10 thoughts on “Sunday Linkage #7

  1. Kelly at Love Well says:

    Great links, Shannon. Thanks.
    I love Peggy Noonan. She’s sharp and eloquent and usually spot-on.
    And the Urban Semiotic article is probably right as well. It makes me wonder if many of our blogs should simply disappear? So much of what we write is about our children, and in today’s day and age, I can’t imagine sharing a story without illustrating it. Where’s the fun in that?
    But the warning stands.

  2. Jackie says:

    I agree that it is fun to include pictures of our children to illustrate our stories, however, I have decided to make a more conscious effort to let my words “illustrate” the story and refrain from using actual photos of my boys. Thanks for the interesting links today!

  3. margalit says:

    I think that article is, well, paranoid at best, and sort of delusional at worst. My kids are teenagers. Since before they were born, I’ve been active on the internet. I’ve posted pictures of my kids and wrote about them (not using my real name or theirs, btw) for 15 years now. If there are people out there getting their jollies off looking at photos of my kids, I can’t do much about it, except to allow the paranoia to take over. The facts are, there are MILLIONS of blogs out there. Millions. And those blogs have photos on them. The fodder for crazies is always going to be there, and to feel so constrained that their after YOUR child is really a lesson in paranoia.
    No, the internet isn’t completely safe. But some common sense will allow you to act as you wish, without allowing paranoia to rule your behavior. I think it’s critical NOT to be scared all the time. It is doing a terrible disservice to our kids to see such frightened parents. It teaches them not to trust, and that the world is a scary place. They have to live in the world, we can’t shelter them forever. Isn’t it better to be honest and teach them street smarts and how to behave in tough situations rather than to run with our collective tails between our legs? I think so.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Urban Semiotic’s blog awakened some to a reality they did not know. But
    US’s suggested response will:
    1) not mitigate much less remove that reality. Ie, US would have us live in a dreamworld where evil does not exist. In the comment thread (before US cut it off) US observed that meannies show incredible cleverness. In order to avoid the bad result from no net photos should we then insist on duct tape over every camera lens? Or at least every potential telephoto lens?
    2) drive banannas anyone trying to live by that suggestion. Paranoia understates the futility.
    3) minimizes a far better response: teach kids (and adults, too) about the awfulness of sin and the necessity of realizing that a war exists. No one, even those denying its existence, can avoid that war. (Observe, btw, that those denying the concept of sin nevertheless fight in the war, eg, to protect their own kids.)
    4) encourage unprincipled or thoughtless politicians pandering for power. The more scary they can portray the world, the more helpless they can get folks to think they are, the more control they can take. Liberty costs. Lack of liberty does not have zero costs, only different costs. Those different costs invariably turn out far larger.

  5. ABC says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been wondering if this is safe for a very long time and this was the kick in the pants I needed to finally change my blog and take off the pictures. I look up to you, as a new blogger, and have always noticed that you rarely posted pictures of your children, and never their faces. I’ve checked the blogs of a few others that I “look up to” here in blogland, and they don’t post pictures either.
    Another thing we all should be more careful about is using names. I have use and alias for everyone in my family, but after searching my postings, found a few real names that I’d typed on accident.
    Thanks again!

  6. Faerylandmom says:

    Hmmm…food for thought in so many ways…
    I think I still fall in the middle somewhere as far as pictures go. Since I started my blog for family, but have expanded my audience a bit, I should probably take that into consideration.
    I doubt I’ll remove all photos (I’d be too lazy to go through 200+ posts), but I will consider the photos I do post more carefully, I think.

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