Bad Day

Last night, my purse was stolen out of my car WHILE MY CAR SAT IN MY GARAGE and I cooked dinner in the kitchen about 20 feet away.  They got it all–my wallet, my credit cards, my check book, my driver’s license and my iPod.

I’m steamed.

I feel mad and frustrated and violated and furious at myself for leaving my garage door up and my car unlocked.  I’m even madder because they didn’t take my cell phone or keys (which were both right next to my purse), so I’m put in the very weird position of being, um, thankful to the thieves for their generosity?

They’ve already used my credit cards, but the charges have all been at nearby fast food places and convenience stores, which means it’s likely a bunch of teenagers having a very fun evening.  And scrolling through my iPod laughing at the middle-aged chick with a Barry Manilow playlist.  AT LEAST I have the satisfaction of knowing they’re not getting any music they’ll like. 

And I KNOW there are a billion greater travesties going on in the world right at this very minute, and I’m trying to keep perspective (aided largely by my ten-year-old son who almost immediately suggested we pray for the thieves, and LET ME TELL YOU that stings).  My family and I are healthy and safe and happy and whole.  But still. 

It was just a rotten day.

And that’s all have I to say about that.  Cheery mommy-blogging to resume next week.

114 thoughts on “Bad Day

  1. Kathy in WA says:

    Oh my goodness! How terrible. I’m so sorry. Precious comments from your ten year old. Doesn’t that just cut to the quick. Think about what an awesome example you have been to him that he would immediately respond in that fashion.
    Duckabush Blog

  2. bs honey says:


  3. Kansas A says:

    Oh that’s a bummer! Thank goodness they didn’t come in your house!!
    Thanks for reminding me though, it’s time I took all my credit cards, sin car, driver’s licence, etc. out of my wallet, lay it on my scanner and print the list (front & back!), just in case. Sorry this happened to you though 😦

  4. Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity says:

    i’m right there with you… while i was gone this weekend, someon came into my home and took $127… again, I was pleased wth them that they didn’t take my computers, tv, jewelry (which was sitting right next to the case…) but still… it was pretty rotten…. 😦

  5. Michelle says:

    That sucks!! I did laugh at the iPod part–poetic justice maybe? Here’s hoping that the whole “restoring your life” part well, I know it’s a huge pain!

  6. Tammy says:

    Rotten days don’t come very often.
    Just be very careful that no identity theft has or will occur.SInce that happened to my niece I will be praying that doesn’t happen to you.

  7. Eva says:

    Oh, man. Reminds me of the morning in which I returned, with my children, from Bible Study to find that thieves had broken into my house and stolen my ENGAGEMENT RING from my jewelry box. I was so mad that I am sure I would have physically assaulted anyone who was still in the house.
    So sorry this happened to you.

  8. Georgia Mom says:

    Man that stinks! I had my purse stolen out of my desk door at work one time (and I was standing on the other side of the wall). This guy walked in our office, jumped over the counter stole my purse and was gone. He had charged up 150.00 in stupid stuff before I realized it. I know just how it feels to be violated this way. And I agree, it was some not-so-smart teenagers that got your purse. They didn’t steal your phone because they probably all have them. I hope you have a better day today!

  9. Megan (FriedOkra) says:

    How awful. I’m sorry. I’m so impressed about your son suggesting prayer though. I learned something huge from your experience… I need to set that kind of example around here and I most certainly do not!

  10. Jane says:

    No! Not the ipod! That stinks! It happened to me too when I was in HS. The teens got into my unlocked car in my driveway, smoked some cigs and ripped up some stuff. I got into heaps of “I told you” so trouble. It’s exactly as you say, rotten! And the ipod! You sort of won that ipod with your blog!

  11. Jenny says:

    That sucks! I can’t believe how some people can be so brazen. I had nice bike stolen from my fenced in backyard while we were home once. Blech.

  12. Mary says:

    Wow… that sucks. I can’t imagine how upset and violated you must feel. And I am still broken up over losing my My Little Pony purse with money (probably $3) in it at Disney World when I was 7. I was so upset and felt completely lost without it. And to this day I can’t believe someone wouldn’t turn it in to lost & found. But you can see I am totally over that. I mean really, it WAS 21 years ago.
    Anyway, that’s a real bummer and I hope those kids somehow get caught.

