Oh Help Me, Internet

We’re having tile laid lain put down in our bathrooms, because they were, formerly, carpeted.  Let me tell you that no one in their right mind would ever put down carpet in a bathroom.  But, our house was built in 1983, so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming they were all distracted by the Cold War or something. 

Anyhoo, we’re using the same tile in the master bath that we plan to lay lie put down in the kitchen, which is a much more expansive area.  The master bath is basically our "trial run" to make sure we like the tile and the grout.

I love the tile, no question.  I also love the black grout, and I think it will be great in our kitchen–especially because it will be laid lain put down in a diagonal pattern, and the dark grout will accentuate this.  Plus, we have lots of black accents in the kitchen, so it should all pull together nicely.

Really, I’m getting to the point.

The problem is that my tile liar layer putter-downer doesn’t like the dark grout.  And this has me second-guessing myself, because I thought it looked really looked good.  And so this is one of those moments when I take full advantage of having a blog, and I ask you this most critical question, Internet–

Do you like the dark grout?


(And by the way, ignore the schmutzy baseboards.  That’s leftover grout that hasn’t been cleaned yet.)

Let me have your honest opinion.  I can take it.

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164 thoughts on “Oh Help Me, Internet

  1. Lynne says:

    I think in a small area like your bathroom, a lighter grout might look better. It would make the tile seem more continuous and make the room look bigger. In the kitchen, with the tile on a diagonal, the dark tile would accentuate the diagonal pattern and would look good, especially with a lot of black accents.

  2. suzanne says:

    I’d say no to the dark grout. I agree that a lighter grout in a small space would look better. Good luck with the renovations!

  3. Cheri says:

    I’m sorry- but I agree with everyone so far. I think a lighter grout would be better. I think the darker grout looks dated. Good luck!

  4. Randi says:

    It’s great. Seriously. It won’t show any spills that soak into the grout (regardless of the so-called “sealing”), and just as you say, it will accentuate the black in the kitchen. It’s different and that’s fun!

  5. Melissa says:

    i have to say that i disagree with everyone and say go with the darker grout. especially in the kitchen where lighter grout tends to become darker with dirt…

  6. Diane says:

    I do like darker grout too, but I’ve noticed that if the “putter downer” isn’t so perfect with the straightnest and all, you will notice the more “crookedness” of it. Does that make sense? Like the dark stands out and the light doesn’t. Hope that didn’t sound ridiculous!

  7. katy says:

    I usually like lighter grout too but I put off white grout in my kitchen and even though I sealed it well, it is now 8 different colors. Most of the colors are coffee tinted or something close.

  8. Diane says:

    I love the look of the dark grout (it does accent) and while light grout will get dirty, the dark will always look like its supposed to be that way. BTW, I think its tile “setter”.

  9. chocolatechic says:

    I love the dark grout! It looks like brownies….or chocolate wafers or something like that.
    It also won’t have to be scrubbed on your hands and knees…..you know white/light grout collects all manner of awfulness in the first 5 minutes of it being cleaned.

  10. Debby says:

    I like the darker grout. Anything that hides dirt is ok by me! However, the quality of your tile guy’s workmanship leaves alot to be desired. BTW, that’s the EXACT tile I have in my bathroom! With grey grout. My tile guy (hubby’s cousin) wouldn’t do the dark. POut!

  11. Eliza says:

    Well, I think that with the color of your tiles, the black is actually okay. I personally would go with white, but that’s just my style.
    Then again, black (the grout) and brown (the tiles) do look nice together, so perhaps you should go with it…
    I know, I’m a whole load of help. πŸ™‚

  12. Trina says:

    Darker grout is IN my friend! I love it! Why get lighter grout when it’s just gonna get dirty (in spots, no less) and look brown/black anyway!?
    I might have gone with a slightly darker tile though. Just for myself.
    I say, pick what you like. You are the one that has to live with it.
    Good job Shannon πŸ™‚

  13. Llama Momma says:

    I’ve got that exact tile / grout in my entry way. LOVE IT. You’ll never be scrubbing grout with a toothbrush…of course, that doesn’t mean it will be CLEAN. πŸ˜‰

  14. Karen says:

    I think I’d like the dark grout with a darker, warmer toned tile. It’s hard to get a real idea of the tone of the tile in your photo since it’s just that – a photo. Maybe it is darker in person. Dark grout on a floor would be nice to hide stains, though. I’m just not sure what I think of it paired with a light colored tile.
    Let’s see, how many more ways can I phrase that while trying to sound nice.

  15. Smockity Frocks says:

    Our tile guy talked us out of a darker grout, and I have always regretted it! I wonder if there is some reason they just don’t like working with dark grout. Go with what you like!

  16. Anna says:

    I have to say I’m not keen on the dark grout – maybe (just maybe) in the kitchen but not in the bathroom, it will show every speck of spilt baby powder, powder cleaner, dropped eye shadow, limescale and dust. Trust me, I’m dealing with it now – and I’m replacing it as soon as I can.
    Also, I think as a general rule, dark grout with dark tiles, light grout with light tiles, smooth lines enhance small spaces, and anything that interrupts the flow of the colour makes the space look smaller.
    Sorry – but you did ask for feedback

  17. Sherry says:

    I like the idea of a dark grout. But maybe not black… like someone else said, do they have a dark brown or something?

