In The Category Of “Questions I’m Not Sure How To Answer”

Today my kindergartener asked me, "Mom, how do you spell the letter R?"

11 thoughts on “In The Category Of “Questions I’m Not Sure How To Answer”

  1. celina says:

    well i can help with that..a….r….r…..
    in french its e…..r……r…..r…..r….r…..r…..r.
    you gotta love kids..i had a tough time with that…especially with the letter b….she said bee..and on and on

  2. Shannon in Arizona says:

    i remember doing that with my mom but with the letter A. I would ask her how do you spell the word A. She would of course answer and I would argue no mom that is a letter I want the word A….like i want a ice cream…..

  3. Katrina says:

    Oh, that’s a good one. When my husband was young, he asked his dad how to spell the letter I. “Not ‘eye,’ Dad. I mean the LETTER ‘I.’ How do you spell it?” His dad became rather frustrated after about 15 minutes of that.

  4. mimi2six says:

    You may not believe this, but it’s really true. I once had a gifted/talented student ask me how to spell GT!

  5. blest says:

    And there is actually an answer to that question! R is spelled “ar” It really is. See what you learn when you memorize all the legal two letter Scrabble words? ;-p
    I love being a geek.

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