Works For Me: Thinking About Next Week

WfmwheaderI’m skipping out on posting my own Works-For-Me-Wednesday tip this week, because I wanted to use the space to tell you about a fun idea for next week’s themed WFMW.

Next Wednesday, October 3rd, is Backwards Day in WFMW-Land.  Instead of giving a tip, you’ll ask for one, on a very specific subject.  You’ll be inviting all the WFMW readers to weigh in with their clever solutions to your most stubborn problems. 

For example:

"What’s an effective disciplinary tool for a six year old with a sassy mouth?"


"How do I get Sharpie marker off my coffee table?"

Not that any of those issues have ever plagued the Dryer house.  Oh, no-o-o.

Be thinking of what you’d like to ask Bloggityville next week, and keep in my mind that more specific questions will likely elicit more responses.  We aren’t trying to solve the mysteries of the universe here, girls, we just need a little help with laundry stain removal and backpack storage.

But back to this week–leave your clever WFMW tips below, and be sure to check in with the guidelines here first.  Remember to link directly to your WFMW post, not to the front page of your blog. 

add to sk*rt

1. An Ordinary Mom (successfully managing the holidays)
2. Laura in KY (children cleaning)
3. ellen b ~ help bloggers
4. Jill (kitchen tips)
5. Kandy (saving money in Vegas)
6. Mandy Houk (the dork who put the wrong link earlier)
7. Demeter (Ziploc baggies and moving!)
8. Tamara (girls dresses you love)
9. PASS THE TORCH (parenting tip)
10. WorksForMom (Clean Stove Top Trick)
11. OW (great sanitizing wipes)
12. Rhen (yestheyareallmine!!)
13. Stacy~ Great Christian Resource
14. The Pumkin Patch(Out with old, in with new)
15. AnneGlamore(Week O\’Recipes)
16. FamilyBriefs (me time)
17. Smockity Frocks (Make 3 Casseroles)
18. Capturing Today (Travel Safety Tips)
19. A Juggling Mum (Cling Wrap)
20. Lady Why (scrapbook organization)
21. EmmyJMommy (sticking to a grocery list)
22. Joyful Days (progressive apple peeler)
23. Nikki (emergency storage tips)
24. fAiThFuL cHiCk (Kid-stuff organizer)
25. Charlotte
26. Jen (no more wasted bananas!)
27. Charlotte (Homesick Kids!)
28. Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife (Getting kids to eat vegetables and love it!)
29. Abel (Car Seat Safety: 4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Child Seated)
30. Stacey
32. Activities Coordinator (Carganization)
33. DebMomOf3 (color wonder)
34. Missy(New to Blogging Tip)
35. Lindsey (Laptop Shortcut)
36. Chocolate and Garlic (Haircare for fine hair
37. My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving (poetry for kids)
38. ChoosingHome (Sing Alongs)
39. phyllis (handwashing)
40. Marie (1st time) kitchen
41. Jen (save >50% on groceries for FREE)
42. Mommy-fied (simple vegetable dressing)
43. Katrina in Wa. (sorting laundry)
44. Dawn (Lower Calorie Chocolate Fix)
45. At A Hen\’s Pace (blogging tips)
46. Julie (Carpet Spot Remover)
47. Stacey (Bins for Each Month)
48. SINGFORHIM @ Real Life(Organizing toys)
49. Lynnae (Notebook)
50. SINGFORHIM @ Real Life(Kid\’s Stranger Safety Video)
51. Karla~Looking Towards Heaven (praying for your child)
52. Elizabeth (kids happily eating healthy food)
53. Duckabush Blog (Custom Grocery Lists)
54. Corrie (fabulous Organizing tool)
55. Sarah (Great Podcasts for Kids)
56. Jenny (computer basics for toddlers)
57. Meesh\’s Journeys (lists)
58. Michelle at Scribbit (sack lunch ideas)
59. Susan(WhattoDoWithExtraConditioner)
60. Mommy of Three (Medical Files and Credit Reports)
61. Infinity Goods (reusing plastic bags)
62. DeputyHeadmistress(Make the most of small space)
63. Mandy (cheap and easy teeth whitening)
64. Family Doin\’s (getting kids to do chores!)
65. The Traveling Family (save when booking travel)
66. Adena (egg whites)
67. Proverbs31 (Kids Brushing Teeth!)
68. Robin (using your calendar)
69. Laane (storing socks)
70. Stuck In North Idaho (keep your teeth)
71. Mommin\’ It Up! (getting kids to eat fiber)
72. monica (Preserving Grandma\’s recipes)
