Works For Me: Static Guard


I have a head of very fine, straight, thick hair–the perfect recipe for some nasty static.  As a result, when I blow-dry my hair (as I do most days, or at least the ones where personal hygiene manages an appearance toward the top of my to-do list), I end up looking much like a troll doll.

Now, I am a Southern woman who is also a child of the ’80’s, and as such, I have a very special place in my heart for big hair.  But not troll big.

And so my life was forever changed a few years ago when I learned that spraying a spritz of Static Guard on your hairbrush gets rid of that nasty fly-away hair.  And it even smells really good. 

When they invent a spray that gets rid of 20 pounds, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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46 thoughts on “Works For Me: Static Guard

  1. Brandy of The Building Brows says:

    Spritzing your brush or hair with water also works, without the chemicals. A spray bottle filled with water to mist your hair between hairbrushing will keep fly-aways at bay during the day, especially in dry months. Or if out, wet your hands and pat your hair. Instant de-frizz. 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Be sure to keep Static Guard, Scotch Guard, etc. where your kids can’t get them. These substances (and virtually anything that has a warning about “deliberately concentrating and inhaling can be hazardous”…) are the sorts of things that kids “huff” (or inhale to get high).
    I love WFMW!!! Thanks for doing this!!

  3. Amy says:

    Be sure to keep Static Guard, Scotch Guard, etc. where your kids can’t get them. These substances (and virtually anything that has a warning about “deliberately concentrating and inhaling can be hazardous”…) are the sorts of things that kids “huff” (or inhale to get high).
    I love WFMW!!! Thanks for doing this!!

  4. Every Chapter says:

    Yea! I’m so excited that I can add something now! I just posted my blog and I’m new to this so I hope it works and I am very excited to be joining these wonderful masses.

  5. whymommy says:

    Cool idea! Wish I could use it … now, do you have any tips for taking care of a chemo-bald head? 🙂
    Yes, that’s my attempt at using humor to break bad news.
    Your WFMW tip community roundup has been part of my blogging week since I started blogging, and I felt remiss not telling you (all) my news last week in some fashion.
    I have just been diagnosed with cancer. I start chemo tomorrow. Would appreciate prayers….

  6. Fafa says:

    What?!?!?! Static Guard?!?! I can’t WAIT to try it…you have been holding out on me with that one!!!

  7. Karen says:

    I have used it on my hairbrush before, but only because of the static…nice to know it could help with flyaways too!

  8. JensRambles says:

    LOL I accidentally posted this link on an older post of yours. OOPS!
    I love all of these fabulous tips!
    Unfortunately…I doubt that static guard will help my hair problem. Mine is about to my knees and very easy to get knotted up! I need a remedy for THAT! WD40 maybe? LOL

  9. Amy says:

    If you run out of Static Guard, you can always run a dryer sheet across the top of your hair… it works! Plus, you get the added bonus of a lovely scent.

  10. Stacey says:

    I love this idea and remember being so happy when I heard about it! Yeah, be sure to keep us updated on that 20 pound weight loss spray 🙂

  11. mom2fur says:

    Static Guard? Get outta town! My own hair is pretty thick with a natural, slight wave to it…but it’s always poofing on me and getting those little fly-aways. I think I’m going to give this a try, LOL! (I just hope it doesn’t react with my Excellence by L’Oreal and turn my hair purple!)

  12. Kim says:

    I use Bounce dryer sheets and rub it over my hair or staticy clothes. It works great and is super cheap since you can re-use the sheets.

  13. Tooz says:

    Hey, any clue where the list of folks who are contributing to Works went? Earlier today when I checked, I knew there were over 140 listings, but now there are none!

  14. Scratchin' the Surface says:

    I used to use it to spray up under my skirt, so it wouldnt stick to my pantyhose (oh so dating myself here) before I headed out the door to work. Still it never occurred to me to use it on my head – great tip!

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