J0400815Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t love fall?

I do think the leaves are beautiful, of course, and the break from the heat of summer is refreshing.  But I am a lover of spring.  Autumn, to me, is simply the point in the calendar that is as far as we can possibly get from daffodils and white patent-leather shoes.  And that makes my heart ache, just a little.

When fall rolls around, and others cheerily break out the pumpkin decor on their porches, I feel my soul hunkering down for the cold months ahead.  Something in me gets ready to hibernate. 

I’ll do my best to enjoy it; I always do.  The extra-sweet apples are lovely and the first sniff of smoke puffing from chimneys is certainly comforting.  But it cannot match the scent of hyacinths peeking up under my kitchen window. 

That’s okay.

Fall may signal winter, and winter may be long–but spring is worth the wait.

Every year.

60 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Tammy says:

    I don’t like fall either.I think it goes back to one time there was a cold front and all of the weather man kept talking about how cold the upcoming winter was going to be.Soon after we had a heat wave and turned out to bea mild winter.Also it gets darker sooner.
    Spring is good because then summer is next!!

  2. Georgia Mom says:

    My sister feels the same way, but then again she does live in Michigan. I would feel the same way, if I lived that far north! But, in the south fall means the end of the HOT, HUMID days and since our winters are mild, I get to look forward to fall without dreading a terrible winter. But, I have to admit that I enjoy spring, but to me it only reminds me that a HOT Georgia summer is right around the corner! So, my spring is your fall.

  3. maria says:

    I agree, I live in PA, and while fall itself isn’t bad, it means here comes winter and I DO NOT like winter. Poor fall, bears the brunt of ugly winter.

  4. Terri says:

    I’m totally with Georgia Mom on this, but then again I live in Georgia, too. I love fall, and though I like spring and look forward to it after the winter months, it just doesn’t have the same affect on me that fall does.

  5. cardiogirl says:

    I’m with you, Fall and Winter are necessary evils (in my opinion) to get to Spring and Summer.
    p.s. Has anyone ever told you that you look a bit like Ashleigh Banfield from MSNBC and now Court TV? I think you do, in an 80% (in-my-head-but-not-so-much-when-you-see-a-picture-side-by-side) kind of way.

  6. Rebecca says:

    When I lived in California fall & spring were my favorite seasons. No extreme temps one way or the other. I love the fall leaves and crisp air. Now that I’m in Kentucky I don’t know my favorite season because I have yet to see them all. So far summer is not my favorite. It’s hot and humid and everyone freaks out when it doesn’t rain (coming from Cali no rain in the summer is normal to me). I don’t remember much of spring but I think the weather was nice. I’m looking forward to it cooling down, though a little nervous about winter.

  7. Kristie says:

    I am in Ohio, and I do not like fall. Well, fall itself is ok with it’s beauty and crisp air and all that, but it signals the coming of winter. Which I hate.

  8. TracyMichele says:

    I used to hate fall knowing what was lurking around the corner. That was before I left Maine and moved to TN. Now I LOVE fall and can’t wait to decorate my home. Although… it is still in the 90’s so I am having a little trouble getting in the mood.

  9. Tammy says:

    I enjoy the fall, but the first few weeks I am mournful because of the loss of summer. And while I enjoy fall, I do so with a sense of dread, because winter is just around the corner! I am from California, and these Michigan winters are starting to get a little old to me!

  10. floorplan says:

    Shannon, I’m remembering your Eeyore-child post. I’m a high-functioning Eeyore : ) and I LOVE fall best because I PREFER indoor activities, and non-humid, fully-clothed non-swimsuit outdoor activities (like hikes, raking, etc.) Fall is the high season for Eeyores. Winter makes Eeyores long for Spring, which is my 2nd fav.
    that’s that! Deb Meyers

  11. Cindee says:

    I love fall because it’s the harbinger for winter which is truly my favorite season. Fall means winter is coming and that makes me happy! Strange, I know.

  12. Sally says:

    Even though the trees turn such beautiful colors in the fall, I dread the cold weather returning. I have some health issues that make me extremely sensitive to cold and it is just an umcomfortable time for me in the fall and especially winter. I love spring when the flowers are blooming, the grass is turning green again and the warm weather is returning. Summer is good for me, too, since I feel better in the warmer weather.

  13. Karen says:

    I live in the Midwest and I used to live in the South but I’ve always loved fall. Spring is the season I’m not to crazy about because my allergies (which last pretty much year round) are so much worse.
    I don’t dislike or dread Winter the way some folks do so that may influence my opinion about Autumn, as well.

  14. Amanda says:

    I’m also from GA, and also love fall. As the others mentioned, I like spring, but it also serves to remind me that those HOT days of summer, which I don’t enjoy in the least, are ahead. I also love the crispness in the air after our humidity all summer, when our skies are less full of smog! I love the photo! 🙂

  15. Cousin DV says:

    Perspective: Remember, be thankful that you’re not stuck in Michigan for 6 months of clouds, clouds, clouds, cold, snow, clouds, clouds, and more clouds. Did I mention there are a lot of clouds in Michigan?
    Winter is downright tropical. I think I’ll buy a speedo.

