Fingers Crossed…and Toes and Eyeballs and Elbows

J0404952Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day of my court date for my wildy reckless 33-mph-in-a-25-mph-zone speeding ticket.  Truly?  I’m pretty nervous.  I’ve never done anything like this before, and my overly active imagination is producing visions of the judge deciding the TOMORROW is the day he’ll crack down on school-zone speeders and sentence me to 20 years in prison working in the–what else?–prison laundry room.

Thank you so much for all your advice on how to handle this.  I’ve decided not to fight it; I’m just going to be respectful, brief, apologetic, and I will ask him to take my spotless record into consideration.  Well, that, and pray like crazy that the police officer doesn’t show up–if THAT happens, the whole thing is thrown out the window.  Chilihead has ever so graciously offered to slash his tires tonight so that he can’t make it to court in the morning.  Because really, what are friends for?

The only thing I haven’t decided is what I should wear.  Should I go with the professional look–a suit and heels?  Or (as I’m inclined) go for the "mom look"–cute capri pants and a cardigan?  I’m thinking the latter says "I’m a PTA mom who normally drives safely so please look kindly upon me".  Your vote?

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39 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed…and Toes and Eyeballs and Elbows

  1. Stacey says:

    PTA mom – don’t forget a stylish, yet practical bag – it will communicate a lot of MOM-ness and safety, blah, blah, blah!!!
    Good luck!!

  2. An Iowa Mom says:

    I would go with the MOM look … not a professional look. That may say, “I’m always in a hurry to get from here to there!” LOL! Professional Moms … I don’t know how they do it! However, lately … being a WAHM/SAHM has really been kickin’ my butt!
    Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  3. the Butler's wife says:

    We attended an adoption proceding for some friends last summer. BEFORE we entered the courtroom we were instructed on proper behavior. If a cell phone rang we were in BIG trouble. It was about as “casual” as you can expect a courtroom to be. No one was in trouble and there was even an opportunity for picture taking – quickly – but it was highly professional. They told someone who was waiting for another hearing that they would not be allowed in because they were wearing shorts. And we live in the south which is about as casual as you can get. The realtor that sold us our house was in shorts everytime we met with him.
    Anyway, my vote is for the suit and heels. I think it is appreciated that you took the time, and showed respect. Good luck. It probably won’t be nearly as bad as you think. I mean, really, these judges really are used to dealing with bad guys. You will do fine. And we will pray.

  4. boomama says:

    Don’t worry about it, Shannon. You’ll be fine.
    And I will totally come visit you in the slammer.
    I’ll bring Wifi. It’ll be fun.

  5. kelli says:

    Cute capris and something low cut.
    And, I’m still offering that Get Out Of Jail Free cake. With file.
    Really- I’ll spring you and Boo!

  6. Emily says:

    I vote for the “nicely dressed Mom” look – khakis and a nice sweater. Capris might be a little too casual, but the business look seems sort of like you’re projecting a false image. Just be you – a nicely dressed mom. Who really does care about children crossing the street. 🙂

  7. Amy says:

    I vote for the khakis and a conservative top. Mom-ish, but nice… not sweats or ripped jeans. 😉
    Good luck!

  8. Diatribal says:

    If it were me(and it has been before),I would wear slacks with a nice twinset and closed-toe shoes. Don’t look too comfy, but don’t look too dressy. Make sure you are using a diaper bag as your purse! (A nice Vera quilted one would be best!!)
    You are not trying to impress the judge, but just make sure that you are not inappropriately dressed. Some might consider capri pants inappropriate for a courtroom, even traffic court. That being said, it does not mean that you won’t see all sorts of outfits on your trip through the halls of justice!
    Good luck! 🙂

  9. allison says:

    I’d go with the mom look, but like a lot of people have said, I’d wear slacks or a skirt rather than capris as some may consider them too casual. Someone said PTA mom on her way to church – that sounds good. Also, you’ll probably be more comfortable in mom clothes than business attire.
    Good luck, I’m sure everything will go fine!

