Works For Me: Christmas Edition!


Welcome to the first annual Christmas Edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday, in which we share ideas that will make your holidays so smooth that you’re guaranteed to be speaking to your family members in January!  Wait, no guarantees…but they’re still very good ideas.

Here’s my simple little tip–

Is anyone else annoyed by the way toys are packaged these days?  When I was a kid, you could pull the toy right out of the box.  Nowadays you need a screwdriver, wire cutters and a degree in mechanical engineering to get the dang baby doll out of the package.  This is especially pleasant when you have a five year old jumping up and down next to you squealing, "Hurry! Hurry!"  This year I’m going to take all the toys OUT OF THE BOXES before I wrap the gifts.  That way the kids have access to their toys right away.  And I have less trash to clean up on Christmas morning.

I’d love to hear your clever holiday tip (or two or three or four…)  Just leave a link below!  Guidelines still apply, and they can be found here.

I know last week’s WFMW got a bit gimped up in its display.  The real live Mr. Linky himself has helped me figure out a (fingers crossed!) solution.  If at any point you can’t see both columns below, please send me an e-mail.  Thanks!

37 thoughts on “Works For Me: Christmas Edition!

  1. Mrs. C says:

    I can just see my kids digging through the trash to see what boxes I’ve secretly disposed of. I agree that those twisties are soooo annoying!
    Thanks for doing this Christmas edition, Shannon!

  2. Grafted Branch says:

    It only took me a decade to figure out the kids will enjoy the gifts more if they don’t have to hand them back to Dad and wait for him to have an all-out, drop-down, kick-boxing match with all those wires, string and tape!
    Works like a charm. Great hint, Shannon!

  3. Michelle says:

    My grandmother was always great about remembering which gifts would require batteries and including those. I always forget to put them in. My tip is still a little on the Thanksgiving end of the “holiday” season (I’m so behind, forgive me, it just occurred to me a couple days ago that Thanksgiving was next week. Gasp.) Where have I been? But as always, a great list of tips.

  4. DivaP says:

    Great holiday tips! We are still in pre-Turkey day mode here … making our lists and checking them twice. We’ll try to get with it and get some more Christmas-y tips soon though!

  5. Heather says:

    Why did I never think of that? You’re a Christmas master-mind! This will be especially great for us since we do our presents at home, go to my SIL’s house for DH’s sister and parents, to my Grandma’s for brunch and back home to host supper for DH’s whole family. My kids might actually get to PLAY with their toys on Chirstmas morning thanks to your genius tip! Why didn’t I think of that???? :o)

  6. Sandra says:

    You read my mind Shannon, I started doing this with the toys, last year. I couldn’t handle the kids screaming and me and hubby frustrated at the darn toy packages. I must have missed the “Toy Package Opening 101” because I seriously lack in knowledge to do that LOL
    Great idea πŸ™‚

  7. Barbara H. says:

    Great idea. It is so annoying to have to undo all those twist ties and taped edges. Sometimes you have to do this when sending gifts through the mail — once when sending a bulky gift item that was packaged for display, we were astonished to find that the Post Office was going to add an exorbitant “oversized” charge to the regular postage. We took it home and took it out of the original box and wrapped the items in two smaller gift boxes.

  8. Heather Ivester says:

    Thanks for hosting this. I can’t wait to browse all the great ideas. I forgot to add that mine is about Advent books.
    I agree with you about the troublesome packaging — we’ll have to try your idea!

  9. Jenna says:

    Shannon what a neat idea! I will have to try that! I added my tradition for the kids. πŸ™‚ Actually we all get into it lol. Thanks again for hosting this WFMW I LOVE this every week and look forward to it.

  10. Jenn says:

    Amen for this idea! Last year I had to use very sharp and point embroider scissors to get a piece of plastic that was sewn into a dolls hair. It took forever and there was no way a child could do it.

  11. 4andcounting says:

    That is a great idea. Of course, I would have to find time to open them all in advance of wrapping them; something I am not very good about doing. I might try that this year.

  12. 4andcounting says:

    Okay, sorry to put my link twice. I forgot to link directly to the WFMW post and I forgot the description. My apologies–I hope I’m still allowed to participate. πŸ™‚ Perhaps I should be barred from posting anything until after 9:00 a.m.

  13. Pieces says:

    That is the best tip! I started doing that when the kids were two and everything was held into the packages with twist ties and tape–frustrating! I still will unpack these now that they were older.

  14. Teri says:

    I do this. I open the boxes, untangle the toys, put batteries in if needed, and then I put the toy back into the box. Somethings are so much easier to wrap if they have that solid form. Then all the kids have to is rip it open.

  15. Karen says:

    We use stockings to hold Christmas morning gifts – I made HUGE stockings for each child and they LOVE it and can hardly wait to get up and see what is in it! I only wrap one present to be opened the night before for each child.

  16. GiBee says:

    Do they pay someone to come up with new and evil ways to keep parents from opening toys up for their kids without having to take out the plyers, screwdriver, and jack-hammer? It just seems to be getting worse and worse each year!!!

  17. Shelby says:

    I got it right the first time this time ;).
    For some reason my computer won’t let me delete the link after I put it in…
    That is a great idea you shared Shannon!

  18. Sandy says:

    We-ell… there we go, the answer to my ongoing holiday dilemma: how to hide the fabulous toys found at other yard sales for $1 among all the brand new things that will later end up in our yard sale for $1… no boxes for any of it! Pure genius.

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