  18. Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife says:

    From a girl who has had light grout, it ends up black anyway, except in splotches which looks much dirtier than evenly dark. (Does that even make sense?)
    And there is no sealer I’ve ever found that actually works to prevent staining.
    I do agree with whomever mentioned your tile putter-downer should be very talented with his chalk line, but your bath looks great.
    Is this really making your decision any easier?? LOL

  19. aggiema says:

    I say do what you want because you are the one who will live with it. The grout in your kitchen and bathrooms will eventually be dark anyhow. I have very light grout and it stains horribly, even if it is sealed. I say save yourself some scrubbing, get the dark grout and tell the tile guy to keep his opinions to himself (tell him nicely of course!) After all, you are paying the bills!

  20. MamaLee says:

    I love the dark grout. What a change from the white that people usually have. And it’s true, it dinges up pretty fast anyway.
    Love it. Looks great.

  21. Eva Wallace says:

    I LOVE THE DARK GROUT! (after you read the word grout a dozen time, it sound really strange – lol) I think it looks terrific with all the dark woodwork and picture frames. That’s how I would do my house.
    I say – always go with your heart, you have to live with it!

  22. Laura says:

    I have that color tile in my kitchen. We used dark brown grout. I have never regretted it and with 4 children and 4 dogs, you gotta know it’s been tested for sure. Hubis is my tile putter downer and he recommended it. In more than 7 years, it’s never shown dirt. Now let’s not talk about those little chips in the tile that for some reason, NO body knows who dropped what on that there tile over there and chipped it. Hubis said when that happened, he would just replace the tile. So far, I’ve got 5-6 with chips in them and no replacement in sight.

  23. Molly says:

    We like the dark grout in our house…but I AM a bit biased! But, one thing to consider with the color of your tile…black is a strong contrast. We used the dark cement colored grout with tile that is very similar and it looks really nice, pulls out the taupe color in it. We have it in two of our bathrooms, including in the shower, and I’m not sure what we will do with the rest of the house. Whole house will have tile eventually…I can SO relate to your messy house right now! Except, ours is not an issue of remodeling, but construction! I keep reminding myself it will all be worth it in the end, but it sure is a pain to live in the mess in the meantime!

  24. boomama says:

    YES with the darker grout. We used really dark grout in our former master bath and loved it. So much easier to clean, though you can see imperfections in the grouting a bit more, as I believe the internets have pointed out.
    Go with your gut, sister friend. Tell the putter-downer to keep on puttin’ down the darker grout. The end.

  25. Mary B says:

    Okay, I have the lighter grout w/ light tiles in my kitchen. Just glanced over at it – and the grout actually looks dark. I think it has to do with the wear and tear of the floors. We have a total of 5 in our family, no dogs, but I do run a daycare. The floor does get washed on a regular basis but in my honest opinion the lighter grout will darken with use from the children.

  26. Jenny says:

    not so much. I prefer the lighter grout. but, it’s your house and if you love it that’s what matters. πŸ™‚

  27. Kasi @ ReynoldsRap says:

    I vote for DARK grout! I happen to like the way it looks in the bath also. I think it will look fabulous in the kitchen, especially diagonal.
    As for the ‘setter’ disagreeing with you. Have you thought of his intentions? Perhaps he knows that the grout lines will HAVE to be straight and knows that will take him more time by having to do it right, ‘cuz you’ll be able to tell if he messes up!
    I say fooey on what we all say, what does your gut say? You’re the one who’s going to have to look at the grout for the next 50 years. OH, and you’re the one who’s going to have to clean it for the next 50 years also. I’ve got 3 boys, we just throw a can of cement paint on the kitchen floor every so many years.

  28. Kellan Rhodes says:

    I like the dark grout. Lighter is so “typical” and the dark grout does go well with the dark cabinets, plus it will be easier to keep clean. It looks classy – not typical.

  29. Mrs. Brownstone says:

    I love the dark grout, and I think that you will, too.
    When we had ours done, we had a medium brown color of grout. It’s dark, but I wish it was even darker! The darker it is, the less the stains will show up…and the stains will come eventually!
    It looks great!

  30. Coralie Cowan says:

    Um, just skimmed the comments, and thought I’d chime in with a new thought:
    The reason your tile guy doesn’t like the dark grout is because it will accentuate any inconsistencies in his tile laying. I prefer a darker grout myself, but we went kighter in our kitchen because it covered our imperfections. So the question for you, other than “do you like it?” is “how much do you trust your tile guy?”

  31. Kandy says:

    I like the dark for a variety of reasons (more resistant to color changes over the years)…but with your decor in there, I think it works totally. Ignore him and do what you like lol.

  32. mimi2six says:

    I vote dark grout. It’s dramatic, and I like that. (Even though there isn’t anything in my house that’s dramatic!)

