Works For Me: The Birthday Edition

Today is Works-For-Me Wednesday: the Birthday Edition!

I’m a lover of all things birthday-related.  I love making fusses over the birthdays of my friends and family (and I love it when they make a fuss over mine, and yes indeedy that was a hint…)  Do you have any pointers for making birthdays special?  Time savers?  Money savers?  Please share it with Bloggityville!

I shared my biggest birthday tip a couple of weeks ago.  Additionally, to help me remember my friends’ and families’ birthdays, I do this:  when I write someone’s birthday on my calendar I ALSO write a reminder one week before, writing "So-and-so’s birthday next week".  This prompts me to get a card and/or gift and get it in the mail in time. 

It’s just a litte thing, but I’ve learned over the years that there’s nothing like have your birthday remembered to make you feel loved. 

Have a birthday tip you’d like to share? Please, add your link below.  (WFMW guidelines can be found here.) 

1. OW (party favors idea)
2. Jen (magical bday)
3. Jen (magical bday)
4. Jodi (Flower cake/allergy free)
5. An Ordinary Mom (letters)
6. Homeschool Mama (theme party ideas)
7. Jessica (skip the party)
8. The Pumkin Patch(Invitations)
9. Smockity Frocks (No Hassle Parties)
10. Emma (card box)
11. Military Mommy (You Are Special Day)
12. Neighbor Jane (ice cream cake)
13. Jen – Wilson-six (take home goodies)
14. NspiredByFaith
15. KD (Be a photographer)
16. Barbara H. (3 party themes)
17. Beth F. Low Fat Cake!
18. Carla (party alternatives)
19. Gayle (Stay Motivated While Dieting)
20. Our Side (Cakes, Cards, Crafts)
21. Robin (less germy birthdays)
22. Sarah Walston (Lego, American Girls)
23. Owlhaven (umm…sprucing your yard up for the party?)
24. Ashley (thank you postcards)
25. Liza\’s Eyeview
26. Mandy (keeping cards)
27. Melanie/Cake Delivery
28. NspiredByFaith(All day Bday)
29. Amberly (birthdays for older relatives)
30. Joo (limo party)
31. StuckInNI
32. Robin from Israel (frosting faces)
33. Pastormac\’s Ann (re-gifting)
34. ThoughtfulMom (Books and cupcakes)
35. Michelle (Hide money in cake)
36. Whymommy (Easy Kids Rooms)
37. Trixie @ Farm Home LIfe (Easy Ice Cream Cake
38. Elizabeth (Remembering Birthdays)
39. oh amanda (memorable gift)
40. Mama Says (Park party/party under $40)
41. Song of the Sagebrush (Buried Treasure Cake)
42. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings (card buying tip)
43. Pass the Torch (frost own cupcakes)
44. Carrie J (Activity)
45. Mama Duck (collection of party ideas)
46. Elizabeth (party invitations)
47. Jessica (Cupcakes/Gift opening)
48. jen (small parties & a bonus)
49. Melanie (3 special cakes)
50. Jan B (saving on paper products)
51. Alli (making opening presents special for kids)
52. Carol (staggered parties)
53. Kim (*great gift idea!*)
54. Elena (better than a birthday gift)!
55. Viscountess(Creative Gift Idea)
56. Heather L. (party at home)
57. Amy (preschooler thank-you notes)
58. Owlhaven (the RIGHT link this time!!)
59. Heather(Thank you cards)
60. SeaBird (Gift Ideas for Toddlers)
61. Amy W (A Whole special DAY)
62. Gina (Pre/Teen Parties)
63. Merci (40th birthday)
64. Karen (ice cream, treat bag alternative)
65. Vida (making inconvenient birthdays special)
66. Shayna art party
67. A Dusty Frame (special plate, & ideas)
68. Lady Why (Baking Birthday Party!)
69. Kris (Fri 13th Teen Party)
70. The Cheerio Queen (frugal and self cleaning gifts!)
71. Karen (new!)
72. My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving(fear factor party)
73. Stacy (Birthday Notebooks)
74. Mrs Pear (Secret Birthday Box)
75. Rona – BerryMorins Bits and Tips
76. Angelena ( Birthday traditional dinners)
77. Liza – (Diet Coke&Mentos;Gym)
78. Irene(12 Birthday Ideas article))
79. Jenny (cake decorating made easy!)
80. My Chronic Pain – Visa/American Gift Cards for Teens
81. Jill (Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes)
82. GiBee (2 cupcake dilemmas solved)
83. Brian (Chuck E. Cheese)
84. Kara (keep it simple)
85. Amy (No-stress Present Opening)
86. KimC (better than cake)
87. liz (Monkey Kisses) *ideas
88. Liz(Monkey Kisses) (right link)
89. NerdMom (No stress yet very special birthdays)
90. J. Fergie (Fruit Loop Jewelry Favors)
91. Nancy (the perfect card!)
92. jenn (simple tradtitions)
93. Mrs. Bick
94. KimC (better than cake)
95. Crystal
96. Crystal(dairy-free birthday cake)
97. Lisa @ Everday Adventures(Birthday collages)
98. Debby K. (Birthday Theme)
99. MemeGRL (leave school for lunch!)
100. Mary Jo (baking birthday gifts)
101. Amy (Cake & Ice Cream)
102. Sincerely Anna (toys to play with at the party)
103. Rugrats and Dirty Rugs
104. Jen (KEEP IT SIMPLE!)
105. Shelby~(Keep it simple/ incorporating home videos)
106. Kathleen Marie
107. Kristi (Photo Poster)
108. Mrs. X (shipping gifts)
109. Ang (remembering who gave what)
110. Daily Castle (fun cakes)
111. Emily (party at the park)
112. Anne (cakes and guests)
113. Mom in Action (wake up surprise)
114. JennyR (kiddie & adult party ideas)
115. Shelly (thrifty gift idea)
116. A Juggling Mum (Pretend Sleepovers)
117. Jaime (Cheap/Special ideas)
118. Cade
119. madridmom (birthday book)
120. Annette
122. Amblin (Hot dog theme? Need Help!)
123. noodle (distributing treat bags)
124. Totallyscrappy
125. Classic Mama
126. Mom 2 Mom (Weekday parties)
127. Fabulous..Mommy..Fussypants

