The Blake-Boy

I don’t mind at all that my eight-year-old son has a bit of an obsession with Blake Lewis.  We watched American Idol together this past season, and we agreed together that Blake, in addition to being utterly cool, seems like a genuinely good and honorable guy. 

I didn’t mind at all that, on the last day of school, Stephen spiked up his hair like Blake’s, and he put together a grungy, t-shirt look.  I actually thought he looked pretty cute. 

I haven’t minded Stephen’s new Blake-inspired fascination with beat-boxing.  We’ve had a good time looking up examples together on YouTube, and listening to Stephen teach himself this ever-so-useful (!) life skill has been fun.   Noisy, but fun.

No, I haven’t minded any of it.  I’ve been the super-cool mom about this whole thing.   Until I heard him beat-boxing "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing" in church last week. 

Really, a mom’s got to draw the line somewhere. 

41 thoughts on “The Blake-Boy

  1. Jill says:

    I actually see a big hole in the Christian music market right now…albums with beatboxed hymns. Maybe he has a bright future in the industry

  2. dcrmom says:

    My favorite hymn. Desecrated with beat boxing! AAAGH!! Be careful, it could be the next big evangelical fad. 😉 And we’ll owe it all to you! 😉 😉

  3. Princess Leia says:

    Personally, I would be proud that my young son had the creativity to do this. For one thing, it shows his appreciation for and knowledge of hymns (which is rare in children in these days of ‘contemporary worship’), but also, he’s doing nothing less than what Martin Luther did in his day with “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” That tune is (or at least was) shared with a German drinking song.
    Keep encouraging him to worship God in a way that speaks to him (which is “Blake-y” right now). Chances are, he’ll grow out of the beatboxing…but he will have learned the lesson that true worship isn’t a _music_ style, it’s a _life_ style that is focused on bringing glory to God.

  4. oh amanda says:

    Hey, it’s better than any number of songs he could have been beat-boxing! Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks–look what came out of his!! Who cares the style?! 🙂

  5. T with Honey says:

    Good for him! At least he was participating at church, unlike many of my relatives that will pull out guitars and sing around the campfire but are strangely mute at church.

  6. Arlene says:

    I think that’s awesome! 🙂 My 10 yr old daughter is a big Blake fan too. She hasn’t tried to spike her hair up or go grunge on me, but she does go around the house beat-boxing. LOL!
    I don’t know what others in your church would think of Stephen beat-boxing a hymn if they heard him, but I bet God loved every minute of it! JMO (just my opinion) of course! ; )

  7. bee says:

    Naw, let him go for it! You’d hate to repress him now, just to have him go all-out-tent-revival-beat-boxing-preacher-man who sets up his beat up van, ever-screeching PA, and his “honk if you love Jesus” signs in front of the Walmart, now wouldn’t you??!! 🙂

  8. Shalee says:

    Oh, I’d let him run with it. The notes aren’t in the Bible, so it’s just tradition your fighting here, not your boy. And it’s the words you want him to cherish more than the notes…
    But that’s just me. 🙂

  9. MorningSong says:

    Well, kids always seem to display their new achievements when you least like it. Then when you want them to perform… they get stage fright! haha Sounds like the classic kids bringing the unexpected at the wrong time.
    I have to ask – was he in rhythm with the song? haha

  10. jen says:

    My seven yr old is exactly the same way. Only he hasn’t made it to the hymns yet…he’s still working on the newer praise and worship stuff. Curves has a soundtrack that has praise and worship on it. It’s kinda’ cool until you feel like you’re excercising to the dance mix version of “I love you, Lord”.

  11. GiBee says:

    Hmmmm … I’m not so sure I agree … because you see … the Word is still getting into his little heart and brain, and if beatboxing will cause him to remember better, then … GO BEATBOXING!!!
    After all, God made music, he made our hands, moth, vocal chords, and he made them to glorify him — and if we can squeeze out room for Christian rap, rock, gospel, country, etc… then, I know for one, I can squeeze a bit of room in for beatboxing!
    Go, Steph-a-boom-badda-chica-chica-bing-ba-dadada-boom-ba-phen!

  12. MamaToo says:

    I love it! You really are racking up “cool mom” points this summer. And, it’s great that he figured out how to engage such a beautiful hymn in a way that sticks in his brain!

  13. qtpies7 says:

    I agree with Beth, I want to hear him beat boxing it, and then want to hear hymns in Klingon! Oh my goodness that would be funny!!!

  14. Paige says:

    Come thou fount is such a wonderful song (one of my favs) and I don’t even think beat boxing could mess it up. How did he sound? Upbeat, if not a little irreverent?

  15. Robin says:

    People weren’t sure of Blake beat-boxing Bon Jovi either…& look! It is/was a TOTAL HIT!
    I wouldn’t mind a little listen of that ‘hymn’! LOL

  16. Cindy Swanson says:

    USA Today has an article today about the Idol finalists’ first concert. It sounded like great fun. I actually liked Blake and thought his Bon Jovi cover was great!

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