  33. Cindee says:

    I like the dark. It also sounds like that most of the commenters who have the dark grout, like it. If it works for them, and you like it, go for it.

  34. Jenni says:

    My parents chose to put back down carpet in all their bathrooms….definitely not what I would choose, but they prefer it.
    As for the light/dark question – I would go lighter in the bath, but think the dark could look cool in the kitchen.

  35. sarah says:

    Go with the dark- we have light grout in our kitchen/breakfast area, and it is becoming darker and darker (and in an uneven fashion) despite being mopped regularly. Save yourself the angst- just use dark to begin with. The bathroom looks great- I’m jealous!

  36. motomom says:

    I have light tile and grout in my kitchen, I say go with the darker grout. Either way you go invest in one of these http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Euro-Pro-1550W-1.2-Liter-Shark-Ultra-Steam-Cleaner/2554929/product.html
    I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond.
    I can steam clean the grout and get it looking almost new. Let me warn you though, this is very addictive. You will be steam cleaning everything. πŸ™‚
    My tile guy also cut the tiles and used them as cove molding which really finishes it well. I will snap a few pics and email them to you.

  37. Nancy says:

    I think it looks okay. The only thing that sorta’ kinda’ bugs me is that the wall tile is white grout, what I can see of it.
    Sorry if I pointed out something you hadn’t noticed!
    As for the kitchen, be sure you will be able to live with large expanses of “outline”. I used to use a black crayon to outline my coloring book pages when I wanted to be dramatic and all that. πŸ˜‰

  38. alison says:

    have you considered a dark tile to go w/the beautiful dark grout? b/c dark grout is the way to go w/all the stuff that gets spilled in the kitchen

  39. Lindy says:

    Go with what you like, the dark grout. It’s more practical, don’t you think?
    P.S. You probably already know this, but for anyone else reading…you LAY tile, you hire a tile-LAYER, and you LAID tile down yesterday. You only LIE yourself down (“I think I’ll lie down for a nap”), and in the past tense “You lay down for a nap yesterday.” So all those people that say ‘I laid out yesterday” are wrong. Confusing, I know, but the basic rule is: if you’re doing it to something/someone else, use LAY/LAID/HAVE LAID; if something/someone is doing it to itself, use LIE/LAY/HAVE LAIN.

  40. lisa h. says:

    i don’t think i’ve ever seen dark grout or maybe i just don’t check out people’s grout! i think it looks great though…it seems like it would be a more modern way to go than just plain white. and honestly…what is this about people suggesting brown…is there really that big a difference from black!

  41. Nicki says:

    I think lighter grout would look better–but make sure you seal it if you go that route. It makes it much easier to clean. And I think you will really like the tile on a diagonal. We have all of our tile and hardwood that way and love it. It makes a room look bigger. Let us see pictures when it’s done.

  42. Ashleigh says:

    Love, love, LOVE the dark grout. Coming from someone living in a house with light grout throughout, it is I.C.K.Y to care for. But, then, this house still has carpet in the bathrooms, which makes about as much sense as the super chalky, pure white flat paint used throughout the entire house. If I had a choice, I’d totally go with that dark grout. Especially in the kitchen… it’ll look great.

  43. Georgia Mom says:

    I have to say I’m in the not-too-fond-of-the-dark-grout side of the camp. But, that’s just my opinion. To be honest, at first glance, I thought the grout had not be done, it seemed unfinished to me. Good Luck either way! I would be interested to see what you choose.

  44. Melody says:

    Well, I think the dark grout looks great. Also, the tile guy isn’t going to live there, you are. The tile guy isn’t going to have to scrub the light grout to get it clean, you are. I personally would go with your gut because you live there and it would be sad to spend all that time and money and then wish you would have done what you wanted in the first place. Obviously, you chose that color for a reason and if you and your husband think it will look great that is all that matters.

  45. Terry says:

    It ROCKS!!!
    Plain an simple. Course the problem it, it’s a personal opinion.
    If you like it, go for it and don’t listen to other people.
    If you don’t, well, change it.

  46. Holly says:

    I think it looks nice. It’s not something that I would have thought of myself, but I certainly will consider it if we ever tile something in the future. But I do agree that a dark grout is going to show up any unevenness in the floor, so your guy better be awesome.
    I like it.

  47. Abbi says:

    I love it! And you won’t regret it when it comes time to clean it…as so many others have mentioned. I think the kitchen will look great. More mod than lighter grout.

  48. SAHMmy Says says:

    Go with a grout that closely matches the tile. I have dark grout with my pale yellow tile in the kitchen–it looks very dated (which it is!) The previous owners got a little smarter by the time they did the bathrooms–there you’ll find pale yellow tile with white grout. It looks much more modern. Whatever you decide, seal the heck out of it!

  49. chickadee says:

    here’s my 2 cents: i got light grout and now it looks the color of your new grout. from now on, i know i’d go darker because, if you live in my house and don’t scrub your grout with bleach and a toothbrush, it’s going to darken in the heavy traffic areas.
    and besides, if you like it, who cares what the rest of the world thinks.