  13. Mel @ A Box of Chocolates says:

    That is a rotten day…it really is unbelievable what some people do today. I agree in perspective that sometimes what we think is so horrible doesn’t really cause a blip on the world’s radar screen, but it is important to us and I think that is ok. I hope you get everything straightened out. You should be proud of how well you have raised your children if their first thought is to pray for the thieves.

  14. Jamie says:

    Sorry about your loss. We’ve been having break ins in the neighbourhoods around ours and I took my wallet out of the car (it was even in the little drawer under the passenger seat) as a precaution.
    If you live in a state that allows credit freezes- get it done! And make sure your door into the house from the garage is always locked!
    One of my sister’s friends broke into our house when I was in high school and stole my portable stereo. I was so mad, not at the loss of the stereo, but because I had my favourite Rick Astley tape in it. I later found that they had taken the tape out and put it under some napkins in our napkin basket. Then I was mad that they took the radio because now I couldn’t listen to it.

  15. merry says:

    What a sweet son you have! (Well, if he’s anything like my son the more appropriate statement would be -how sweet he was being right then. LOL)
    How crummy to have your purse stolen! That is surely quite a pain.

  16. aggiejenn@ReflectingHim says:

    oh, Shannon, I’m so sorry this happened. I can imagine you feel violated to know they were in your garage while you were right there. But, it does sound like a bunch of kids were just getting their kicks. And what a pain to have to replace all that stuff. I do hope your long weekend goes much better!!

  17. girlymama says:

    so sorry!!! no wonder you’re steamed!! personally, i would be most upset about losing my i-pod 😦
    but how sweet is your son??? his reaction means that you’re doing a good job.

  18. chocolatechic says:

    I am so sorry. Truly sorry.
    All 3 of our vehicles were rifled through this past week. Luckily, we don’t keep anything of value in the cars….and they are so old and decrepit that they wouldn’t want to steal them either.

  19. JP's MOM says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you!
    Call the 3 credit bureau’s immediately and notify them of this, it will save you MASS AMOUNTS of trouble later in protecting your identity and credit.
    They are equifax, experian, and ??? I am blanking
    Do that even if you think it is just punk teens.
    Good luck! I hope you have a better day.

  20. Tara says:

    I’m sorry! We had gas siphoned out of our tank once, and another time had about 20 cans of spray paint stolen from our garage. (Kids used it to get high we figure.) Anyway, I’m feeling safe out here in the country, but I guess nowhere is safe, huh? And I agree with an above commenter. What great parenting that your son turned to the Lord to pray for those who hurt you!

  21. Clemntine says:

    I’m with your son: let’s pray for those burglars.
    I’ll start.
    “Break the arm of the wicked and evil man; call him to account for his wickedness that would not be found out.” Ps. 10:15

  22. Brit says:

    That is terrible! I just hate that sick feeling you get when your purse/appendage is taken from you. AHHH! At least now I have some ammo for my husband who leaves his wallet and laptop in his car ALL the time. It drives me nuts!

  23. chilihead says:

    Your iPod? OK, you didn’t tell me that last night. That is not OK. Little twits. I’m with Clemntine on this one. May they choke on a chicken bone–even if they’re eating a hamburger.

  24. Denise says:

    I am sorry to hear about your purse being stolen. We some man smashing in car windows in our church parking lot and taking items from the cars. The worst thing is he was mostly stealing scriptures in their leather cases. For most people they would have rather had their purses stolen.

  25. Char says:

    That’s aweful that they took everything. It makes you feel so violated, especially since it happened so close to where you were cooking dinner.

  26. Julie says:

    I am so sorry, Shannon!
    I totally know the feeling .. and I wasn’t as lucky as you! I always kept my purse (with keys!) in the car while parked in the garage. With getting 3 kids out the car, their bags, shopping bags etc, that was one thing that I just left in the car … and then when we were ready to do again, I would have my purse and keys right where I needed them.
    The thugs that came into our garage not only stole my purse and credit cards but my 2 week old Suburban!!! Now that is a weird feeling to walk into your garage and have your brand new car missing! It didn’t even have license plates yet! Luckily we remebered it had OnStar and the police were able to locate by mid morning but it had $8K worth of damage and my carseats, stroller, purse … everything in it was gone.
    And like you, Joe always got onto me about leaving my purse and keys in the car. Men! think they know everything!

