A Few Disjointed Thoughts About Daylight Savings Time

I know that someone invented that "Spring Forward, Fall Back" ditty to help us remember what direction our clocks go, but it has never worked for me.  I always have to look it up.  Because, I assure you, I am fully capable of springing back (as in, when I see a mouse on my patio), and falling forward (as in, when I try to put shoes like this on my ever-klutzy feet).  A more fail-safe slogan would be very helpful to me.  Any ideas?

But, slogan or not, this is surely one of my favorite times of the year.  Sunlight!  Beautiful sunlight!  It’s worth the arguing with the kids over how evil I am to send them to bed when it’s still daylight.  It’s worth the embarrassment this non-morning-person suffers, snoring in Sunday school that first morning of the time change.  It’s worth it all, for the extra sunniness that sends us all back outdoors, reacquainting ourselves the neighbors we missed during our four-month hibernation. 

So y’all get out there and enjoy the sun today.  I’ll be in the backyard with my kids, fighting off a nap and–oh, great day!–wearing capri pants.

27 thoughts on “A Few Disjointed Thoughts About Daylight Savings Time

  1. Merci says:

    Enjoy! I’m loving Spring, allergies and all, daylight savings time and all! But it’s pouring down rain here today so I will get that nap! (Of course Sunday naps are sacred, regardless the weather) but I’ll be thinking of you soaking up rays on my behalf. 😉

  2. Granny says:

    Well, I like the increased daylight part…but not being a morning person at this stage of my life, it’s very hard to drag myself out of bed while it’s still dark. I mean, REALLY hard! I feel justified in staying in bed until it become necessary either to stumble across the floor or pull the covers over my head to keep out the light. No light to keep out = no need to be up! So on balance, I’d choose to keep the schedule the way God originally had it 😉

  3. Janean says:

    Guess what I did? Set my clock ahead ONE DAY AHEAD OF TIME! So I showed up at work at 4am yesterday instead of 5am when I’m supposed to be here. I couldn’t BELIEVE I did that! What a ditz!! 😀
    And I’m sorry…I’m too tired to think of any other little dittys about Springing forward and falling back. Maybe another day!
    I haven’t been over to visit in awhile. I love the new flower look! AWESOME!

  4. Amy says:

    “Fall” and “back” both have four letters. Maybe that’ll help?
    I always use “Spring AHEAD, fall back.”

  5. Joyful Days says:

    Since it is in March this year can you “March forward?” And then with the military theme there “Fall back!” Pathetic, lame and pitiful, I know. But I am sleep deprived and sick, habbing a coad, and all. And NO ONE in this house would go to bed last night.

  6. jodi says:

    You may have a “fail safe” way to remember already! You like the sunshine, and in spring, you move the clocks ahead so the sunlight lasts longer in the evening!

  7. Elaine says:

    Just be thankful Shannon. I’m in Northern Ireland and we have to wait another 2 weeks before British Summer Time begins here!!
    Perhaps you could remind me then Starboard or Port!

  8. Robin says:

    Like Amy, we Spring AHEAD (it’s kinda difficult to “Fall ahead”, eh?).
    I have to say, though, my youngest is recovering from p-neumonia…and I wasn’t terribly upset NOT to be able to go to church this morning (I guess, especially because I hadn’t slept more than an hour or so the previous night b/c he was PITITFUL!). My husband was on call this w/e and had to go into work, so I let everyone sleep in.
    I always LOVE the extra hour in the fall, but the “loss” of one in the spring always causes me to go into a few days of jetlag; well worth the “cost”, though, because of the sun that stays out a bit longer ;).

  9. dcrmom says:

    Capri pants! I’m so jealous. Not quite capri weather here yet, but I do have a brand spankin’ new pair hanging in my closet for that first glorious capri-wearin’ day!

  10. Cheri says:

    Um, maybe think in Spring the flowers come UP so the time goes UP…in Fall the leaves fall down so the time goes down/back? I love DST with a pure and holy love too! Heh, we never really stop wearing capri pants here…it was like 88 yesterday or some such. The thing is while that is exciting to hear, for me it only indicates our hot summers are just around the bend. BUT I would so take it over cold weather a.n.y.d.a.y.

  11. Barbie says:

    I HATE the time change! I wish they would just pick a time and end it:-) I already need more hours in a day so I don’t appreciate losing one lol I do love spring and I am looking forward to my very first Oklahoma spring…if the itchy eyes and wheezing are any indication this one might be interesting;-)

  12. Mommy says:

    Every year I’m so thankful that we don’t “fall ahead”. I can handle losing the hour in the spring when I have such beautiful, rejuvinating weather to look forward to. And it just makes sense that we get to sleep an hour longer in the fall…you know, hibernation.

  13. Mrs. Pear says:

    well, when I fall, I need a do-over, so in fall I get an extra hour! Would that work? Of course that does not help us in the spring, but when I spring or leap before I look I tend to miss stuff and right now I am missing an hour (and I WANT IT BACK!)
    Actually, we are having record heat in Southern California today, and the first brush fire is already being reported, so I am thankful that the firefights have that extra say light, and that we had more cool this morning to enjoy!

  14. nspiredbyfaith says:

    Yeah capri pants!! We have been wearing them here for a week or so, some have even gone so far as to wear shorts! There is a blinding stark whiteness around here for sure! lol Maybe that’s why the days seem “brighter” all of the sudden?

  15. Chilihead says:

    Hmmm. A) Those shoes are adorable and I’d wear them even if it meant falling. B) It was sunny in Dallas, not so much here. 🙂 But I totally get what you mean! It’s going to be SUNNY!!

  16. An Ordinary Mom says:

    We love the sunshine! Woo-hoo! Only 10 more days until Spring.
    I actually always remember this slogan. What I can never get straight is Groundhog Day. What does it mean if it sees his shadow?!?

  17. Kara says:

    I hate daylight savings lol.I’m so tired, I need every precious hour of sleep, so to lose one is killing me today! But extra sun is very nice!

  18. Kathy of Tales of the HavinsNest says:

    ***I actually always remember this slogan. What I can never get straight is Groundhog Day. What does it mean if it sees his shadow?!?***
    If he sees his shadow he is frightened, hopes back into this hole and spring is delayed for 6 more weeks.
    I am old enough to remember all year DST in the 70’s during the Energy Crisis and walking to school in the dark each morning.
    But I love DST. I want to cocoon at home with a book when it is dark so I definitely get more accommplished during DST. I am one of the lucky souls who is not tired or gets that drugged feeling because of time changes. I wake up naturally when either 1) it gets light outside or 2) I’ve been asleep at least 7 hours, whichever comes first.

  19. Tamara Cosby says:

    Didn’t read everyone’s comments so not sure if this has already been said…but in the Spring, flowers grow up and in the Fall, flowers go down…:)

  20. Justpssingby says:

    I tried to think Spring Forward Fall Back = SFFB… and when I see SFFB I think SuFficientlyFlaBby… Can’t do SufficientlyFlabby with SBFF can you? Just a thought. I come from Singapore where there’s no such thing as Spring and Fall in the first place. 🙂

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