  50. Tammie says:

    I had the same problem when we did tile in our old house. I wanted dark, the tile people put in light (by mistake) and tried to convince me that light was better because it wouldn’t look like a checker board. Well, the grout ALWAYS gets dirty and in my opinion it looks worse to have multiple colored stained grout that it does to have dark grout. Dark looks good regardless of the stains, in my opinion.
    Also: What color of paint did you use on the two walls that can be seen in the picture? It’s just what I am looking for! I am so paint color challenged it is horrible. I’ve painted and repainted and can never get what I want.
    Good luck!

  51. Jes says:

    I like the dark color, I think it will help hide the dirt. πŸ™‚ Light grout tends to show dirt. but like mentioned above make sure the guy does a good job or it will show too much.

  52. SingForHim @ Real Life says:

    Wow! A marathon of grout advice! I had light grout in my last kitchen and hallway, And I will NEVER do it again. Go with the dark, I’m telling you! Don’t ever believe anything that says it can get stains out of grout or keep it white. This is a vicious lie from the pit!

  53. Sara says:

    I like the dark grout. You are going to be looking at it daily, not the tile guy, so go with what you like. Like everyone else said, you won’t have to worry about getting down on your hands and knees to scrub it with a toothbrush when it gets dirty. That would be one of the selling points for me. Who has time to toothbrush their tile?

  54. Bailey's Leaf says:

    My mom cleans houses, so her take on light/white grout is to make certain that it is sealed properly or you will wish that you got the dark grout. We just had this very discussion the other day. She said that it needs sealed twice a year, from her professional house cleaning lady opinion.
    White grout is fantastic if white. If it is grubbyesque in the slightest (grape juice, ketchup, dog yuck . . .) it can all look yuck.

  55. mama2tlc says:

    Well, I agree with the ideas about tile guy needing to be accurate. But honestly – How many people are going to be looking directly at the tile and looking for mess ups? The floor is not something that will be scrutinized, so slight irregularities shouldn’t be noticed. So go dark!

  56. Melanie says:

    I like it in this picture, but let me throw out another option-
    We have tile in our kitchen and in our bathroom, put down by the last owners. The grout is sage green. I kid you not. It actually looks good. In the kitchen, the walls are a bright yellow and the green just fades. It looks like it matches but the green doesn’t “pop.”
    In the bathroom, the walls are sage green and it looks really good. So, you could go with a grout color similar to the wall color you are using. (As long as the walls aren’t red or pink. EWWW) I will try to take a picture of the bathroom and email it to you.
    Whatever they put down, make sure they seal it. Nightmare if they don’t.

  57. kelli says:

    First off, shame on you for “putting down” your tile. It looks nice enough, and may be sensitive to your comments. You never know when it may lift an edge in the middle of the night and get you. Just a warning.
    I’d go with the dark. I don’t think it looks dated, and it compliments the color of your bathroom walls (which I’m currently coveting) and ties it all together. Warm/warm colors are better than warm/cold. I know this, because I watched about 8 million hours of HGTV last week in the hospital. So, as you can see, it was time well spent. And in the kitchen? We had similar tile with dark grout, on the diagonal. It looked amazing. It looked very Tuscan.
    Lastly, I do believe I want to hug Lindy. Her grammar lesson gave me goosebumps.
    M’kay. I’m outta here.

  58. Kristy says:

    I agree that it would eventually all be dark anyway. We had lighter grout and it looked just like your picture after a few years. BUT, it does seem to look dirty against tile that light. Perhaps just a shade lighter will make it look better, like a dark grey or tan instead of black? But then again, I’m no expert. Just my thoughts!

  59. Becca says:

    While I maybe prefer the color of light, we had a similiar tile with light grout, and it stained in various shades & grungy looking after a few months, and scrubbing grout with bleach & a little brush is no fun! So, I would stick with the dark πŸ™‚

  60. Mrs. Nehemiah says:

    I love it!
    (Then again my living room walls are orange, & I dress like a Gibson Girl whenever I get the chance.)
    Mrs. Nehemiah

  61. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Hmm, I think I’d go with something lighter than that one, but darker than a white – if that’s an option? That seems very dark compared to the light tiles, but a white would show dirt and be hard to keep clean. So my vote is ‘middle of the road’ if possible! πŸ™‚

  62. Alice says:

    I’m not loving the dark grout, myself… but I can see the practicality of it. I bet you regret posting that question, though – with all the back and forth on opinions, I don’t think we helped you at all, did we??

  63. Julie says:

    You’re really not getting any help here are you – it’s so divided. I will give you my tile experience.
    1st house – light tile, light grout (we thought it was brown grout when we moved in, it was actually just THAT dirty). HATED the tile and the grout. It showed EVERY single spill, speck of dirt, etc. I was moping 3 times a week (it was in kitchen, entry, hall).
    2nd house – learned from first experience – bought brownish/redish tile with “texture” with a brown grout. It was AWESOME! I could go WEEKS without moping πŸ™‚
    If it was me I would not lay a tile that light in the kitchen (not that it’s not pretty).
    And (not that it’s kind of late) I would have gone with a lighter grout – something about whatever the darkest color in the tile is.