  27. carrie says:

    Sorry to hear this happened! Our son’s swing was stolen from our backyard a couple weeks ago, and I think regardless of the item taken, you feel frustrated and upset.

  28. Ashleigh says:

    Oh, Shannon, that is awful… you have every reason to be mad. Especially when said 10yo suggests praying for said theives. 😉 Any chance of recovery? Or of it being some teens you might (yikes) know who are mad at you? We went through a phase when I was a teenager when some teenage guys I had been “friends” with became mad at my parents for their standards and we endured tire-slashing (while we were sitting in church!) and countless other pranks… not quite like stealing a purse, of course, but certainly not fun.

  29. Vail says:

    OH, goodness. I leave my car unlocked at work, at home, with purse and keys inside. Maybe I should reconsider. We don’t even lock our house.
    Your son, what a heart. Those thieves do need praying for, next time they may move up to stealing a car and landing up in jail!

  30. Karen @ Simply A Musing Blog says:

    Kids have a unique way of putting things into perspective, don’t you think?
    Your day reminds me of something my uncle used to say. “Life’s not a bowl of cherries…it’s a jar of jalapenos – what you do today will burn your a*s tomorrow”.
    Hope yours gets better soon! 🙂

  31. Lesley says:

    I honestly don’t know why people think they have the right to go into other peoples property and take things. I mean don’t they have anything better to do like maybe…..get a job and earn their own money!?!? I hope they get caught and have consequences for their actions….yes, I know I sound like an old fuddy duddy. ;0}

  32. Jen says:

    How awful! I’m so sorry this happened to you. 😦 I’ve comforted myself at times with a similar thought, that if anyone ever stole my iPod, they’d be VERY, VERY disappointed to get a bunch of Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli, and hundreds of women’s barbershop songs! 🙂

  33. Nancy says:

    So sorry and I know just how you feel!
    A thief CAME INTO MY HOUSE AND BEDROOM while my daughter and I were asleep. He stole my purse off my bedroom door knob with all the money I had to my name, my nursing bag, all of my home, postal box, and car keys and my daughter’s spare remote and key to her car(the kind that cost $150.00 to replace!), my keys to my offices at work and more. He also turned off the outside lights on his way out!
    We never caught him or recovered more than my nursing bag (since he didn’t find any drugs, he tossed it in the bushes). What a jerk.
    More than the loss and expense of what he stole, he violated my trust and security, and made me even more fearful and paranoid.
    I moved. It was one time too many. I had been robbed three times.
    I left….for good.
    Please, be careful and learn from this. You were lucky in that he did not harm you.
    Prayers for you!!

  34. Melissa Pidal says:

    That happened to me too! I felt so violated also! This person had a picture of me and knew what I looked like. But like you said, it’s so much better to focus on the good-you are safe-and what they didn’t take. But, still, sooooo frusterating!!

  35. peach says:

    Shannon, I am so sorry this happened. Praying you have a fun-filled weekend that will take this awful feeling out of your mind.

  36. Mike says:

    I couple kids stole the cell phone out of our diaper bag last year while we were at the rec center. I saw them walking off and would have been able to do something except they were already outside and I couldn’t leave the kids in the class because the class was about to end. I feel your anger and frustration.

  37. New Diva on the Blog says:

    Sorry this happened to you. We had a rash of it happening on our street last summer. Thankfully my husband is “the lockinest guy around” according to my father, so we didn’t get hit. Hope all turns out well in the end.

  38. Southern Girl says:

    Shannon, I’m so sorry! That has to be frightening that it could happen while you were so close by. A year or two ago, our lawn mower was stolen out of our backyard while my mom was sitting there at the kitchen table with the back door open…they had to have walked right past her line of sight, if she’d only been looking up. Makes you feel violated, I know.
    Just take comfort you don’t live in my suburb — we’re having a rash of car break-ins, after which the cars are set on fire. Yikes!

