*UPDATED* Finished!

I had to post a picture of my finished red-work kitchen towels–they’re finally done.  The vast majority of this stitching was done in the car on the way to and from Colorado in July, an effective means of distracting myself from the fact that my husband was driving SO FAST across the plains of Oklahoma that he actually ran over two birds AT THE SAME TIME, but that shall be a post for another day.

Anyway, what was I talking about?  Oh yes, the towels–

Here’s a close-up of the embroidery of each towel.  I plan to do a binding (probably red and white toile) around each one, but it may take me a while to get to it.  Plus, I’m shuddering at the thought of actually using these in my kitchen, home of muddy hands and melted Velveeta.   These babies may be getting framed.








That last one was the hardest–the little strawberry leaves on the Sunday towel were quite tedious.  If anyone is looking for an easy and satisfying handwork hobby, I highly recommend giving simple embroidery a shot. 

To answer a question a couple of you e-mailed, Heavens no, I didn’t do them in freehand!   I transferred them onto the towels using an iron-on set I got at Wal Mart.  The towel set cost, I believe, $5; the iron-on pattern was around $2.  Embroidery thread is so cheap you could pay for it by searching your couch cushions.  My kind of hobby.

50 thoughts on “*UPDATED* Finished!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Mom just gave me a BAG of old flour sack towels that Great Gran had made for gifts and had never given. They are still in the bag, pristine white and oh-so-special. I don’t know when I’ll break them out.
    And, did you ever write your name on my other grandmother’s table cloth? EVERYONE who ever went to the farm was given a pencil and had to autograph it. she later embroidered the name. It’s pretty darn colorful.
    I think you’d also like my mom’s embroidery books. No writting on the fabric- it’s like painting with thread. Grandma Moses only started painting when it was too hard for her hands to embroider, by the way.
    I think you’ve mastered this embroidery thing. Now, go give your little Dryers a pencil and a white flour sack… I’m smelling more than one masterpiece!!
    Let’s see, can I think of anything else to write?!

  2. Rachel May says:

    I totally agree about framing them. They’re gorgeous! I want some! However, I know myself well enough to know that I would be frustrated to tears with those itty-btty stitches. I could barely handle cross-stitch, and finally gave that up as a teen. Knitting? Tried this summer.
    Someday I hope to have the patience to complete such a lovely work as yours. *sigh*

  3. peach says:

    These remind me so much of some that my mom had when I was growing up.
    I agree with Jeana. Put the toile on the bottom and put them away for Corrie’s future. Then she can decide whether her little boys or girls put muddy fingerprints on their Grammy’s hard work.
    You did a beautiful job. My favorite is the one with the strawberries. Tedious, but lovely.

  4. Lisa Kay says:

    (Long time lurker, first time posting)
    You’ve done a great job! I would have never guess that was your first time doing this – you should be proud.
    I love your site!

  5. CC says:

    WOW, great job. I hope my first attempt will go as nicely as yours. I love toile and it is always a nice addition to anything! Frame those puppies, for sure!
    Which towel day is your favorite?

  6. floorplan says:

    Good job Shannon! I agree, Velveeta would spoil them.
    Having driven cross Kansas to Colorado many times, I understand how he hit 2 birds without even being told : )

  7. floorplan says:

    oooo, bad grammar. Should read: I understand, without being told, how he could hit …

  8. Jill (CDPJ) says:

    Those are so pretty. I wouldn’t want to use them either. Plus, I’m so anal, if I didn’t have the right one out on the right day, I’d lose my mind 🙂

  9. chocolatechic says:

    Lovely. I had never thought to do them all in one color.
    My daughter made me a set over the winter, and I don’t want to use them either. They are just to pretty.

  10. Amelia says:

    Beautiful! Great job. Can I ask, maybe I missed it, did you freehand the designs or were you following a stamped on pattern or copying a picture?

  11. New Diva on the Blog says:

    Very impressive. I would frame them, but since it took me 3 years to finish my son’s Christmas stocking I am not sure mine is the most objective opinion out there.
    Gratifying to know that mine is not the only kitchen that contains Velveeta.

  12. Catez says:

    They’re beautiful Shannon. I’m impressed that you did them in the car. And I loved your other post with the dresses and Majorette uniforms. We don’t have Majorettes here – so very interesting.

  13. Clemntine says:

    I just finished my 3rd set of pillow cases intended as Christmas gifts. 2 sets to go! I’ve loved embroidery since I did my first climbing rose pattern up the side of my black doubleknit bellbottoms, uhhhh, last week…yeah…that’s the ticket… :~D

  14. where the boys are says:

    Oh! Kitchen towels! Thank goodness. For a minute there I thought you were embroidering “days of the week” underwear. 😉
    Seriously, they’re the bomb. Does anybody say that anymore?

  15. Brandi says:

    I absolutely LOVE red work. I can’t do needle work at all, but I may have to give this project a try just because yours turned out so fantastic- or maybe I can beg my best girlfriend to do a set for me since she does such a fantastic job with this kind of stuff! Keep up the great work.

  16. BJ says:

    Okay. I agree that these are beautiful, and in fact, I want some. But if I put that much work into something, I would use it. What good is something if you don’t use it? I’m probably the only one that thinks that way, but there ya go. Maybe you could scotch guard them, to help repel stains. Also, if you got something really bad on them, Amaze might get it out. I say use them.

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