Statistically Speaking

Thank you to those of you who participated in my blog reader survey a few weeks ago.  Enough of you participated that I think the results are probably a decent cross-section of the readership here.  Today, the final statistics are in.  While there’s probably some very sophisticated, techie method for deciphering these statistics, I’m pretty sure it involves math

So count me out.

Instead, I just pulled out some of the stats that I found the most interesting to share with you.  Because I’m sure that none of you would’ve been able to sleep tonight unless you knew precisely how many readers of Rocks In My Dryer regularly floss their teeth, right?

(Incidentally, 49% of you do.  I floss regularly, too–I regularly floss 30 minutes before I go to the dentist.  Heh.)

On to the statistics…

Movies and TV
The TV shows you the most of you watch regularly are Oprah, American Idol, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, House, and What Not To Wear.  You will notice that Lost was not among your most-watched shows, a fact that has injured me deeply but I’ve decided to forgive you. 

80% of you rarely see movies in the theater (which made me feel much better about my own cinematic un-coolness).  55% of you prefer comedies; 22% prefer dramas.  Too bad they didn’t offer "chick flicks" as a category, because we probably would’ve taken the cake on that one.  I can say that with confidence, because…

…a whopping 98% of you are female.  No big shocker there, that the men of America aren’t lining up to read about maxi pads and hair bows.  The two most-driven brands of cars are Ford (15%) and Toyota (13.7%).  Only 15% of you live in urban areas; the majority of you (52%) live in the suburbs.  46% of you have four or five family members in your household (4% of you have eight or more!)  Also 46% of you are college graduates.  The most-represented careers were homemaker (48%), educator (9%) and administrative assistant (6%).

Blogging Habits
72% of you have your own blogs, and 58% of you use Blogger.  38% of you read between 11 and 25 blogs daily.  One percent of you read between 100 and 200!  83% of you leave comments at the blogs you visit (which means that 17% of you do not, shame, shame).  A whopping 87% of you say you read blogs primarily for humor–good night, girlfriends, no pressure there (quick! Say something funny, Shannon!).  Not surprisingly, the majority of you (68%) starting reading blogs of any sort in 2005 or 2006.  But a very techie 1% of you have been reading blogs since 1997.  What were you reading them on, stone tablets?

Here’s how things divided out:
Republican (58%)
Independent (15%)
Democrat (14%)
Other (6%)
Libertarian (3%)
Green (1%)
Apolitical (3%)

Nearly half of you (47%) had written or called a politician within the last year.  Good girls!

I was pleased to see that every religious denomination/belief system categorized was represented to at least some degree.  The five most common ones were:
Baptist (35%)
Presbyterian (15%)
Pentecostal (9%)
Mormon/LDS (8%)
Catholic (8%)

4% of you consider yourself either atheist or agnostic, and while you must think I’m a Sunday-school-loving cheeseball, may I just say that I’m really glad you’re here?

The Random Stuff That Didn’t Fit In Any Other Category
I was shocked–shocked–to learn that 26% of you have not been to a Wal Mart in the last month.  To which I must ask, are you being held hostage in your basement?  Because that is the only thing that would keep me from my Wal Mart.

Only 7% of you don’t use a cell phone, and 14% of you believe in UFOs.  80% of you eat breakfast every day, and 47% of you are tee-totalers–no alcohol ever.  Nearly half of you (45%) have a current passport.  Three percent of you send over 300 e-mails a week.  Just over half of you (51%) shop on Ebay, and a very hip 43% of you have MySpace or Facebook pages. 


My word, that was an exhausting post to write.  I’m going cross-eyed from all the numbers.  I’ll probably be stuck talking in "statistics" all day today:  "Stop hitting your brother or I’m 94% likely to come upstairs and ground you for 37% of the rest of the summer…"

Anyway, thanks for playing along.

33 thoughts on “Statistically Speaking

  1. Rebecca says:

    Well. This paragraph in particular:
    The two most-driven brands of cars are Ford (15%) and Toyota (13.7%). Only 15% of you live in urban areas; the majority of you (52%) live in the suburbs. 46% of you have four or five family members in your household (4% of you have eight or more!) Also 46% of you are college graduates. The most-represented careers were homemaker (48%), educator (9%) and administrative assistant (6%).
    I drive a Ford, but a British one, hee. I had a college degree. And I’m an Administrative Assistant (I’m also an Events Co-ordinator, but I don’t think it gave me the option for that).
    I’m an agnostic, but it’s precisely BECAUSE you are such a Sunday school loving cheese ball that I read you πŸ˜‰ I think I’ve said before but I like reading different view points. I think it’s healthy.
    Oh, and I’m one of your 3% Libertarians, too πŸ˜‰

  2. Diane says:

    Well we are an interesting group of bloggers, aren’t we!
    What an interesting survey.
    I’m off to Target (not a Walmart nearby my suburban home!) to buy the series LOST….so as never to injure you again!!!

  3. Kathy/ Lessons from the Laundry says:

    Okay…with statistics like those you should be receiving calls from every political candidate who can’t figure out how the heck to reach women and at least a couple sad movie producers.
    I’m also shocked about the Wal-Mart statistics…must be the urban dwellers. And let me just say I’m glad I’m not one of the tea-totalers.

  4. Penny G says:

    I always find stats like that interesting. I’m one of the ‘bad’ ones that didn’t take the survey and that rarely comments on blogs. πŸ™‚ I will say I get an extra kick out of reading your blog now that I know you are a ‘neighbor’ or sorts. (I saw the article about you in the local paper a few weeks ago!)