  39. crystal says:

    I just saw a 20/20 or dateline that talked about how the technology is available to get your ipod back when its stolen. They were able to find several of the theives. I think the new owner has to try and register it to their name.
    I hope you can get things replace through your car insurance.

  40. floorplan says:

    I’m sorry Shannon! I’ve been robbed before and the word VIOLATED is not strong enough! Blessings on your son.
    deb meyers

  41. mombo says:

    I feel your pain, girl. We’ve been burgled 3 times in the last six months. Nothing we could have done about the first two. Which makes it all the more frustrating when the cop lectures you on the third one. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM! There…I think I feel a little better. How ’bout you?

  42. Proverbs31 says:

    I am SOO sorrry. I know that it’s hard to keep perspective at times like this.
    On the other hand,… I gave you an award! Before I read this, even. 🙂 But you definitely deserve it. 🙂

  43. Jennifer says:

    Shannon, be sure you keep very tight tabs on your credit. Even the most serious of identity theives often start with convenience stores, grocery stores, gas, fast food…places you can often buy things without a PIN or ID. Then they can find out if the card is valid & not maxed out. They hit you big next & start tapping into your other accounts, or opening new accounts in your name. Not to scare you, but you need to call every single account and put a hold on it, even accounts that are not connected to each other or are at different banks, or had no info about them in your purse. WIth your driver license OR social OR one account number, they can ruin your entire financial life. This has happened to many of my friends who only lost one card of piece of ID and their entire identity was stolen. So get on the phone and start calling EVERYONE who carries an account in your name (even accoutns with no information in your purse) & the credit reporting bureaus. A friend of mine went on vacation & her purse was stolen, by the time she got home, her retirement accounts were drained.

  44. Laura says:

    Oh gosh that sucks! I’m so sorry but listen if all of us girls are praying you might just get your stuff back. Let’s hope so.

  45. WhatWorksForMom says:

    That sucks.
    This has been a common event in our neighborhood too this past year. Police are telling folks to keep their garage doors closed at all times. How sad is that.
    Either way, what comes around goes around.

  46. trina says:

    This happened to me in April on a Friday night while I was visiting my mom. My car was parked in her driveway and I left my purse and work tote in the passenger seat and when I went to leave they were gone. I called the police immediately and filed a report. The thieves had a nice weekend using my cards to buy beer and such. They were taped at a Walmart trying to get gas but by then the cards had been closed. We still haven’t caught them and they got everything but my phone and keys. My iPod was in there too, 30G VIDEO that was full of sermons and praise and worship music. My pocket bible was in there too. So at least they knew what I was all about. And honestly, I was seriously mad, but I did pray for the thieves, hoping something they came across on the iPod or elsewhere in my purse would touch their heart and convict them of what they did. Oh and on the back of my iPod was this inscription: “to Trina my soulmate, sing unto the Lord…” (a gift from DH) so my name is on the iPod but it hasn’t helped much.
    I did file a claim with my car insurance company but after the deductable, I only netted $80. Not even enough to replace my iPod 😦
    Anyway, I know how you feel. Praying they’ll not cause too much damage.

  47. Milehimama says:

    I totally understand the rage. My son’s bike was stolen out of our garage the day after Christmas (cold hearted meanies!)
    The same garage where I go 4-5 times a day to do laundry. The same garage that my kids play in (with the door up) while I do other things around the house (they’re still inside, right? It’s not the same as being unsupervised in the front yard).
    Not anymore!

  48. Mrs. Pear says:

    I am so sorry!
    I had my wallet stolen out of my car, but not at home and I felt like my space was so invaded! BUt still, I cannot imagine how you feel!
    I am so very sorry.

  49. Sally says:

    I live in a newer development near a highway so this neighborhood gets targeted by thieves frequently. My family has been lucky so far and nothing has happened to us. But I am constantly having to remind my daughter’s boyfriend not only to lock his car when he parks in our driveway but not to leave his keys inside of it!!
    I guess I am fortunate in that the only time I ever lost my purse, it was returned to me, with everything in it. Of course it had not actually been stolen- I had accidentally left it on top of my car while I was strapping one of my girls into a car seat (they are teens now, so this was many years ago) and I drove off with it still up on top of the car. It fell off in the street and two teenage boys found it and turned it in to the Highway Patrol office.
    I asked at the office the names and addresses of these honest boys and I mailed them each a reward (they were from another town.) So there are still honest and good people in the world, even young people. (Your son is a good example of that after the comment he made about your thieves.) I will praying for you.

