And Then There Are Days When Your Muffins (Almost) Taste Like DEET

I was hurriedly throwing together a batch of muffins for ladies’ Bible study last night.  The kitchen was a mess (still unpacking) and I reached for my green can of cooking spray.  But when I was unpacking earlier in the day, I mistook my green can of bug spray for cooking spray, and I tossed it up in my baking cabinet.

Guess which can I grabbed?

And only seconds before I sprayed the bug spray into my muffin pan did I realize that I WAS ABOUT TO POISON A VERY DEAR GROUP OF UNSUSPECTING PRESBYTERIANS. 

Clearly, I need a nap.

29 thoughts on “And Then There Are Days When Your Muffins (Almost) Taste Like DEET

  1. Shelly says:

    LOL! My last post talked about my sleep depravity too. However my first thought reminded me about growing up as a child and the mornings I (or my Mom) would mix up two similar bottles. Spray deodorant would end up being used as hair spray, and hair spray would be the ever-so new sticky deodorant! lol

  2. peach says:

    Get some rest, dear friend! Guess you could have stumbled upon a new essential for dieting picnickers . . . yummy looking, but totally repellant!

  3. Katie says:

    I’ve learned the hard way that attempting normal life the first few days back from vacation is dangerous. After my last vacation I washed my passport and blew up the microwave.

  4. Terry says:

    Pledge doesn’t taste the same as butter flavored Crisco spray either.
    I had left the Pledge out, and when my wife went to make popcorn, you saw the yellow can and went to spraying on her popcorn.
    hehe, oops.

  5. elizabeth says:

    I feel the same being just back from there. Total aimless fog. I keep thinking I’ll wake up and see the mountains outside… It was the hardest thing to leave this time. And, I washed my check card:-(

  6. Trixie says:

    I so enjoy this blog. It is not only good for serious, heartfelt topics but also a hearty laugh like this.
    You are a mother. (in case you did’nt know:) This is why you do things like unintentionally trying to poisen people with Deet. It is so funny how we can get so distracted and do things like that.
    It reminds me of years ago, when my Mom (a Mom to 8 children) drove to a convenience store a couple of blocks away, parking her car on the far side of the building. She then walked home and the next morning she called the police to report her “stolen” car. The police notified her of the location in about 30 minutes. Talk about embarassing! Fortunately Mom has a good sense of humor.
    Take Care,

  7. Amy says:

    LOL! Hey, maybe it would’ve gotten you out of having to bake next time… some nice lady would have gently suggested that she could bring the baked goods instead. 🙂

  8. Angelwitch says:

    Oh well. The universe has its ways of showing us signs that we should take some rest – although we try to keep going.
    Ever heard the phrase “God Is Trying To Tell You Something”

  9. Anonymous says:

    I work in a bakery and am going to strongly suggest our new flavor… Deet, Crumble top muffins! Not only do they taste…. welll, they keep the bugs away folks… Thank you soooo much, I’m going to make a killing!!!lol Thanks for sharing Cheers!

  10. Dani says:

    Talk about some “killer muffins”!
    Thanks for the laugh–glad to know it doesn’t only happen to me. I just sprained my entire left hand and wrist this morning; yep, too tired to notice the door was partly open when I whipped around to berate the dog for her incessant barking. Now I’ll have to color-coordinate my wardrobe to the bruises on my hand… Let’s all take the day tomorrow and sleep in!

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