  64. Stacey says:

    Well…after 83 comments you probably don’t give a flip about my opinion but I like the dark grout.
    Yeah,I said flip. Feel free to edit me.

  65. His Singer says:

    Shannon, m’dear,
    What WE like doesn’t really matter…it’s what YOU like.
    Having said that, in regards to the “it won’t show dirt” comments? I once knew a very very very wise woman who said, “But dearie, does that mean it isn’t THERE just because you can’t see it?”
    All I can tell you is to think 30 years from now. Will black grout still be “in” then? Or will you be happier in the long run with something that will blend with everything? Or do you want the “pop” the black grout can give forever and ever?

  66. Rachel says:

    I like the look of light grout better but my grout was a light gray and it is now a dark muddy color so you my like the dark grout for stain resistance.

  67. Olive says:

    I think it looks great with the dark cabinetry. What does your kitchen look like?
    It does break up the tiles a bit, so I’d leave it in the bathroom- I think it’s different and plays off the dark wood. But, in the kitchen where it’s a more open space, I think you’ll appreciate the way a lighter grout will blend better. It won’t draw attention to the floor.
    But, on the other hand, if you’re looking for attention to be drawn and for it to be dramatic- I say go for it! If you like it, it’ll be great!

  68. Nicki says:

    I like the dark grout because it doesn’t show the stains and I think it accents the room more. It really brings out the pictures on the walls, with the light matting and dark frames. So, I think that it will definitely accent the black pieces in your kitchen, like you said.
    Didn’t you do some kind of paper bag wallpaper on the walls in your bathroom? Is it that bathroom? It looks amazing! How is that holding up with wear and tear? Do you like it?

  69. Trixie says:

    I don’t really care for dark grout, but kudos to you for choosing blace because if you choose light—- you WILL have black grout in 2 years anyway.
    Have fun remodeling

  70. Kelley - O2BNAZ says:

    I was always told by flooring experts and realtors to choose the darkest grout you can stand, and ask the tile putter-downer to make the slimmest margin of grout he could possibly make. The idea is that you want to highlight the TILE, not the grout and the (eventual) stains in the grout, etc.
    That being said, I personally love the look of your black grout. Go with your first instinct! These so-called professionals get in kind of a groove/rut sometimes with what they’re used to seeing, and they don’t like to change. My homebuilder tried to convince me not to choose black appliances to go with my cherry cabinetry because “everyone else” would have chosen stainless steel. But I decided to go with what I liked to look at, since I’m the one who has to live here and look at it every day — and I get compliments all the time, probably because it’s slightly different from what everybody is used to seeing.

  71. Nancy says:

    I think the lighter grout in the bathroom because it is a smaller area, & you want to make the room appear as large as it can, But a larger room like the kitchen the darker grout can give it a unique look that will not be seen in other homes & makes it personally yours. Whatever you choose go with your own gut feelings….

  72. Kelly @ PTT says:

    That’s pretty dark. I like a medium toned grout because it doesn’t show the dirt so much. But this seems pretty dark.
    But then, who cares? What a gorgeous bathroom!

  73. JP's Mom says:

    I have not seen too many dark grouts, but I love the idea of it. We have light grout in our downstairs bathroom which is rarely used and it is dingy as well.
    I say for a high traffic area like the kitchen, you can’t go wrong with dark.

  74. Sherry says:

    Speaking from experience go with the dark grout. I have light grout in my kitchen and I can’t keep it clean. Personally if I had my way I would just have a concrete floor with a drain in the center so I could just hose it off every day. (Well more like every month or so, since we are being truthful and all.)
    Oh and for the record, I like the way it looks too, and “put down” on the diagonal, yeah, COOL!

  75. Nancy says:

    Listen, I say go for the dark, if you are anything like us, it will be black soon anyway….and you can NOT get it back to it’s original light color. I wanted darker and got talked out of it and so now I have what I asked for, darker….it just isn’t supposed to be!

  76. Erin says:

    I think the grout looks good. I also have carpet in our master bath – and our house was built in 1999. What were they thinking???? I cannot WAIT to get rid of that carpet eventually. Glad the renovations are going well! πŸ™‚

  77. Emily says:

    I love the dark grout, particularly with your dark cabinets. Wow, it is so striking! Also, I’m with the other commenter(s) who said that it will be easier to keep looking clean.

  78. Karla ~ Looking Towards Heaven says:

    wow… i’m a little late in this conversation, so i’m keeping my opinion to myself because you have probably already made up your mind and I don’t want to push you over the edge in case my thoughts differ from your final decision.
    Go prop your feet up up now.

  79. Kellyn says:

    I like the dark grout, as long as you have a good setter. the lines need to be super straight, or it will drive you nuts when you look at it. The kitchen it will look great, and bring out so much more than you can imagine.

