and you will only do these things on Wednesdays….
    Hee hee hee

  9. Manic Mom says:

    What works for me? Snuggling in the bed with my five-year-old yelling at Dora, while the laundry piles up on top of piles and piles.
    Man, that makes for a great day!

  10. Mel says:

    Sorry, I accidentally left mine twice and I don’t know how to delete the first one, :(.
    This is great though! Thanks for all the tips!

  11. Faith says:

    This makes me feel like maybe you are really a real girl after all! I was beginnning to think you had it all figured out – I mean all of it! Whew! You’re just regular! I can relax now!!

  12. kacey says:

    I just found “Rocks in my Dryer” last week. I figured anything Antique Mommy links would be good reading — and I was right! The blogasphere is full of great writers and ideas! Love it! Love it!

  13. Karen says:

    No blog, but this works for me:
    Whenever I make a roast chicken, I throw the bones right into the crockpot as I carve it up …. then after dinner I just pour in cold water, turn it on, and let is simmer all night – wonderful, easy stock! (just pour it into a container, and freeze until you are in a soupy mood)

  14. Sandra says:

    This is a really cute idea; I’ve responded and wanted to add…what *really* works for me is to hire someone to do the housework so I can do the barnwork!

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