  16. Shalee says:

    Yesterday Mr. Right said, “I see leaves falling. I’m not ready for fall. Make it stop.” He loves fall but dislikes the cold rain and weather changes that are ahead. So you’re not alone.
    Winter is the season that I dread the most. Cold. Cold. Cold. Those are the times I really want to move to the South!

  17. Lucinda says:

    Fall is awesome! You silly girl! I’m surprised all those years of NW Arkansas didn’t make you love Fall! Besides it is the best football weather! GO HOGS!

  18. Ginger says:

    Does it get really cold there in the Winter? Because we have mild winters here and I love fall. I love fall because it is such a relief after the long, hot summer.

  19. Lexi says:

    I agree with many comments here….fall wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t mean winter was coming. I don’t mind winter unless I have to drive (so I guess I could just hole up in the house for 3 months)…this year, though, I am looking forward to some relief from the heat.

  20. kim kauffman says:

    I don’t mind fall but winter in Oregon = rain. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was cold and sunny….but cold, rainy, and constant grey skies….that I don’t enjoy so much!

  21. Ashleigh says:

    Living in Southern California, especially in a beachy area where the temperatures are mild all year long, the seasons amount to pretty much just a state of mind. 🙂 So I’m just left wishing my lil heart out that we actually had leaves that turned color and that we had snow to look forward to. I love, love, love cold weather and become very physically ill in the heat, so cold is always the best for me!

  22. JustRandi says:

    That’s so funny! I feel the same way about spring. It’s just the muddy time of the year I wade through to get to the gloriousness of fall! I’m glad we’re all different. At least I know I won’t have to arm wrestle you for the last pumpkin decoration on the clearance rack!

  23. Ewokgirl says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year, closely followed by Winter. Spring comes in a distant third. Spring is nice, but for me, it simply serves as a precursor to the months of oppressive heat that are soon to follow here in Texas.
    Fall, on the other hand, carries with it a feeling of excitement and anticipation. I have fond memories of football season as a high schooler, the approaching holidays, the cooling of the weather, pulling my favorite clothes out of their hibernation in my closets… It just feels happy.

  24. dcrmom says:

    I detest, DETEST spring. That’s because in Philly, there is no spring. Spring is just the continuance of winter. Only with more mud. Ick. Ick. ICK.
    I need to move south, don’t I? 🙂

  25. Sincerely Anna says:

    I do love autumn – its so pretty here on the east coast and I love the smell of those first fires going in the fireplace. But I’m with you, too – spring is my absolute favorite season.
    I remember the post that you linked to and it has blessed me ten times over. We’ve had many ups and downs with our adoption process and I thought of your post during a recent visit to the wilderness back in April when an adoption fell through. Thanks for sharing your heart in your blog, Shannon.

  26. Michelle says:

    Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Slight chill to the air, apple picking, leaf pressing, sweaters, hot chocolate, the warm colors that God paints with.
    I’m not much of a fan of Spring. It means that the hot summer is around the corner! LOL

  27. Mari says:

    I am sooo with you! I love spring with the flowering trees and bulbs. Summer is also good. Fall is bautiful but I can’t really enjoy it because I know what is coming – winter and snow!

  28. Kathy Frederick says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year. September is my favorite month because you still get some sun, but not too hot. And the nights are cool for sleeping. But I do hate knowing winter’s right around the corner. I don’t know why I keep living on the east coast!

  29. Kristin says:

    I don’t like fall b/c it means summer is over and winter is coming. I much prefer warm weather and fall just means it’s going to be cold REALLY soon.

  30. MsRebecca says:

    I LOVE fall, the weather is perfect, love taking the kids to pick a pumpkin, love the apple cider and the halloween decorating- Riding through the country looking at all the changing leaves is delightful..

  31. Mary says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I get a bit melancholy and I don’t know if it’s tied to the age when end of summer meant back to school or what. Even though that time of my life is long gone and fall is beautiful, I feel summer’s bright light fading inside too.

  32. Gretchen says:

    I love fall, but I also hate it, because winter here is so bad (only in terms of gray weather). Therefore, as beautiful as fall is, it’s also a billboard announcing shorter days and rain.rain.rain.
    I love the fall festivities, though. 🙂

  33. tiffany says:

    I love Fall. It’s like New Years to me. Everything I love is coming up. Halloween, family birthdays, Thanksgiving, a family vacation, Christmas, Valentines and then Spring! I love spring too! I decorate in spring rather than fall colors. I love Tulips, Sweet Woodruff, Pansies and June roses. I don’t like the heat at all so I hibernate in July and August and then it’s New Years again for me. Have a bouquet of pencils on me. 🙂

  34. annabelle says:

    Well, I’m with you…I don’t like fall either! My reasons are different though, it’s because with fall comes my allergies…BAD…Add to that our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween…makes Fall not very liked by me!!

