Works For Me: The “Mom, I’m Bored!” Edition

WfmwheaderIt’s here!  SUMMER!  Beach towels, sandboxes, sprinkler play…and more than a few complaints of "Mom, I’m bored!" from the peanut gallery. 

This week I invite you to post your ideas for helping kids come up with healthy and creative ways to spend the happy days of summer.  Leave your links below!

As for the Dryer family, we’ve developed a few ideas to ward off the summer blahs. 

At the beginning of each summer, I sit down with the kids and make a list of every possible thing they could do.  Everything.  Every toy, every board game, every make-believe play is listed separately.  Then I post the list in a central location.  When I can tell they’re getting restless, I send them to list.  Works like a charm.

If it doesn’t, I remind them that if they can’t find something to occupy their time, I will pull from Mom’s List Of Horrible Chores for them to do.  That one really does work like a charm.

One of the funniest little games the boys have developed recently–on their own!–is a gargling contest.  They go out in the backyard with a tall glass of water and work on who can gargle the longest, the silliest, the loudest, etc.  You wouldn’t believe how long they’d spend on this.  Since no one has drowned so far, I’m considering this a success.

Give us your ideas!  Works-For-Me Wednesday guidelines can be found here.

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2. Mandy Houk (getting wiggly kids to read)
3. An Ordinary Mom (preventing summer boredom)
4. Many Little Blessings (Family Reading)
5. Sincerely Anna (What Not to Do!)
6. Barbara H. (Summer activities)
7. OW (healthy eating- the plate method)
8. Kelly (Magnetic Letters in the Car)
9. Lynnae (activity sticks)
10. Stuck In North Idaho (a list)
11. Ashley (simple idea)
12. Ogle4 (list)
13. An Iowa Mom (Treasure Hunt)
14. Whymommy (in the garden)
15. Owlhaven (Here, froggy, froggy, froggy!)
16. Ellen B. ~ Calgon take me away
17. Dawn (Memberships)
18. Totallyscrappy (treasure hunts)
19. Blackeyedsue (Summer Stain Removal)
20. Joyful Days (flexibile routine)
21. Pass the Torch (TRAVEL)
22. Jennifer (mom\’s work paying off)
23. Michelle at Scribbit (construct a castle)
24. Summer (turn off the TV)
25. Robin (let \’em run)
26. MamaToo (sunscreen spelling bee)
27. Our Side (dress success)
28. Jane Throw Humpty…
29. Pastormac’s Ann (free movies)
30. Amy Jane (What is Boredom?)
31. Liza\’s Eyeview (Mother\’s Manual For Summer Survival)
32. Mummymac (Delegate daddy)
33. MrsX (fun eXperts)
34. A Juggling Mum (Foam Shapes)
35. Trixie @ Farm Home Life (10 Time Tested Tips)
36. Michelle (Variety of ideas)
37. Stephanie (ending it)
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43. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings
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46. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings (Busy Books series)
47. Shelly (water)
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49. Sue G. (Sidewalk Paint)
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57. Just In Case – The busy box and shelf
58. Kathy (pop up tents)
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64. MonkeyKisses (waterfun!)
65. Tiffany (ideas for 1yr old)
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67. Karen (zoo membership)
68. Green Thumn Lady
69. Cammie (camping)
70. Mel
71. Melissa Wiley (toddler nose-blowing)
72. Toni (Free Stuff 4 Kids)
73. Janel (anti-boredom life)
74. Kathleen Marie (Country Doctor Handbook, Eggs…)
75. Mom in Action (Mommy Store)
76. green3 (family baseball)
77. JavaMama
78. Amyswandering(ice cream in a bag)
79. Thoughtfulmom
80. Clemntine (Summer Traditions- Some Work, Some Play)
81. Jennifer (library reading programs)
82. Connie
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84. Karen L (beat it with books)
85. GP in Montana
86. chilihead (change it up)
87. Family Quilt (summer serving)
88. Carrie J ( older kids)
89. Alexandra(cooking potatoes)
90. Stacey (preschooler tips)
91. Mira (whole grain breakfast)
92. Spice
93. Pieces (pulling grass)
94. Semicolon (June Is)
95. ChoosingHome (crafts/pen-pals)
96. Kara (contests)
97. Mrs Pear (water table bubbles)
98. Darcy (Homemade Playdough Recipe)
99. Amy W (activities & work lists)
100. jen (keep it going)
101. Shelly(cheap entertainment)
102. Heather L(summer car essentials)
103. The Estrogen Files (varied)
104. ABC (Six Variations on Hide and Seek)
105. Liz (old new toys)
106. Cherie (summer movie matinees)
107. Melissa (Spreading out the Fun and Toy Rotation)
108. Kim – Fun at the Spray Park
109. Shirley (watermelon popsicle fun)
110. Christine (cookies and firemen – w00t!)
111. Christine (Two from Mom of Five)
112. Joo (Barnyard Animal Karaoke)
113. Sandy(ice fun, reading fun etc)
114. Connie (letterboxing)
115. Tracy (candles)
116. fruit basket
117. Liza (for Family with kids with Learning Difference)
118. lindsay g
119. Get Into Academy