73. Crystal @ Money Saving Mom (Cash 4 Books)
74. T with Honey (snack drawer)
75. DramaMama(Cinnamon Rolls)
76. Peggie (Creative Cooking)
77. Georgia Mom (getting kids ready on time)
78. The Building Brows (Make Money with Your Blog)
79. Organising Queen (frugal organising ideas)
80. Katie (Bee Sting Relief)
81. Candace (Personalized X-mas Gift)
82. The Not Quite Crunchy Parent (Handmade Toys- sort of)
83. The Not Quite Crunchy Parent (The Candy Fairy whisks away Halloween treats)
84. Milehimama (40 Days for Life)
85. Jen (keeping friendships going)
86. Elena@The Wuggy Chronicles (fresh bread crumbs)
87. Kathy (Better Commuting)
88. Heather@Mommymonk (Hunting Harmony)
89. Heather@Mommymonk (Prayer)
90. Heather L. (carrying everything)
91. Lori – Queen of Dirty Laundry (Containers)
92. Princess Leia (SpaceBags)
93. Mrs. Jones (Filling Out Forms 4 Kids)
94. Jenn – Quick Hair pick up
95. Saph (washing dishes)
96. Liz ~ Kid\’s Bath
97. Tonsofsons ~ no more missing links
98. Nap Warden (snap crackle bake!)
99. Amyswandering (free Bibles)
100. Jes (Win it!!)
101. Amy (toddler-proof DVD player)
102. Wooden Porch (Make Fabric Piping!)
103. Amy (Chore List)
104. By His Grace (Keeping Your Car Clean)
105. Ann\’Re (Writing Elected Officials)
106. Rachel Anne (best and easiest Pot Roast ever)
107. Sarah @ To Motherhood and Beyond (Sabbath Candle)
108. Melissa at Yesterday\’s Hopes(Chores and Allowances)
109. Texastanya(Child Modesty in Restroom)
110. Jeni – snacks in the diaper bag
111. Barbara H. (Making small fonts readable)
112. Supermom (bow holder)
113. Vida (getting kids ready for school on time)
114. Amy (pesky potato peels)
115. Jeana (Saving $$ at the Grocery Store)
116. Elena (Piano lessons for lotsof kids on a budget)
117. Aimee(schoolsupplies)
118. SAHMmy Says (grocery shopping)
119. Kisses of Sunshine: Avoiding Sticky Jar Lids
120. Amy W (simple fall gift)
121. Andrea (journal blogging)
122. Cyndi (ironing)
123. Just In case: Picture labels for pre -readers
124. Mommy Zabs (craigslist)
125. Amy (holiday shopping)
126. Stephanie (Laundry Tips for Kids)
127. Briggie – Fundraising
128. Naturemama (natural acne scrub)
129. Kathryn (microwave popcorn
130. Jill (CDPJ) – "Borrowing" craft ideas
131. Kris at Wonder Mom
132. Song of the Sagebrush (Help in the Kitchen)
133. Stacey (sneaky foods)
134. GP in Montana
135. Not the Queen (frozen meals)
136. LinesFromTheVine(Crochet Patterns/Hope Chests)
137. Sarah @ Ordinary Days (Stocking Schwag)
138. Cee(Art Work Art)
139. Simply A Musing (Add Sk*rt button to post)
140. MooBeeMa (Chore Tracker)
141. Holly (sharing pictures)
142. Cindy (Girlfriend Night-Choctoberfest!)
143. Liza – Sitemeter and Internet Safety
144. Slava Bogu (Spiral Bound Index Cards)
145. Billie (self-flush toilets)
146. Many Little Blessings (Get Going in the Morning)
147. KimC [no picky eaters]
148. Lizzie (tired feet)
149. Melissa (getting rid of cradle cap)
150. Abbey (Living Out of a Suitcase)
151. Cindy (how my child says "may I?")
152. Valerie
153. VerrySherry
154. Melinda (Energy Saving tips)
155. Suzanne (getting out the door)
156. Karen (another organizing post)
157. Kelley – O2BNAZ (FaceBook)
158. MemeGRL (time with kids alone)
159. Scott (teaching Euchre to kids)
160. Momma 2 Beans (birthday reminders!)
161. Kelli@GohnCrazy (Use LESS Paper Towels)
162. Bri (Dipping Sauce for Chicken)
163. Mandi – (battling selfishness parent tip)
164. Clappy Shoes (Inexpensive Garden Soil)
165. Ann Kroeker (psalter/proverb reading plan)
166. MommaofMany (home-made all purpose cleaner that really works!)
167. Katie (removing sharpie from skin)
168. Kayris (Chop Hot Peppers Safely)
169. Sasha(Easy Menu Planner)
170. Sasha(Frozen/Opened On Label Download)
171. Rachel (Letting Go)
172. Tracy (tear free onions)
173. Amy (paci storage)
174. Mamalady(Signing Time)
175. Melonie ( Staging Bottles
176. Kim – Tantrum Prevention
177. Sandi (traveling with kids)
178. Grace Whisperer (Bible Study)
179. Elizabeth (removing ink stains)
180. Stewardship Living (cloth diapering)
181. tanyetta
182. Daring One (car organization)

