My Boy

He has completely sized out of Gymboree clothes.

When I see a pair of sneakers in the floor, I have to do a double take to see if they’re his–or mine.

I can kiss him on the forehead without bending over. 

I can’t help him on his math homework without sneaking a peek at a calculator.

He’s growing up, that boy of mine.  And I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.

44 thoughts on “My Boy

  1. Tammy says:

    My boy is just my height-soon to be towering over his mom.Enjoy him while you can!!
    Soon to be a teenager on the 21 is Gregory.

  2. Ronda says:

    I hear you! My oldest is 13. He is almost as tall as me. His feet are bigger than mine. I know my days with him are now numbered. (3 years til he gets himself a job & a drivers license; & a little over 4 years til he goes away to college!)
    What happened to the little baby with the pudgy feet? They couldn’t have belonged to this big critter!

  3. Kellan says:

    I know how you feel. Mine is now 10 years old and he’s losing that little boy look about him, talking back way too often and doesn’t look back much when he walks away from me. In some ways I love this time in his life and in so many others I want that little toddler that clung to my leg and on my every word.

  4. Qtpies7 says:

    The first one is the hardest, but it is not fun! Pretty soon you will be eye-to-eye, then you will be looking up to scold him. Then he will be looking down on his dad, and then…… whew, then they move out! (I am totally torn on that one, I want the hassle gone, but I want my baby to stay forever)
    I am really freaking out that I am now starting my FIFTH child out on puberty. I have 5 kids that stink up the joint now. Two to go, but far behind.

  5. Mary says:

    Oh I know what you mean. My son thinks it is just hilarious that I can slip on his sneakers…and they’re a smidgen too big. He’s almost as tall as Grandma which means he’ll be catching up to me in another year or so. It’s gone too fast.

  6. madridmom says:

    I know just what you mean. My oldest just passed me up in height. He still calls us “Mommy and Daddy”. I will probably bawl my eyes out when he finally outgrows that too.
    On the flip side, we’ve seen some much more mature and thoughtful behavior from him lately. Definitely a plus!

  7. Katie says:

    I’m right there with you. My son’s shoes swallow my feet, and I’m a size 9. Where did those pinch-me-please thighs and cheeks go. I certainly miss the days he roared like Simba at everyone. At least he still giggles – sometimes!

  8. Susan says:

    I just sent my firstborn off to college. That sweet little pudgy baby. Now he’s taller than me, drives, does his own laundry, works a job, has hairy legs . . . it happened way faster than I thought it would!

  9. Melessa, Mommy of Four says:

    My oldest is going to be 10 in December. I think I’m also going to have to buy her a bra at about that time. (Clearly not taking after me in that respect.) I could swear I just brought her home from the hospital.

  10. Heidi says:

    Mine is not quite 3. Thanks for the reminder to go watch him sleeping in his crib. His feet are sticking out the side, so I took a picture. Too cute.

  11. Ericka Wagner says:

    Hi, this is very fresh for me also, my oldest just turned 13!!! 13, how in the world did THAT happen, I remember clear as day when he was born! I am enjoying this stage though (thankfully he is entering puberty slowly).
    He still gives his mom hugs – thank GOD and we really enjoy one on one time together.

  12. JCK says:

    Oh… I feel the same way and my little guy is almost 4 and my girl 3. They grow so, so fast. He’s too heavy for me to lift over my head… We just got back from getting haircuts and for the first time my Boy said, “I want it short.” And he’s almost 4! Peer pressure starts so early. It kills me because he has this gorgeous Robert Redford head of blonde hair – that all of us would die for!

  13. janet says:

    i was just talking about you all to my oldest. Our children are just about the same age but I have all boys. We were talking about the accent for misbehavior. He wasn’t sure about it but got interested when I mentioned you had children the same age as us. Then I said you were in Oklahoma. He said, “I guess that rules out a play date!” Guess so since we are in MD.

  14. MyStarbucks says:

    I so totally hear you. My boy is 14. After much hard work he is finally taller than me and is happy to mention it every time he is standing near me. I used to be able to beat him at an arm wrestle. Never again…..(sad face).

  15. Tracy says:

    I have to pull his head down to kiss his forehead. He left my size shoes long ago (and is still growing). He started shaving last month. I barely check his homework anymore – he does it himself and does it well. But I look at him and I still see the baby he was.
    I know how I feel – glad to see him growing so well, and missing my baby too!

  16. tz says:

    ohhhh, breaks my heart…my boys are only 8 and 5 but i’ve had to buy myself only pink socks so my husband won’t get mine confused with theirs…very very sad to see them growing up so fast! and happy, i can’t forget the happy

  17. Susanne says:

    I totally relate! Mine is now taller than me and he has to bend his down a bit in order for me to plant a kiss on his forehead. And once in a while he still let’s me. *sigh*

  18. hickmomof3 says:

    Mine just turned 10 and I was having the same thoughts. He was wearing my socks by accident the other day and borrowed my flip flops to take out the trash and they weren’t too big!! He doesn’t want to kiss and hug me as much but will still flash “I love you ” in sign languange when not too many are looking. I too am wondering how much more time I have to keep him to myself and not share him with the world at large. The first time he tells me that he wants to bring a girl to dinner I may just flip. (I think I still have several years before that). Thanks Jesus for letting him grow strong and healthy!

  19. Elise says:

    I’m thinking ahead to those years, and I’m not sure how I feel about it either… already, eight-year-old lays his head on my shoulder when we huggle while we’re standing…

  20. margalit says:

    My boy is 5’10 and hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet. His doctor thinks he’s going to be 6’4″. I haven’t been able to help him do his math homework in several years. Who remembers trig? Not me. He’s taking public transportation into town by himself, he has a serious girlfriend, and he still wants to sit in my lap and snuggle with me. When he starts to shave I’m going to cry.

  21. Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity says:

    Just the other day Matthew (age 10) came up to give me a kiss
    He does this everyday, but that particular morning, I pulled back away from him and said “When did you get so tall?”
    He comes to just above my chin. And we all know he’s not done growing. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about looking up to him.
    So I can totally relate

  22. Sally says:

    My oldest is a senior in high school. (I just ordered her cap and gown this morning!) and my baby will turn 13 next month!! Where did the time go??

  23. sherri says:

    It is a bittersweet time. I tiptoe and peek at them when they are sleeping and still see my baby faces, but only for a moment. It always makes me think of the Robert Munsch book “Love You Forever”. I could never read that to them when they were little without crying.

  24. spirit mom says:

    I’m just noticing how much my 10 year old says “Mom, stop, I’ll be fine” when I’m fretting over him. He is becoming quite the young man.

  25. diana/sunshine says:

    i remember going to wake up my son one school day morning. i went into his room and most of his body was under the rumpled covers. but sticking out was part of a hairy leg. i swear, my first thought was, “who is in my son’s bed!?” it seemed as though he grew into a young man overnight.

  26. Adena (cre82learn) says:

    I can relate!! My oldest boy is 10 and within a year I am sure he will be taller than me. He no longer needs me to tuck him in. Now I *need* to do it. I’m afraid tomorrow he will be asking to borrow the car keys.

  27. Trina says:

    Sniff….Only good thing I have going is Jophie is small so at 14 I think I can still CRAM him into something gymbo if only to satisfy me! LOL

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