  10. JanB says:

    Ok, as for me, here’s my vote for the outfit: A nice top and slacks with shoes that don’t say, “I have tons of cash and I spend it all on shoes”. Don’t look like a lady lawyer, don’t show legs or *ahem* cleavage. Lord forbid you get a woman judge.
    Clean, neat, smelling natural and sweet (no overwhelming attar of roses) and being 15 minutes early and no matter what. Make sure that you put LOTS of quarters in the parking meter so that you don’t get a ticket while you are in court!
    My mom was a traffic/small claims court judge and I worked as her secretary for years. You see a lot of people and sometimes the things that make the biggest impact are just real, genuine people who don’t smell, swear or lie in court.
    Did you get the name of that funeral that you pulled over for? Maybe you could ask someone from the funeral home to vouch for how sweet it was for you to yield to them. A witness is always good.
    I will be saying a prayer that it all works out on the side of right.

  11. Jenny Beth Walker says:

    I have had a couple of run ins with the law myself.
    One in 10th grade…my Bible study got busted for being out past curfew. We pleaded with the officer saying, “We’ve never even been to the principal’s office, let alone the police station.”
    The other incident was a couple of years ago…I was actually booked (it’s a long story, bottom line I did not take care of my ticket in time) and stripped of all my material possesions. I went with the tailored mom look and felt out of place with all the people around me in orange jumpsuits. It was the LONGEST 4 hours of my life. But it did save me over $200 in fines.
    Funniest part was my husband stayed home to keep our son. The whole ordeal took longer than anticipated, so he dropped my son off at the neighborhood play group and told the other moms I would be there shortly. When asked where I was he said, “Jail.” And promptly walked out the door.
    All that to say…I feel you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May the force be with you!
    Look forward to hearing the report!

  12. Kendra says:

    I’m voting for the PTA mom going to church look as well but I’m not sure it’s going to matter.
    My friend just had the same thing happen. She decided to fight it (she’s from California…those fiesty Californians lol). She went to court the first time and it wasn’t anything just a do you want to fight it or not? If not, then pay on your way out. When she said yes, they said are you sure? Is that your final answer?
    Then she had to go to court 2 more times before it was the actual judge where she got to say this is why I’m fighting it. I doubt it will matter. They’re probably just going to say here’s where you pay your fine.

  13. Sharon says:

    Not to cute and put together. He might think you could stand to give up a little of your pedicure money. We’ll pray he has a tender thought about mothers tomorrow morning. Who knows maybe he’ll think what a polite person you were for pulling over for the funeral procession. Whatever the case may be, we will go ahead and ask God for a little favor for you tomorrow.

  14. Blessed Beyond Measure says:

    When our middle daughter, who honestly drives like a little granny most of the time, got her only ticket, she went to court, and was honest. Said- I wasnt paying attention, I’m sorry. He said, perfect answer, and let her off. So hopefully that happens to you too. What to wear – mom outfit – he can relate to that. Everyone has a mom.

  15. Debbie says:

    No suit— He’ll think you are a lawyer, and nobody likes them, not even judges. (I can say that, I’m married to one and I make an exception for him) 😉 Good luck.
    Love your blog, always brings a smile.

  16. Kristi says:

    Dress to the nines…studies show that an attractive woman gets a lighter sentance than, well, the other kind of woman!! It has worked for me in the past!

  17. Donna says:

    Remember to breathe! (And pray before you walk in the courtroom)
    I would opt for a longish skirt, flats or low heels, and a nice sweater or casual jacket over a blouse. It shows that you took a little more time to dress respectfully.
    Good luck and I will pray for you!

  18. mcewen says:

    Hmm. Tricky one! If I were you, I would recommend clothes, any that are clean, or cleanish and try to have a shower first. If you manage that then I for one will be well impressed as you’ll be doing a darned sight better than I am.
    Best wishes and good luck

  19. Clemntine says:

    When I went to traffic court here in Oklahoma, the first date (the one on the ticket) was only to enter a plea. Since I plead “Not Guilty,” I was given a piece of paper and told when to come back for the non-jury trial. Then I went to the hospital and Pixie was born. That day. Before supper time.
    Slacks or skirt, lightweight sweater, closed-toe shoes. We call it Dressy Casual, or A Little Better Than Olive Garden, But Not Quite The Burgundy Room.
    Best of luck.

  20. Jenny D says:

    I vote for the PTA mom look! I hope that the judge will be gracious to you and as you’ve said, take your very clean driving record into account. Best wishes!

  21. peach says:

    Definitely the well-appointed, yet casually nonchalant mom look. You need to look put together, but carry it off like it was effortless. Take a picture and let us see how you looked once you’ve inhaled the sweet scent of success.

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