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28 thoughts on “Works For Me: The “Mom, I’m Bored!” Edition

  1. Mandy says:

    I can’t wait to read everyone’s tips, because my girls are having a rough time already! Seems like all their friends’ grandmothers decided to visit at the same time, so nobody has time to play.
    I’ll have to tell them about the gargling thing, Shannon-sounds fun!

  2. Barbara H. says:

    I use the “If you can’t find something to do, I have some jobs you could work on” too. πŸ™‚ Somehow they’re never interested….

  3. An Iowa Mom says:

    I so can’t wait to get all the tips from this week’s I’m Bored Edition. What a great idea!!!
    I’m all over finding fun things to help create the wonderful summertime childhood memories all kids deserve to have. πŸ™‚
    Love the gargling thing … I know my boys would have a blast with that … or should I say they WILL have a blast with that.
    Have a great summer!

  4. Jill says:

    Pretty sure I posted mine too late, but thanks for the great ideas. Looking forward to participating each week.

  5. Clemntine says:

    We were usually flat broke, so my mom came up with a summer-full of worthwhile and fun activities that cost little or nothing to do – and a few that actually earned us a little here and there!

  6. Maine Mom says:

    Thank you for this Works for Me summer edition. Your idea is great! And I will have all the other ideas to refer to throughout the summer πŸ™‚

  7. Joyful Days says:

    Gargling–lots of possible gross noises. Plenty of mess potential. Really goofy. Plus if they learn how it is helpful if they are ill and need to do salt water gargles. Sounds like a winner to me!!! I will have to suggest that.
    I have the work list for a boredom buster too.
    As always, thanks for hosting.

  8. Spice says:

    I LOVE your ideas!!! I’m going to have to keep a list of everyones I read. Mine is kind of along the same lines with playing, etc. only using those admit-one tickets.

  9. MrsX says:

    I’ve heard of burping contests, but never gargling, LOL! Kudos for such creativity. I’ll have to add this to my repertoire of “if all else fails…just add water” fun. ThanX for hosting another great WFMW. πŸ™‚

  10. ABC says:

    These are all great… I’ll have to save them for when our Love Bug (and hopefully future children) get bigger! Thanks again for doing this. I love WFMW!

  11. Ann Kroeker says:

    Gargling! Love it! Someone earlier commented that it must be a boy thing…well, I think my girls will LOVE this suggestion. Should I be ashamed at their uncouth upbringing?

  12. Joo says:

    Great idea – I’ll try to remember the lists when the time comes for our little one. I think my husbnad and I would like the gargling contest ourselves!

  13. Sandy says:

    Great idea!! I will need to check out everyone’s list.
    I am a teacher, and trust me my “teacher brain” is always on the prowl for fun ideas. I also just posted a ton of fun ideas. Beware thou they sneak in learning, but don’t worry the kids will never know, they will be having so much fun!!

  14. Tom says:

    I am a dad, and also a teacher, who gets to stay home for the summer with my 2 girls, 6 and 3. In looking through the links above, most (if not all) seem to be written and added by moms. As a dad, I just wanted to say that I have taken tons of great ideas from the list, and I plan to implement a bunch of them soon, and hopefully my girls will have a super-fun summer. Thanks a ton!

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