  80. Barbara H. says:

    Personally I would feel like the darker grout would always look dirty and would bug me, if it were me. I kind of have a fixation about grout, anyway, and don’t like tile for that reason. The grout is the hardest thing about it to keep clean.
    Our church bought flooring that “doesn’t show dirt” for the cafeteria area. Problem is, it looks dirty all the time, even when freshly scrubbed and buffed. 😦

  81. Marian says:

    Well, from the picture and in theory, the dark grout lends a nice contrast. And yet… it looks a lot like mine, which is that way because it is dirty, so I can’t help thinking that it also looks a little dirty.

  82. Alyson says:

    Coming from someone with about 2000 s.f. of tile, go as dark as possible with the grout. We went with a mid tone, but if you are paying attention the high traffic areas definitely now have darker grout than the less travelled areas. About every 6 months I get down with a scrub brush & cleaner and clean it up a little, but it really is a pain. Black would not have looked good with our tile, but I really like it in your picture.

  83. Mandy Houk says:

    This is probably too late to make a difference, but I love dark grout. It’s bold and fun. Also, photos don’t do this kind of thing justice! Be brave. Go with what you like. Is the tile “putter downer” a decorator, for heaven’s sake?!

  84. Rosa says:

    I think it’s perfect because it won’t darken with goop. You need dark grout in the bath and kitchen. Tell whomever to get over it. It’s wonderful.

  85. lisa says:

    Go with the dark grout. We did a nice ‘sandstone’ grout in our kitchen and it didn’t stay that way long–sealer, yeah, sure. Knowing then what I know now, we would have used darker grout.

  86. Jeana says:

    Two things. One-sorry, I don’t like it. Black grout makes me think of restaurants and places of business, who use it because it doesn’t show dirt as much in places of heavy traffic. And I know your place has heavy traffic, but go with a dark beige. It’ll disguise the dirt but go with the tile better.
    Two, a few years ago I went head to head with the guy in the tile store because I thought the white-with-pink-accents tile I had picked out would look great with the white-with-pink-trim wall tile already in my bathroom, circa 1964. He thought the beige-with-goldish would look better and we argued back and forth until he told me I didn’t listen well and I told him the customer was always right.
    Well. We got the one I picked out, it looks horrible, the whites don’t match and it’s too much white. The beige would have made a better contrast, but I got what I want and it’s ceramic tile so it’s there for eternity. I guess I showed him.
    My point? Listen to the tile guy. They do this all the time and they know what they’re talking about. But don’t tell mine I said that. I still haven’t admitted to him that I was wrong.

  87. Tanya says:

    Been there, done that!
    Keep the dark. As others have said it hides the dirt. Sealing doesn’t keep the stuff clean looking – even when it is clean.
    Our new house came with light colored grout – I can’t stand it. It looks okay, but it’s a pain to clean. It has to be hand scrubbed every few months.

  88. Erin says:

    I don’t like the dark grout at all. When I look at it, my eyes are just drawn to the grout since it stands out so much and detracts from the beauty of the tile itself. We have an ivory colored tile in our kitchen with taupe grout and it has held up very well to my 5 messy kids. We live on a dairy farm, so mud and dirt in my kitchen are a given on a daily basis. Just my $.02 and worth only half of that.

  89. Molly says:

    We just did a bunch of tiling this summer and I would say to yes, go darker than your tile, but I’m not liking the black. Go a shade or two darker… I think in the long run you wouldn’t get sick of it.

  90. cee says:

    hi there… I have the same colored tile and dark grout in my bathrooms and entry way and IT’S SAVED ME A LOT OF TIME CLEANING! In my kitchen I have light colored grout and I regret it… it has been stained over the years by coffee… food coloring and messy little kids… go with the darker grout. Mine is dark brown and I think it looks good with my tan tile!

  91. Jodi says:

    have you ever scrubbed grout??? on your hands and knees…uuugggh…i don’t care if it looks dated, like a restaurant (see i read the comments above me and still felt the need to comment anyway!) or whatever…go dark!!!
    My kitchen has lighter grout…and it’s disgusting…sealing doesn’t work, scrubbing works and honestly i’ll never do tile in a kitchen EVER again!!! 3 kids and no time to scrub weekly or even monthly. ::sigh::
    Also grew up in a house with carpet in a kitchen…1971…go figure…that is equally a bad idea as carpet in the bathroom!!!
    Good luck!

  92. southerngirlmusings says:

    I haven’t read your other comments but I do know that it has took a lot of scrolling to get to the comment area. πŸ™‚ I think the dark is a bit to dark and maybe there is a compromise of a darker than your tile brown. I have a light grout in my kitchen and the tile layer put some sort of sealant on it and it really has help to protect it and its color (we are a clumsy family). The sealant was just for the grout and not the tile. In the end, it is what you want as you have to live with it and see it everyday.

  93. TracyMichele says:

    Although I like the dark (I have dark in my entry way) it looks too busy in your bathroom. Wait, hear me out. Is that your shower/tub to the right in the photo? Does it have light grout? I think with the light so close to the dark, it looks like you are still in the renovation phase. Sorry. Will saying I love the color of the walls help? πŸ˜‰
    And btw: don’t worry about scrubbing white grout.. that is what the Bleach Pen was made for! FANTASTIC!!