  35. Toblerone says:

    It sounds like everyone from the south loves fall, and everyone from the north loves spring. I have to say fall is my favorite season, for all the colors and smells, and also because summer is over. You HAVE to live up north to be sad about the summer ending! 😉

  36. Kelly @ PTT says:

    I love fall, but as a lifetime Wisconsin resident, I’ve found it necessary to enjoy all four seasons, or I might go mad.
    Now in February, when you’re posting pics of your first Tulips blossoming, and I’m posting photos of our recent blizzard, we’ll chat about long winters;)

  37. Cherry says:

    I am with you there, Sister.
    I love spring ans Summer. Fall jsut seems like the door opening to that cold stuff everyone lovingly refers to as Winter.
    i don’t like the cold

  38. Mel says:

    ditto!! I think the other draw back to fall is canning season – I love having all of my produce bottled up in jars for year round use, but the work I go through during these fall months . . . yes, I am looking forward to spring and all of my lovely bulbs popping up all over the place. Ahhhh, spring!!

  39. jennifer says:

    autumn, winter, spring? you mean these seasons actually exist and aren’t myths or nice editions to children’s stories?!? living in southern california, we get one season all year long and if we are lucky, a few rainy days to break the monotony!!! :O( it would be nice to experience the change of season. if i did, i think i would be with you – i love daffodils which are abundant here in what you would call spring!

  40. Sharon Pavey says:

    I absolutely love fall or autumn as us Brits call it. It’s my favourite month. The only downside is being so busy with work at but is is my own business so I shouldn’t complain really. I can step outside at any time and watch the leaves change colour – and I must make a note to do this much more often!

  41. Heidi says:

    OK, this post has me trying to figure out where you live. You live far enough south that a “pee-uhn” is something you write with, but yet you’re starting to think about fall already? Did somebody get cooler weather and I missed it? Here in Colorado, I’m about done with the heat, but I don’t think it’s done with us.

  42. Lady Why says:

    Oh, I do believe we are twins separated at birth! I was trying to explain this very thing to my fall loving friends recently and they did what they always do… that deer-in-the-headlights look of disbelief.
    Thank you for understanding. 😉

  43. Janel says:

    Amen. I am a spring girl too.
    Fall, although it has it’s nice points and DH adores it, it is a sign that I am going to spend the next 6 months walking around the house bundled up in 6 sweaters, drinking tea, COLD. brrrr.

  44. Sarahndipity says:

    I absolutely love fall. But like you, I also love spring. I think those two are tied for my favorite. IMO, the best times of year are October, when it’s just starting to get cooler, and late March/April, when it’s just starting to get warmer. I like finally getting a break from either the oppressive heat or the bitter cold.
    Summer is ok, but I’m definitely sick of it by August. And I HATE winter, especially once the holidays are over. January and February are the worst months of the entire year.
    I like living here in Northern VA because we have definite seasons. I wouldn’t want to live in a place that was either hot or cold almost all the time. (Though for me, hot all the time would be preferable to cold all the time).

  45. homejewel says:

    I love the fall. I especially enjoyed it in Maine with the spectacular foliage. Now we’re in Oregon and it is still very nice. No matter where we are, fall is wonderful. It makes me want to make homemade soup and bread and pumpkin pies. It doesn’t get better than that – especially with the mild weather.
    Someone mentioned people in the north tend to not like fall. That’s not true for me.
    In Maine, spring was called the “thaw” – everywhere piles of leftover dirty snow melting – it’s very messy. In VA, spring was “spring-like” for maybe 2 weeks and then we had to turn on the a/c and close up the house for 2 seasons. Here in Oregon, spring is rainy. Fall is great because it actually lasts a while, is not so rainy, you can open the windows, etc. LOVE IT!!

  46. Shannon says:

    I think it depends on where you live. Fall is my favorite season!! I’m so ready for it this year after our many triple digit heat summer days!!! I also like the crunching leaves under my feet! They are already falling at my daughters house & I was crunching them the other day! LOL
    Even when I lived in Michigan (born & raised in Monroe) and Fall meant COLD and CLOUDY for months on end was coming, Fall was still my favorite! Spring was just mushy, muddy & yucky to me. But then again, we had lots of snow when I lived there. Now I’m in North Carolina & we hardly get snow here in Raleigh.

  47. Shannon says:

    I think it depends on where you live. Fall is my favorite season!! I’m so ready for it this year after our many triple digit heat summer days!!! I also like the crunching leaves under my feet! They are already falling at my daughters house & I was crunching them the other day! LOL
    Even when I lived in Michigan (born & raised in Monroe) and Fall meant COLD and CLOUDY for months on end was coming, Fall was still my favorite! Spring was just mushy, muddy & yucky to me. But then again, we had lots of snow when I lived there. Now I’m in North Carolina & we hardly get snow here in Raleigh.

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