  50. ashley @ twentysixcats says:

    I feel your pain! Growing up in South America, we struggled with this all the time. My mom has had 3-4 purses stolen before she just stopped carrying a purse. One time, she was standing on a street corner with my sister, then age 5. Someone took the purse off her shoulder, and my mom chased after the guy, yelling at him in English! And leaving my sister alone on the street corner! The area in front of our house was a popular place for purse-liftings. We parked our car outside the house one Sunday afternoon for a few hours, and returned to find all the windows gone! So yeah, getting personal things stolen is not fun. 😦 Because of that upbringing, I’m really careful about my belongings – if I can’t take it with me, then I leave it hidden in the trunk.
    I hope God wraps His arms around you tightly and gives you peace! And brings back your purse. 🙂

  51. peppylady says:

    I’m so sorry. When I my ceramic store was broken into I felt so many emotion and to many to list.
    I’ll light a candy and say brief prayer to this person will do the right thing.

  52. annabelle says:

    What a horrible feeling. I’ve had my wallet stolen out of my purse (while at a grocery store…never again will I use a “back-pack” purse!). *hugs*

  53. Striving\Tessa says:

    Ugh, and what a great little guy you have to help you remember to pray for the BAD GUY, Where were the kids then, you know barf,blood,bones,or BAD GUYS, sorry just trying to make light of a bad situation. I am sorry that happened. hope you get it all back.

  54. Stacey says:

    I’m very sorry your purse was stolen. We have had our car broken into 3 times and every time it just enrages me! It feels so awful to be violated like that. I’m a firm believer in “what goes around,comes around”. I hope you get everything straightened out. *hugs*
    I’m very impressed with your son’s comment. Out of the mouths of babes.

  55. KimC says:

    So sorry you had a Very Bad Day.
    I know that emotional rollercoaster: last year somebody broke a window in our rusty old Suburban while the girls and I were in a thrift store.
    I had a laptop and a $400 power tool in it.
    When I found that the valuables were still there, I couldn’t help swinging wildly between deep gratitude that we didn’t lose more than a window, and irritation that somebody had smashed our window for absolutely no reason.
    But I would rather lose a window than my purse anyday. Kudos to your son for his response. Praying for those who persecute and offend us is a great way to shift our focus off of ourselves. Now if I could just remember to do that myself…

  56. Sarah I says:

    Oh my husband does this all the time and it drives me nuts!!!!
    What a bunch of jerks, taking your stuff. What nerve. Hope they get food poisioning!!!!!

  57. Shalee says:

    “And I KNOW there are a billion greater travesties going on in the world right at this very minute, and I’m trying to keep perspective.”
    I totally read “transvestites” in that sentence. Hopefully that made you at least smile.
    Sorry about that theft, Shannon. It really sucks. I’m praying that God will allow the authorities to catch the thief’s sorry butt!

  58. Jenny says:

    Aw, Shannon, I’m sorry to hear this! That does make for a pretty stinky day! I hope they find the thief (and your stuff), or better yet, I hope the thief reads your post today and wises up! I often leave my purse in the van in the garage… ugh, maybe I shouldn’t.

  59. Lauren says:

    You know, this happened just the other day to my friend. Her name is also Shannon. The exact same scenario. I’m sorry it has happened.
    Good luck in the recovering of your things.

  60. Emily says:

    I had my wallet stolen from the back of my son’s stroller in a hotel while across the country, about 2 months ago. Fortunately, they didn’t use any of my cards. It’s so frustrating, there is no other word for it.

  61. ABC says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry that this happened! But I must say that I’m impressed at your post to the theif and that you also answered an email question of mine about the giveaways. I would end up on the couch with cookie dough, wallowing in self pity!

  62. AmyH says:

    That is so scary. I never think twice about leaving the door up in the garage. I’ll be closing it from now on. I pray that this person will return your purse. How frightening.