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53 thoughts on “Works For Me: Thinking About Next Week

  1. Kandy says:

    Am I blind? I don’t see the Mr. Linky thing…but then I am in Vegas this week and there’s no telling what I’m actually seeing (all this fun ya know lol)

  2. Mandy Houk says:

    That’s so funny that your theme next week is to ask for help — I was just thinking of something today that I wished I could find a tip for on WFMW!
    Now, of course, I have one week to remember whatever that was …

  3. Mrs Fussypants says:

    I wanted to answer the problem of our negative habits in life. So I answer those questions in my own “backward” way.
    I forgot to link directly to my entry. D’oh! Sorry, everyone!

  4. Princess Leia says:

    1) I’ve been wondering how I’m always link #~100 when I usually post around 9AM ET. Now I know – it’s because some of you sneak in on Tuesday night!
    2) I had literally just clicked over to RIMD in order to email you, Shannon, to suggest a ‘backwards’ WFMW day! And what do you know? You’re WAY ahead of me! Awesome! Now I just have to figure out what it is I need to know…or rather, I need to pick the most important thing I need to know. πŸ™‚

  5. Kandy says:

    I love the idea for backwards week next week too!
    Oh and I’m sorry too that I posted twice…I forgot to put my explanation in and then couldn’t figure out how to edit it *blush*

  6. jenn says:

    first of all, who are all you fabulous people who have your works for me WEDNESDAY post ready and linked before 11am on TUES? i am completely impressed. i like the thought of next week’s WFMW – i’ll be thinking of a fabulous question to ask.

  7. jen says:

    What a great idea on the question asking next week. I will have to think on that one. I hit my link twice one was wrong….sorry about that…I’m new to getting one link set up on someones homepage……have a great day.

  8. Mrs.Jones says:

    I’m so glad you’re doing this … I have lots of questions I have been wanting to ask all these wise women. I’ll have to think of my most important one!

  9. KimC says:

    How can I get my kids to quit spilling stuff on my laptop keyboard? And how do I get my keyboard to quit typing o’s and e’s spasmodically after it’s been spilled upon?
    grrrr. I’m typing right now on the old retired laptop with missing keys (no seven, no zero, no closing parenthesis, no delete…] because my own laptop is full of coffee and detangler, obsessed with revenge and filling my documents with vowels.

  10. Verry Sherry says:

    sorry, Shannon! this is my first-time and I already messed up! Meant to provide my description behind my name…(kids’craft). But it was so quick and easy, I managed to forget it!
    thanks for hosting!

  11. Kelli says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to backwards week! The hardest part is going to be narrowing it down to just one question to ask. Yes I’m a Momma in a need of much help. hehe Great idea!

  12. Christina says:

    I was just about to email you and ask if you could do a reverse WWFMW sometime soon! How ironic!!!! THanks, Shannon. I’ll be working up my best advice question!

  13. Sasha says:

    Oh, perfect idea for next week.
    I was thinking of appending questions to my WFMW because boy do I need some help.
    Of course, now that it’s out there. I can’t remember a single question. But I have a week to try to. lol
    Oh and I posted two because last week I had a bunch of requests for the labels in my tip and I wasn’t sure how to reach everyone since e-mail bounced back when I tried. I hope that’s ok?
    Thanks again!

  14. reed says:

    I am sure the Sharpie question was just one of those random things you pulled out of thin air and not something you have ever had experience with… right?

  15. tanyetta says:

    i have so many questions that float around my head all day. i find myself saying–areukiddingme a zillion times a day. now my family doesn’t even think i’m asking questions, they just think that’s their names! *sigh*

  16. Nic says:

    I’ve said it before, but I love WFMW! The bad thing is that I’ve been spending over an hour of my day off trying to read everything. I must do laundry now, I really must. Oh but I’ll read just one more tip…

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