And So It Turns Out I’m Not So Good At Trash Talkin’

This weekend, my beloved alma mater (Arkansas) is playing my friend BooMama‘s beloved alma mater (Mississippi State).  And we both really, really love our teams.  And we discussed privately, wouldn’t it be fun to try and stir up some really big rivalry thing between our two blogs and trash talk at each other?

Except I’m sitting here at my computer thinking, trash talkHmmmm….trash talkThis is why I could never be a truly serious sports fanatic, because my version of trash talk is something like:

Hey there, BooMama, get ready for the Hawgs to slaughter the Dawgs.  But really, it’s nothing personal, because I know your school is lovely and I’m sure the boys on your team have worked so hard, and I’d hate for your fans to be disappointed…

See?  I can’t do it.  There’s not a competitive bone in my body (at least, not where sports are concerned.  Trivial Pursuit is another story entirely.).  I want my team to win, of course, but I just really don’t want the Other Guy to get his feelings hurt.

This annoys my Hubs, who would happily eat a big ol’ bowl of Mississippi State for breakfast if he could.  Especially this game, which is a big one, because (he tells me) if we win this one and then beat Florida and LSU and then if Notre Dame and Rutgers all lose and the rotation of the earth can shift two inches to the left…the Razorbacks have a chance at the National Championship.

And so, stepping out of my comfort zone in the spirit of hoping for Good Things for my team, I say to BooMama:  WE WILL CLEAN YOUR PLATE.  WE WILL TURN YOU INSIDE OUT.  WE WILL RUN YOU SO HARD WE’LL HAVE TO CLEAN UP WITH A MOP WHEN WE’RE DONE.  I mean, if that’s okay with you, because I know you’re such a nice school…

31 thoughts on “And So It Turns Out I’m Not So Good At Trash Talkin’

  1. Heather says:

    I’m not competitive either until I get in a stadium. I used to be a cheerleader, so ‘m not afraid to yell at a game- and I yell REALLY loud! My poor husband had no idea about this habit of mine until we went to a game together and he vowed never to take me again. LOL! I’m from Ohio and OSU has our big game against “that state up north” tomorrow. Then, the Browns play the Steelers on Sunday. BIG weekend! I do know how you feel, though. I’m not that terribly upset when we don’t win and I actually feel happy for the other team and fans. There are more important things to be upset about and someone has to lose, right? I’d make a terrible football coach!

  2. Everyday Mommy says:

    ROFLMBEHINDOFF! The Shannon is in FINE form! Things are gonna’ get ugly here in Kansas, too. The KU K-State game is Saturday. I can’t speak to my cousin (Rabbit) all day. Rock chalk Jayhawk!

  3. mimi2six says:

    I’m afraid you got your maniacal competitive streak from me! (I always feel sorry for the losing team and their fans!) Nevertheless, GO HOGS!!!

  4. Melene says:

    We became new Razorback fans when we were stationed in Little Rock for 4 years and still pull for them. Now I’m even more glad that I know you went to school there!

  5. Big Mama says:

    There are many things I am not good at, but trash talking doesn’t fall in that category.
    My husband says that college football turns me into some sort of crazed person that he doesn’t recognize. I’m not proud, just being honest.

  6. Jenn says:

    Go Rutgers! (Jersey Girl at heart) That’s the extent of my sports trash talk’n. I usually root for the underdogs. I really don’t have a favortite team and just like the idea of the underdog getting ahead.

  7. Susanne~Living2Tell says:

    That’s funny! Was Hubby standing over your shoulder telling you what to type word for word in your trash talk section? I hate to burst his bubble but my daughter is rooting for Notre Dam so well, you know they are gonna win just because of that. :vD

  8. erin says:

    I am with you all the way!! I couldn’t trash talk if my life depended on it. I now reside in MS, but I grew up in AR. So, my loyalty lies with the hogs. My family is in LR and Fayetteville. I’ve said my share of prayers this season. Go HOGS!!!! I’ll be calling the hogs along with you!

  9. katherine says:

    I didn’t realize that you and BooMama were both SEC girls!! šŸ™‚ I grew up in the SEC – but left my orange roots in Tennessee to go to Alabama for college. So, I know a little something about rivalries! šŸ™‚
    Your husband cracks me up — my husband does the same thing after every game of every season (well, unless we’re playing like we are this year — the formula for getting Alabama in the national championship game would require a bit more than just a miracle this year!).
    Happy rivalry weekend everyone! (or next weekend for those of you in Mississippi).
    Roll Tide!

  10. Deanna says:

    I really enjoy getting in on all the trash talking especially when it surrounds the Auburn vs Alabama game. SHEESH people are crazy about that game. I’m sure others too but the bottom line is that I honestly just do not care who wins. So when the Ironbowl trash starts flying I usually jump on the side of whoever is losing and act like i really know what I’m talking about. It all comes to a screeching halt when I finally declare that Alabama is superior because Auburn’s colors are just UGly or that Auburn is better because their quarterback just looks like he’d be a nice guy
    kinda makes my husband crazy but it’s fun for me! šŸ™‚

  11. Kelly says:

    I’m a HUGE Razorback fan also (you can go to my blog and see pictures from last week’s game day!)
    I truly believe we will be in the national championship this year and I”m so excited I can hardly stand it!
    GO HOGS – beat cowbell state!

  12. Toblerone says:

    As someone who has a ton of family in Arkansas, and whose grandpa wears red cowboy boots with razorbacks etched in them, all I have to say is this – HOOK ‘EM HORNS!!! (I’m in Austin.)

  13. meredith says:

    I don’t know what kind of mean talk I can share. Coming from the CornHusker state, the biggest threat we had was husking someone. “Watch out or I’ll husk you”…not very mean šŸ™‚

  14. Mommy Dearest says:

    I’m from Fort Smith, and although I didn’t go to the U of A, many friends and some family did. My kids have grown up in Atlanta where there are lots of college and professional teams. I have tried to explain to them how the whole state of Arkansas pours their devotion into this one team (and the Cardinals, of course). I remember going to Razorback games when I was in high school; they were such an emotional high.

  15. Sheryl says:

    Sorry, BooMama, but your team is toast. And I’m not gonna be nearly as nice about it as Shannon … šŸ™‚

  16. Kim says:

    We are Razorback fans,too! Woo Pig Sooie! I went to the U of A for 2 years as a Kappa Kappa Gamma,then transferred and got married! Fayetteville is a gorgeous town! Love it there.

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