Group Photo

Courtesy of Antique Mommy, here’s a group shot from our weekend gathering (don’t you like Chilihead‘s sassy pose?  Don’t try this at home, ladies.  Also, thank you to Jeana for e-mailing me to tell me that I look like a linebacker in this shot.  Gee, honest friends are such a blessing.  Ahem.)


If you haven’t been over see Antique Mommy’s, um, colorful take on the weekend, you’re missing out.  GoNow.

5 thoughts on “Group Photo

  1. kelli in the mirror says:

    Shannon, my sister looked like that as my maid of honor in all my wedding pictures! My mom called her a linebacker too. That’s what I get for having a 14 year old in my wedding. 🙂
    Not that I think you look like one or anything. I’m just sayin.

  2. nina says:

    hello…. I ( and I am sure not the only one ) am so JEALOUS! You guys are all eminating such happiness. So fun to read all your posts as well. Oh, am I the only one who has noticed the ORBS in the picture? Do we have blogging ghosties?????

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