I Can’t Seem To Escape the Potty Humor

Yesterday a little five-year-old voice piped up from the backseat:  "Mom, is this your diarrhea?"

I beg your pardon?

"Is this your diarrhea?" the little voice repeated.  I looked in the rearview mirror to see Joseph holding up a little notebook that had fallen out of my purse.

"You mean my diary?" I asked, at which point there were gales of snorty laughter from the eight and nine year old in the back.

For the rest of the day they burst into spontaneous chuckles, and at my questioning glance they hooted, "WE’ RE LAUGHING AT MOM’S DIARRHEA!"

There’s not an ounce of dignity left. 

Not an ounce.

31 thoughts on “I Can’t Seem To Escape the Potty Humor

  1. Jeana says:

    Oh, my kids have done that! For the longest one of their favorite movies was Princess Diarrhea. So classy. So elegant.

  2. Angi says:

    ROFL!!! Sounds SO like something that would happen in my car. Although since the 4yo is oldest, it’d be Daddy laughing at me all day!! Gotta love ’em!

  3. Diatribal says:

    Are you kidding…I will just be happy when the kids actually start saying things like that, instead of their moron daddies and uncles. My husband and his brothers are great, but totally stuck in 3rd grade!

  4. Heather says:

    My three year old taught me a phonetics lesson the other day.
    He’d tooted quite loudly and I told him he smelled like gas. (After we got the requisite ‘pardon me.’)
    In a teasing voice he turned and said “No mama, you smell like A**.”
    Ack, apparently I have to work on my enunciation.

  5. Deena @ Junk in the Trunk says:

    They NEVER outgrow it…asked my 20 year old daughter to hand my my “wallet”…she heard “mullet”…still hasn’t stopped laughing at me…
    “You know Mom…business in the front, party in the purse!”

  6. Brett says:

    I was watching late night tv the other night. My six year old woke up and walked into the room. There was a commercial for one of the 800 chat lines with beautiful women everywhere waiting to chat. I didn’t know he was in the room until I heard “dad, you need that.” I turned around mortified, and said “what?” He said “Dad you need that. Call that number right now.” I said “Son, that is a not nice number to call.” He said “but dad, it will help you lose weight.” I guess he thought the women were selling some type of diet something or other. At least I hope.

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