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36 thoughts on “Works For Me: The Birthday Edition

  1. Overwhelmed! says:

    I do this…only I set myself a reminder on my Outlook calendar a week before the birthday. It gives me time to get a card made and a present in the mail. 🙂
    Umm…just to let you know, all the links from last week are showing up on the beginning of this post. Are they supposed to?

  2. jodi says:

    OOPS, I was wondering how so many people linked so quickly! I accidently added my WFMW link to the wrong list at first (not sure if you can delete that or not, just wanted ya to know)!

  3. Jessica Snell says:

    I like the “one week before idea”. Getting cards around your birthday sure makes checking the mail fun.
    and that reminds me that my sister-in-law’s birthday is in a week. Thanks!
    peace of Christ to you,

  4. Barbara H. says:

    I write birthdays on the calendar but need to do the reminder, too — not for my husband and kids, but for extended family. The ones at the beginning of the month are easy to miss til we turn the calendar page.

  5. jodi says:

    Owlhaven’s link is linking back to the WFMW post…and I really, really was interested!! :D:D

  6. Liza says:

    Oppss… I forgot to put the title of the post again. Sorry…
    This is fun. We’ll get a lot of ideas for the next birthday parties 🙂

  7. Joo says:

    Thanks! I’ll admit to eagerly opening the mailbox on my birthday, greedy for something 5 x 7 and colorful!

  8. amanda says:

    Yay! My first WFMW! I stayed up until 12 last night waiting for you to post yours–then I remembered your on CENTRAL TIME! Oh, well! 😉

  9. jen says:

    Me too, me too – I couldn’t make it without my reminders & not just for birthdays but for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day and all the other gift buying/card sending holidays!

  10. Carol says:

    Great tip! I enter the reminders in my computer calendar. Just in case I forget to look at the paper one. Big help!

  11. Heather L. says:

    I do the one week before thing with Yahoo reminders. I get an email one week before the birthday or anniversary.
    Thanks for hosting!

  12. Merci says:

    I did the same thing that “Overwhelmed” did – linked to the wrong WFMW list – but it’s the post that first came up when I clicked Rocks .. I’m so confused! 🙂 I was wondering why all the tips weren’t birthday related LOL! I think I’ve got it now. And I think I need more coffee.

  13. Karen says:

    I have a birthday book someone got for me and I go through it once a month and get all the cards ready (I’m a freak – I always have lots of extra cards on hand) and then put them on the front of my fridge to be mailed out.
    And I’m sorry that I can’t seem to remember to put the actual link to my POST in Mr. Linky…I am so used to just typing in the web address, I forget to get specific. It should be at the top for today. I’ll try to remember next time…sigh.

  14. Karen says:

    Forgot to leave the title of my post – sorry! This was my first WFMW. I’m so excited to be taking part that I left it out. Love your site!

  15. Karen says:

    Forgot to leave the title of my post – sorry! This was my first WFMW. I’m so excited to be taking part that I left it out. Love your site!

  16. Mrs. Pear says:

    I do almost the same thing!
    I use the calendar on my computer and put the reminder to pop up the appropriate amount of time before. We live in Southern California, and our families live in Canada, I have to be almost 3 weeks to a month ahead of time mailing packages! Definitely need help.

  17. GiBee says:

    I posted my tips, but I also found a carb-free cupcake recipe that I put at the bottom of my post.
    I haven’t tried it yet, but you can bet I will this weekend!!!

  18. mcewen says:

    A week! Only a week? You’re doing better than I am dearie, I need at least a month, especially if you take the ‘international mail’ into account.

  19. Shalee says:

    Hmmm… I find that this b-day edition is most excellently timed. I’ll send it to Mr. Right for his use – oh sometime this week!

  20. jenn says:

    this is my first works for me wednesday and i am so excited at all the new ideas everyone has. the extra reminder note a week ahead is a fabulous idea! definitely one that i will use – thanks for sharing!

  21. Melessa says:

    Today was my actual birthday, so I pretended today’s WFMW was all done in honor of that day. I know it really wasn’t, but you’ve gotta humor a gal on the day she turns 35!

  22. Heather says:

    Oops … I missed reading about this coming up. So I’m late for the PARTY about PARTIES!
    My tip is about why I like hosting my kids’ parties on weekdays. It’s just so much easier (it also helps that my husband has a flexible work schedule).
    With five kids, we do a LOT of birthday parties — but we try to keep things simple, and focus on the people, not the stuff. 🙂

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