  63. diatribal says:

    The same thing happened to my sister-in-law. The most expensive thing that they stole from her was her prescription glasses and my nephew’s Razorback Backpack!! How silly.
    Around these parts (well actually, back in AR) officers had instructed us to ALWAYS leave the garage door down unless you are entering or exiting. They said that thieves would drive by and watch to see when doors that are usually open have been closed. They took that as a sign that no one is home and they could enter undetected. I used to keep my door open constantly, until I heard that.
    I am so sorry that this happened to you. Perhaps you will be able to recover your things (most importantly the iPod…) and all will be well once again. I hope you are able to shake the feeling of being invaded.

  64. Marie says:

    OMGosh, I am so sorry that this happened to you, that just sucks and mean! I don’t care if it is teenagers…they have no right to touch things that aren’t theirs! I hope they get caught!!!

  65. Tanys says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. It really makes you feel invaded, doesn’t it?
    We were on vacation last summer and some things were stolen from our house (my rings, cash, collector’s coins and stamps, MEDICINE!!!, etc.). Just from various evidence-y type things, we figured that it was someone my older son knows. Like you, we spread the word that we wouldn’t press charges if the items were returned. Well, wouldn’t you know it, one day there was a box of stuff on our front sidewalk. It was all of our stuff (minus the cash)! We thanked God for turning the perpetrator’s heart around. We never did find out who did it – but that’s OK. God touched them. Or flicked them. Really hard. :]
    Hope you get your stuff back, too.

  66. Ladybug says:

    Oh that is awful! We have had a lot of that exact thing happening in our neighborhood this summer. Teenagers who are bored. The police now cruise our neighborhood everyday. Sad really!

  67. mamajuliana says:

    Sorry that this had to happen to you-when it happened to me I had an eerie ‘unsafe’ feeling for a few weeks…

  68. lisa h. says:

    well, i suppose your son is right. if that is the nearest danger you will encounter i guess you should be thankful. losing an ipod is much easier to deal with than something happening to one of your children.

  69. kelli says:

    Shannon, I’m incredibly sorry to hear about this. And I love you next post. Go get ’em.
    You may want to report your ID stolen to the DOJ Fraud department. That is, if your social security number was on anything in your purse.
    I found out when I applied for SS disability benefits that someone lifted my SS# and is claiming income on it. We are still (since December) in the process of trying to track them down. It’s not a clear process by any means. But, I was almost denied several types of benefits due to additional income that was attributed to me. I won’t go into all the gory details here, but you can email me if you want the numbers to get started on.
    I’m praying that you get this resolved oh so quickly. Keep checking your lawn 🙂

  70. Shauna says:

    That really stinks! Something similar happened to some friends who parked in our driveway when I was in college. They were only at our house for a few minutes because we were all going to a movie, so whoever did it was sneaky and FAST. The police found their purses (2 or 3 were taken) in a dumpster a few blocks away.

  71. Amy says:

    That really stinks. When I was in college the passenger window of my car got broken and they stole the tapes that I had in my car. The tapes they got were my “Point of Grace” ones. Hope that music got to them!!!!

  72. Ericka Wagner says:

    That is absolutely so scary. I’m really hoping it was just some very dumb teenagers. But still, to come into your garage. I would be ticked also!!!!
    I really hope you get the people.
    I also wanted to thank you for the link to the bloggy give-aways.
    Hope you have a better weekend!

  73. janine says:

    Sorry! We just had my husband’s bike stolen off of our front porch – right under our baby’s window. Scary, very scary. They were thoughtful enough to steal it on the last day of summer classes, but now I have to play mom’s taxi to all of the “kids” who go to school because he doesn’t have a bike. T U Thieves!

  74. dcrmom says:

    No WAY!! I can’t believe that. We ALWAYS leave our garage door open and our cars unlocked. And I often forget to bring my purse and iPod in. Thanks for the wakeup call, but sorry it’s at your expense. (((hug)))

  75. Rose says:

    Sorry you lost your purse – I felt so violated when someone stole my wallet at works – we looked everywhere, even searched the garbage cans – never found it. I reported it to the police and it was such a pain getting everything back. I hope you get yours back very quickly – and kudos to your kid!

  76. Chelsea says:

    That happened to me last summer. The worst part was spending an hour at the Driver’s License office. By the time I got to the front of the line, I was so frazzled that my photo resembled a brunette Einstein.

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