  5. trina says:

    How did I miss this survey?! I read your blog everyday! Unless I was on vacation at the time (mid-May), I really don’t know how I missed this…

  6. trina says:

    Oh and I shop at Wal-Mart for emergencies only. Publix is my fav store and I buy most of my clothes/shoes online, including ebay. And I DO have a myspace page and LOST is my FAVORITE SHOW EVER!
    Thanks for sharing the stats, wish I could have contributed!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Sorry I missed the survey. I am a total LOST fan so there ya go, you’re not alone. Those are some interesting stats. I’ll be sure to take part next time.

  8. jaime says:

    i never go to walmart just cause i canNOT stand it!!! always crowded, parking lot is poorly laid out, never enough cashiers… and there are 2 Targets that are closer. πŸ˜‰

  9. T with Honey says:

    I’ll come clean. I’m part of the “very techie 1% of you have been reading blogs since 1997” Back then I was a computer science major in college. We used the Mosaic and Netscape web browsers and my friends would update their own handwritten web sites with their “blog” material. But those early browser versions seem a lot like stone tablets compared to today’s web capabilities.

  10. JustRandi says:

    As a brand new daily reader of your blog, I’d like to say thanks for the stats and sorry I missed the survey! I guess it really spoke for me, though, as a republican who spends my time on my blogger site, or watching CSI from my suburban home while not drinking because I am LDS!

  11. Jane says:

    Fun stats! Just so you know, in LA, the only Wal Mart is deep in the ‘hood. I teach there so I have been there but I found it REALLY dirty and small to boot. You can bet that I am at my local Target on a regular basis. Just so that you don’t worry that I am tied up in the basement!

  12. crystal says:

    I had to comment about Wal Mart too. Us West Coasters haven’t had it engrained into our psyche. Dare I say the closest one is about 25 minutes away w/o traffic? And its not in the nicest part of town.
    Ditto about the Target (and Fred Meyer here in the NW)

  13. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings says:

    As for the Walmart question…I’m honoring DaHubby’s request to not shop there. LOL There are things not worth fighting him on and this is one! *wink* And, ours isn’t a particularly nice one anyway…disorganized, dirty, often understocked, etc. Can’t miss what you never had! LOL

  14. dcrmom says:

    I love how you made reciting statistics entertaining! But I think I’m cross-eyed too. Very interesting information.

  15. Becky says:

    /soapbox on
    Hate hate hate WalMart. Won’t shop there if I can POSSIBLY avoid it. The people who own WalMart are horrid to their suppliers and their staff. People shouldn’t be able to make money treating their own people like that.
    /soapbox off.

  16. ZOOM says:

    I guess my fellow Methodist sisters were too busy drinking, shopping at Target and watching LOST to respond to the survey! Loved it!

  17. GC says:

    haven’t visited in a while and didn’t take the survey but want to say there’s no Walmart near me and also that store makes me uncomfortable

  18. Rebecca says:

    I wish I had had enough people participate in my survey to do a blog like this. It’s awesome. I’m one of you 9% Pentecostals and 43% Facebook AND MySpace users.

  19. Angela says:

    What a fun post! I am 99.9% sure I missed your survey, but could see myself in many of the stats. Blogs in ’97? Isn’t that before Al Gore invented the internet???

  20. Deena says:

    I just love you!
    And the survey was fun, although I don’t remember answering all those questions…I know I did…but it slipped my mind somehow LOL!!

  21. tiffany says:

    I just showed up at this blog today, but was thrilled to read these stats… Fun! I had no idea there were so many republican bloggers. I thought I was one of like.. 3. I didn’t know there were so many others who don’t go to the movies??? Me neither… to loud, too dirty.. to expensive.
    Just as you were wondering why people aren’t going to Walmart, I was wondering why people don’t shop Ebay? I must truly be weird on the TV show though because the only show I almost never miss is 60 Minutes, but I was either born a geezer or Mike Wallace is just my kinda reporter πŸ˜‰

  22. mamabright says:

    very interesting…thanks for sharing!!! I love your blog!
    I was tagged this week for a meme of 8 facts/habits about myself…and now I’m tagging you…
    and…I’d love for you to take a few minutes to stop by and check out my blog…
    blessings, amy πŸ™‚

  23. katherine says:

    I meant to comment about this when the survey was first posted, but forgot — but I thought it was strange, VERY strange that the religion category listed wicken and agnostic, but not protestant! I’m one of those, you know, Christian people who goes to a church that’s not Baptist or Methodist, but definitely not evangelical or pentecostal either. Just thought that was really funny. So I think I left that one blank. πŸ™‚
    Also, about Wal-Mart. I would like to say that the only reason I don’t shop there is because I have serious moral/ethical issues with that corporation. But, the ones here in Metro DC are horrible places to shop anyway.

  24. Deborah says:

    I live in Chicago and there’s only one WalMart in city limits. I hardly ever go there. And I couldn’t find a religion that fit me on the list, so I just picked Baptist. I attend an Evangelical Free Church.

  25. Karen Watkins says:

    Similar to other comments, in the suburban Philly area I have to drive over 30 minutes to get to Walmart, and then they don’t have groceries anyway. So I stick to BJs/Aldi/farmers market with an occasional Target run. But I loved the Super Walmarts when I lived in the south!

  26. Kelly says:

    My hubby and I read this post together. He always questions why I typically laugh hysterically while reading your blog. This post was the perfect example for him to read. He was laughing so hard there was a 97% chance he was going to wake our sleeping children (disaster averted, thank goodness)! Thanks so much for brightening our day!

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