3 thoughts on “Sunday Linkage #5

  1. Diatribal says:

    Dang. I could have used the Wii Tracker back a few months ago. I kept calling all of the gamer stores around here…incessantly.
    Cool links!

  2. Jenny in Ca says:

    it is really silly, we just decided a month or two ago to get a wii, we thought since it had been out for months that it wouldn’t be hard to find anymore..ha! Here is So. Ca (Orange County) they seem to always be out. Husband happened to ask at Target one day and was told they had some in back, but couldn’t bring them out till the next morning, and that they would sell out the first 15 minutes. And there would probably be a line..you are right, that is too much work for a toy!!
    Husband happened to be in Western Washington State a week ago, and found them to be plentiful..so he brought home one in his suitcase.
    neat site idea, you can find almost anything on the ‘net’.

  3. Melinda says:

    That photo essay, “What the World Eats” is really very interesting. My heart about broke for the family in Chad, and for the one in Ecuador. I also find it interesting the amount of “convience” foods we eat here in the US. And did you notice that in almost every single photo was some form of soda, usually Coke?

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