  94. Christa says:

    We have a similar tile in our kitchen and started out with a light beige grout. It now looks like yours. πŸ™‚ It’s inevitable that it will get dirty and it’s nearly impossible to keep clean. If I had it to do over again, I’d use a much darker grout. Keep it, sister. Your first instincts are right!

  95. Lisa P from California says:

    I didn’t have time to read eveyone elses comments, but I’d say NO to the dark grout. It looks dirty and you don’t need to start off with it looking dirty. We used a grout color that matched our tile and we love it. If you want to have a dark color in the floor of the kitchen to match the other accents, consider adding diamonds (tile cut outs in a darker color – ask your tile guy…he’ll know what I’m talking about). That way, the accent matching will look planned. I’m not an expert, but we used limestone in one bathroom and travertine in the kitchen, entryway and 2nd bathroom…matching grout is the way to go.
    As for the post about the grout getting dirty…if it is sealed correctly, that won’t be a problem.

  96. kelli in the mirror says:

    Is this the Texas beige tile at Lowe’s? Because it looks almost exactly like what I’ve been laying lying putting down in MY bathroom this week too.
    Our grout is called biscuit. It’s lighter than that one you have. Both are nice.

  97. Big Mama says:

    That dark grout will be your friend. We have light grout in the guest bathroom and it is the bane of my existence. I seriously have to scrub it with a toothbrush. It’s all kinds of bad.
    Go dark. The first time one of the kids spills a plate of spaghetti on your kitchen floor, you will be so thankful for that dark color.

  98. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    Pretty tile but the dark grout makes it look dirty. Considering the color of the tile in the picture, a more brown color may have worked better (sorry… I’m married to a guy who does home improvements and construction for a living and things get ingrained into me) (no pun intended)

  99. Paulette1958 says:

    Hello Shannon,
    I know Iam number 133, but I do think that it makes it look dirty as well, sorry. My friend went with the dark grout and whenever I look at the floor honestly I just see the dark grout, because it really sticks out. If you really want contrast it would be fine. Good luck with your decision.

  100. Jenni says:

    if your house is anything like mine, your light grout will end up looking JUST like this anyway, so I say skip step #1 and go for the dark!
    maybe a tad lighter, yes.Good luck!

  101. jenn says:

    i will try very hard to keep this short!!
    i like the dark grout but more important is whether or not you like it. i went through a remodel a couple of years ago and i had ‘discussion’ after ‘discussion’ with everyone from the architect to the plumber to the carpenter and the painter all about aesthetic issues. what i learned is that most of their objections were based on the extra amount of effort my choices caused them to put into the job. i don’t know, but perhaps the darker grout requires your tile guy to spend a little extra time wiping it clean? or something similar?
    in the end, it’s your house. the tile guy doesn’t have to live so whether or not he likes it or not doesn’t matter. ok off my soap box. good luck with the rest of it!

  102. Pam says:

    Do any readers have experience with having the grout commercially cleaned? I would like to know how well the cleaning works. After reading this discussion, I am convinced to put a laminate r wood fllor down when we remodel!

  103. Fafa says:

    Couldn’t resist chiming in. I say go with the dark grout. I agree that a dark brown might work better and still resist staining. Having been a tile putter downer myself, I can see why your putter downer doesn’t like dark grout…it’s harder to clean up after you have put it down! FYI…we actually used brown grout, with GRAY tiles…and it looks GREAT!
    LY, Faf
    From a designer…there is no correct answer to your question.

  104. Kellyology says:

    I think with that tile a lighter grout would look better.
    But I have seen dark grout that looks awesome. Specifically I had a friend who did plain white tile with black grout and little black diamond shaped inlays in black. That looked awesome!
    So…I guess it depends on the tile itself.

  105. Tamatha says:

    Hmm, do you really need one more comment?
    We just returned from three years in England, where they big fluffy heart tile. Check out this link for how it was typically displayed…
    We had the ‘classical distressed limestone’ in York, and I’m planning on doing it here,too. But if that doesn’t help, do what your heart loves.

  106. Jendeis says:

    Not in love with the dark grout. As has been mentioned above, lighter grout goes better in a smaller space.
    Plus, from a purely resale point of view, people expect light grout and dark is hard to adjust to.
    Just my .02. The tile itself looks beautiful!

  107. Therese says:

    I am a fan of the darker grout. I have three different areas of tile in house (dark green w/dark gray grout; tan w/cinnamon and tan w/dark brown). Hubby and I get into the dark vs. light every time we tile, but his eventual good sense shows through. He knows darn well I’m not going to clean grout joints with a toothbrush to keep them clean!!!

  108. jessica says:

    As a realtor I always look at things in terms of resale (it’s annoying even to me). I think the dark grout looks fine but I would probably go with a dark brown versus the black. Black is going to be a little more severe than the dark brown and may put some future buyers off. I think the dark brown will give the effect you want but will soften the look just a bit. That said it is your house and you should do what you want with it. I sold my last house for top dollar with maroon countertops and a black and white tile floor. It was much cuter than it sounds I promise!

