Works For Me: Grandkids’ Room

Wfmwheader No, I’m not a grandparent–not yet.  (Though if the bizarre popping noise my knees make when I climb my stairs is any indication, an invitation from AARP should be arriving any day.)

I’ve mentioned that my parents have recently moved to our city.  It has been absolutely delightful, and my children have eagerly set up shop at their House of Endless Chewing Gum.  And my parents, knowing that there would be a steady stream of Dryer kids funneling through, had the good sense to turn one of their bedrooms into a "grandkids room".  It’s still a bedroom, but it contains my old dollhouse and my brothers’ old Star Wars toys, with a few new things thrown in.

But the most brilliant thing about it is an idea my mom implemented.  She actually told me I had to share this with all of you because she says "it’s the only good idea" she’s ever come up with.  Which doesn’t say a whole lot about what she thought of giving birth to me, but as long as she continues to provide free babysitting, I can get over it.

Anyhoo, my parents’ six grandkids are regularly coming to their house and leaving a trail of drawings, and there’s only so much one refrigerator door can hold, even a grandmother’s.  So my mom bought six bulletin boards, one for each grandchild, and she painted the frames bright red.  Then for each grandchild she bought one of those unfinished wood initals you can buy at any craft store.  (Thankfully, each grandchild has a different first initial, which makes it easy.) 

She painted each intial and has attached it to its own bulletin board, and all six of them line the walls.  Now when grandkids come over and draw another "treasure", there’s a place to put them.  And the kids are all thrilled that their creations are being used to decorate the room.  (I know it would really work for you if I’d include a picture, but that would’ve required forethought and planning, and I’m all out of that these days.  Sorry!) 

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56 thoughts on “Works For Me: Grandkids’ Room

  1. diatribal says:

    That’s great!! I will remember to tell my mom that.
    I love the “endless chewing gum”. To this day, my grandma always has gum for me and my sister. I will always think of her when I see a pack of Trident!

  2. Proverbs31 says:

    I love that idea! I thought of doing something similar in the school room/playroom/baby’s room =P But I hadn’t thought about the initial thing – that’s awesome. Thanks!

  3. Kathy in WA says:

    Wow! This is an excellent idea! I love it. I’m definitely going to steal this. What a great way to present and organize the beautiful artwork that is constant and overflowing. Tell her thanks!!!

  4. Dot says:

    That is really neat. Wish I’d seen this tip when my children were younger and drawing everyday. I did something similar, but it was in their rooms and would have been nice together in another room where I could enjoy them more.

  5. Sasha says:

    I should do that for my kids. If only I had a wall. Right now the game room is covered with educational posters that they are using. I know maybe I will put them in their bedrooms so we can display their stuff in their rooms; help to make their rooms more of an expression of themselves. Great idea!

  6. Tammy says:

    You mentioned AARP ealier so I will make a funny commnet about it-I was born in 1959,but in 2006 I was sent a letter welcoming me to AARP.I sent the invitation back and told them to correct their computer.I figured that they transposed the 9 and 6!
    I don’t have grandkids either,but when we lived in a rural ara of Alalbama 13 years ago I was at the OB office I would see teenage daughters coming in with thei rmoms who were going to be grandmothers-at 35 and I was expecting our second child!!

  7. Jodi says:

    I love it!!! I’m an Art Therapist and for moms we can keep treasured art in portfolios home made with foam core or bought at the craft store in the art supply section. Or take photos of them and place them in a collage type picture frame…sometimes space is the issue. But for a Grandparent to have such space and use it to such a wonderful self-esteem enhancing way for the children is amazing!!! For your mom to have come up with this idea, she must have had more over the years, tell her to be gentle with herself. And for the knees…there is always motrin…i have a broken patella and the crunching is scary too…ahhh maybe the kids keep us young at heart but my body is aging before me and it’s so scary. Thanks for all you do!

  8. Robin says:

    SHANNON!!! This is not a WFM comment, but WAAHOOOO on being the TypePad featured blogger yesterday!! I just saw it (I really wasn’t around the blogosphere much yesterday). I have no idea what the criteria is for that, but CONGRATULATIONS. Sounds like a big deal to me!
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Lorraine says:

    Just a ?? Did you play ball in high school?? Just curious.
    I’ve got the same popping noises, and mild osteoarthitis in my knees and hips which goes back to bad coaching in high school.
    Between my bad knees and hips, my carpal tunnel, my foot problem (thank you tile floors in Italy), and my back problems (three kids, all back labor. fun)… I tell my DH, I’m a 30 year old trapped in a 60 year old body.

  10. jen says:

    Every time I climb the stairs at my house…my knees pop and pop….I’m only 32….it stinks….I participated today…its been awhile….thanks as always for doing this….I look forward to it every week…I even have non bloggers looking forward to it weekly.

  11. Emily says:

    I love your mom’s idea! Sounds like a great way to organize the never-ending pictures.
    Our WFMW is about the SnugTuck Pillow and there’s a coupon code! 🙂

  12. mom2fur says:

    Okay, I’ve got to remember that one for when I have my own grandkids. It’s brilliant! My mom had a room for the kids, but she never thought of anything that clever!

  13. Kandy says:

    Add me to the popping joints club…my employees call me Granny and I’m only 37 LOL.
    Great idea…I’m going to pass it along to my Mom 🙂

  14. Kim says:

    What a GREAT idea! I love it, tell your Mom, good job! Ofcourse she must have more wonderful thoughts, other than this,…look who her daughter is! Enjoying this post and links!

  15. Simple_Chic says:

    My mother did this in the kiddle’s playroom at her house. Since he’s the only one, a single board works well.
    My joints have popped since 5th grade. No help for it, I just deal with it more and more as I get older. (I’m only 28)
    My WFMW post is up.

  16. Naturemama says:

    What a great idea, I’ll have to share it with MIL. Another great idea shared on my homeschool group is to only display one or two recent pieces and take pictures of them as you go. Keep and album for each child with photo’s of all their work.

  17. liz says:

    Can’t wait to see a picture of the grandkids room! I’m going to send a link to your blog to my mom so she can get started getting the grandkids room ready.

  18. Karen@FamilyBriefs says:

    I started a ballet class this week and did more snap, cracklin’, and poppin’ than those elves in the cereal have done in years!
    Thanks for sharing the neat artwork idea – it’s always a struggle with what to do with it all!

  19. mattie says:

    I was wondering if you look at the links before they go up? #138 disturbed me. no I didn’t click on it…too afraid

  20. Ashleigh says:

    Thats a really good idea! I remember my grandpa always having gum for me..but it was that nasty black licorice gum. To this day I can’t look at that stuff without wanting to gag! I think he tricked me into eating it once and thats why I have issues. Anyway, I LOVE WFMW!!!

  21. Alyson says:

    That is a great idea! I’ll share it with my mom (although I don’t know if my step dad will go for it) – but I’m also thinking about using it for myself! I’ve got 3 little ones and the art projects are endless. With their own board they can pick what to hang up, then when it’s full they can pick what they want to remove to fit something new. Pure genius your mother is, Shannon! :). I’ve got a hallway wall that was just waiting for this inspiration, and I think I hear my fridge jumping for joy in the next room.

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