10 thoughts on “Sunday Linkage #13

  1. Midsummer Night says:

    Thank you for the links again this Sunday! As the mom of one 34 weeker and one just barley preemie (so close to full term it hurts) I really appreciate the link about preemies. I want to do more for the NICU and babies struggling. Maybe I can make some blankets. We received one for Josiah and some days, it still brings tears to my eyes. He is so big now he drags it around the house, but yet… he was so small when we first got it.

  2. Pam in Colorado says:

    The wall techinque is amazing. That room is gorgeous. I have to remember to show my husband. Can it be done over existing wall paper or would it cause it to peel. I have rooms with three layers of awful paper that doesn’t like to come off unless you don’t want it to.

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