  109. ShayShay says:

    Took a poll at work: GMP says match the grout to the tiles. It looks dirty to me. Light grout will eventually look dirty, but will be easy enough to clean.

  110. kimi says:

    ok, I’ll tell you why he hates it. Dark grout (especially the black) has to be the HARDEST thing to work with in the world, your lines have to be perfect (the lighter grout doesn’t accentuate your grout lines enough to notice little mistakes which are inevitable no matter how good your “putter downer” is) and it’s a BIG HUGE MESS to work with, he’ll be cleaning black grout outta his equipment for months. we did a black counter at some friends of ours and it was a big obscene mess. I think the bathroom is too small for this, the lines break up the room (which is small already) and while it’s a hot trend now, I guarantee this one will go the way of the dodo. I love that you tried though! it’s your house and YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT, no one else.

  111. Ashley says:

    I think the dark grout looks good. It accents the cupboard nicely. And as everybody else has said, it won’t show dirt (that much).

  112. Char says:

    Dark grout in the bathroom, and everywhere is a good idea. Dark grout is more foregiving on stains & areas are are high traffic area’s…..especially in the bathroom. I want to redo our bathroom, and I think that I am going to definitely going dark!

  113. Laura says:

    I’m all for the dark grout… anything that hides dirt is just totally awesome – that equals less elbow grease when cleaning. (Can you just imagined having to bleach light-colored grout every month or so – aaargghhh!) And aesthetically, it does look good – lots of contrast.

  114. Maven says:

    Go with your instincts. Pale grout will never look clean after the first few months. I’ve lived with both, and I will always take dark grout over light now.

  115. Kasey says:

    I think the dark grout looks dirty/old. For what it’s worth, I laid my own tile in the first house we built about 10 yrs ago (kitchen, dining, entry ways, bathrooms and shower/tub surrounds). Grout has changed a LOT in 10 years! This summer I tiled my kitchen counter and backsplash and discovered the most wonderful grout that will not stain! It’s called Laticrete and I found it at Lowe’s. Yes, it is more expensive that the cheap stuff, but it has a sealant built in, so it will not stain or gather dirt. It’s an epoxy that comes with parts A, B and C. You simply mix the 3 parts together (no water is added). The stuff dries hard as concrete, so there’s never chipping or cracking. It’s smooth…doesn’t rip up a sponge when you wipe it. And the best part is that the dried color matches the color on the box. I will never use cheap grout again! If you go with a grout color similar to your tile color, the effect will be a much larger room and clean floor. Best of luck! If you’d like to see how the grout turned out for me, look in July postings on my blog at http://JimmieandKasey.blogspot.com.

  116. Kasey says:

    I think the dark grout looks dirty/old. For what it’s worth, I laid my own tile in the first house we built about 10 yrs ago (kitchen, dining, entry ways, bathrooms and shower/tub surrounds). Grout has changed a LOT in 10 years! This summer I tiled my kitchen counter and backsplash and discovered the most wonderful grout that will not stain! It’s called Laticrete and I found it at Lowe’s. Yes, it is more expensive that the cheap stuff, but it has a sealant built in, so it will not stain or gather dirt. It’s an epoxy that comes with parts A, B and C. You simply mix the 3 parts together (no water is added). The stuff dries hard as concrete, so there’s never chipping or cracking. It’s smooth…doesn’t rip up a sponge when you wipe it. And the best part is that the dried color matches the color on the box. I will never use cheap grout again! If you go with a grout color similar to your tile color, the effect will be a much larger room and clean floor. Best of luck! If you’d like to see how the grout turned out for me, look in July postings on my blog at http://JimmieandKasey.blogspot.com.

  117. tas says:

    I did tile in my kitchen a couple of years ago. Creamy colour, with light grout. Unless you are a great floor washer, and will wash the entire floor EVERYTIME something spills, go with the dark grout. I wish I had dark grout, it will hide the fact i am not a domestic goddess a lot better.

  118. Andrea Nerren Bell says:

    My family owns a flooring business and I have yet to be in a house with light grout in which the grout was still clean and uniform. It always gets dingy. Multiply normal dinginess by 20 for every child that lives in the house. You are SUPER SMART to choose dark grout. No one will ever know if the grout is clean or not. Kudos for you!!
    P.S. Your installer doesn’t like it because it is harder to clean up. Ignore him, that’s what he’s being paid for πŸ™‚

  119. Robin in New Jersey says:

    I personally don’t like it. We had our bathrooms redone a year ago and they never gave me a choice on the grout color. I didn’t know I had a choice!
    If YOU like it, go for it. It’s YOUR bath and you have to live with it!

  120. Michelle says:

    Maybe not black, but dark definitely. We’ve had both (light & dark) and because house cleaning is not one of my spiritual gifts in the end they both looked about the same. This does not tend to make you feel good about yourself when you look at it and think “Now which one of these used to be light?”
    I have friends who have kept light grout looking spotlessly light for years. You just know they don’t have a life.

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