An Observation After Spending Many Hours At the City Pool

We took the kids to a giant municipal water park today.  It was packed, thanks to the bazillion-degree temperatures we’re having. 

May I just say that when I view the swimwear choices some people make, I’m beginning to wonder if whole segments of the population do not have access to a mirror.

I mean, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not rockin’ anyone’s world when I wear my swimsuit (except Hubs, who is mercifully blinded by that whole Cleave-Only-Unto-Her thing), but I try very, very hard to know my swimsuit limits. 

Sometimes modesty doesn’t just make good moral sense, it makes good fashion sense, too.

Rant ended.

39 thoughts on “An Observation After Spending Many Hours At the City Pool

  1. Andrea says:

    LOL I so agree! Look, I don’t wear immodest clothing in part because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s therapy bills… I guess maybe it’s just unrealistic of me to expect the same courtesy of others! 😉

  2. Dana says:

    I like Andrea’s comment..ha ha!! Yea, I don’t get it at all. Do people not see the same thing everyone else sees? Or is that they don’t really CARE?

  3. Jenny from Chicago says:

    It’s the immodesty coupled with the overtan and the “built in” (obviously fake) flotation devices that bother me the most. I don’t want my girls to think women really ever look like that.

  4. Christa says:

    I’ve always said spandex should have an age and weight limit. THAT would improve the quality of health for thousands of Americans!

  5. Lady S says:

    I worked at a town pool one summer and totally agree with your assessment. The only thing that made it more interesting was the prison tats (pen ink and sewing needle). Like the woman who had “kinky sex” on her boob.

  6. JP's mom says:

    I have spent many a day at our local ‘watering hole’ wondering that very same question. Someday I might be brave enough to inquire with one of those gals who forgot to look in the mirror!

  7. kelli says:

    Part of the reason we made a second move in under 4 months was for that exact reason. The town we moved to had a lake. A very popular lake.
    Which, somehow, lade th tourists (and some locals) think that a barely there bikini was the appropriate wear for everywhere. The store. Restaurants. The hospital ER.
    Add to that the high level of alcohol consumption that came with boating (Hello?! DUI?!) and the 13 year old boy was getting way too much of an education for his age.
    Even the husband found it disgusting.
    It was a sad commentary on the state of parenting today.

  8. Jesse says:

    As someone who worked as a Lifeguard for 5 years (mostly my high-school summers!) I just have to say that, as bad as some of these people dress, I’d rather they look horrid in their ill-chosen swimwear than to continue to see parents using the local city pool as a babysitting service.
    But I do have to say this: you never look at policemen seriously after seeing them in all of their overflowing-the-SPEEDO chubby glory. *grin* And I’ve never understood why the guys who have super-chubby bellies choose to go shirtless AND in Speedos. I’ve ALWAYS been a one-piece woman myself, though, even when I COULD pull off a two piece (which I can’t at the moment, having a baby sure changes things!)

  9. Megan says:

    We have a friend who always used to say that spandex is a priviledge, not a right. Most of those folks don’t seem to understand this…

  10. Marni says:

    Every time I go to a pool, I can’t believe how much it is ingrained into my psyche to evaluate every woman’s body and swimsuit choice the entire time I am there. It’s so strange and funny. Not only are guys obsessed with what women look like, but so am I! The other day I asked my husband about whenever he passes by a mirror in a room – what percentage of the time does he purposefully look at himself to study his current appearance? His answer…1 %. My 14 yr. old daughter and my answer? 99%.
    If I would just DO something about what I see there…
    By the way, this comment is NOT a hidden statement that Shannon or anyone is “obsessed”. It is purely an observation about how we women are and is down a little rabbit trail from what Shannon originally said. 10-4 to what everyone has said. (I think that’s CB lingo, last time I checked)

  11. Trixie says:

    We went to the drag races a couple of weeks ago and I was thinking the same thing about most of the spectators. I was quite aghast that so many people would get up in the morning and put something on that was obviously not enough to cover what normal people consider to be “crucial areas” and think to themselves “hmmm, this looks great; yes, I will wear this today”.
    Take Care,

  12. Char says:

    I SOOOOOO Agree! I constantly try to remain positve in my outlook on life as I don’t have a fab bod, but there are some things that should remain under wraps that the general public should not see.

  13. MsRebecca says:

    I just put my darkest sunglasses on, and put my magazine up to my mouth if I just can’t help but snicker a little, I mean.. I’m no supermodel, but the things I see.. I know it’s bad when my 6yr old asks me “Mommy!, did you see that?!?”

  14. Terina says:

    having lived overseas for a few years, i have had my share of seeing people scantily clad. for them, they are just more comfortable in their skin. they don’t worry about what people are saying or what they are thinking. i’ve seen old women with really really old tattoos in bikinis and they walk around like they don’t have a care in the world. i guess its the importance that we put on looking at other peoples bodies. i’m all for modesty, and i don’t like to see other peoples parts hanging out of things. but i do envy the europeans. i would love to not obsess or worry so much about my figure or have judgmental thoughts about others. or worry about what others are thinking when they see me in a swim suit. i do draw the line at naked beaches though. there are some things that should be left unseen.

  15. jill says:

    You are preaching to the choir! I just wanted to tell you that I recently found your site – and I am totally hooked! Thanks!

  16. Smockity Frocks says:

    Okay! Thank you, ’cause I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one noticing that apparently having “muffin top” and a very flabby middle no longer qualifies as a good reason to wear a one piece. HELLO… a little bit of fabric would do wonders in concealing all that…extra…skin.

  17. Holly says:

    Pleased to report here that after delivering twins two years ago, I put to bed all fantasies of ever wearing a two-piece again, even though my doctor told me with that little chipper lilt in his voice that he did a “bikini c-section.” Hah! As if that’s ever going to happen again! I must be leading a charmed existence, for most moms my age seem to agree and we all showed up to the pool this summer sporting longer, less form-fitting tops and bottoms with skirts. Now, if I could just talk some sense into the teenage girls who are so very obviously wearing too-small of a suit for the body they have…

  18. Mandy Houk says:

    Boy, do I hear ya. And the problem is not exclusive to the pool, either. We were at a Triple A baseball game the other night, and I had a hard time keeping my eyeballs attached to the sockets. One girl in particular seemed especially confused about what she actually looks like. Like you, I’m not saying that people need to look perfect, but they should at least give a thought to what clothing works on them! This girl was probably 20 pounds overweight, and yet she was wearing a skintight, SHEER white top with skin tight white pants. Oh, mercy. I thought to myself, “People just don’t know what they look like, apparently.”
    And then it hit me: perhaps I look proportionately that much worse than I think I do, too! Oh, the horror.

  19. Erin says:

    One thing that gets me is the little girls in teeny tiny bikinis!!! Come on – they have plenty of time to be teenagers. Let them be little girls for a little while longer!

  20. Phyllis says:

    that mirror comment was too funny…I say that all the time…about more than just swimsuits friend…

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