Phenomenal Cosmic Power, ITTY BITTY Living Space

(Ten points for anyone who can name what movie that title is from!)

So, we took a long weekend and had a mini-vacation last week.  To any bloggers out there that might be in a blogging slump, let me give you one piece of advice:  go vacation in exceedingly close quarters with your children.  You will generate enough stories to keep you hopping for a month.

Our trip is best recounted in pictures, and, as promised, I tried to be a little more artistic in my picture-taking.  And by "artistic" I mean "taking photos of something other than Stephen crossing his eyes".  I aim high.

(I’ve uploaded these shots in a smaller version, so the page wouldn’t take forever to load.  For a better glimpse, just click on them.  And if you’re wondering why I’ve labeled all my pictures with my domain name, it’s not some weird ego-trip about the quality of my pictures. I’ve had some bloggy friends who have had some photos messed with; labeling them is just another way to protect your bloggy stuff.  Darn Internet Mean People.)

We stayed in this campground.  Here’s a shot of our camper (borrowed from my parents), otherwise known as The Wind Chamber of Death:


The weather was beautiful, except for the wind–it blew 30 mph the entire time we were there.  That camper creaked and groaned and banged all day and all night.  And I sat up in my bed at 3 am and said, "Oh, how I love creating cozy memories with my family."  Yes.  That’s exactly what I said.

But all was well every time I stepped outside our camper and was greeted with this view:


Not a bad way to start the day.

I call this next shot "Brothers".  Don’t they look like they’re all wrapped up in an important conversation?  I bet they’re talking about how much they love their mom.


We made a few side trips, including a drive up to an elevation that let us see the aspen changing colors.  If you’ve never seen an aspen tree in person, put that on your list of life goals.


I was loving some vintage-looking painted signs we saw along the way.  "STOP THE CAR," I’d yell, so I could take a photo.  Hubs really likes it when I do that.  Just ask him.


But really, aren’t these cool, and worth a little uncomfortable brake-slamming?


I really like this shot:


Here’s a picture of the inside of the camper.  This is what it looks like when my family explodes:


The boys did some exploring and found several interesting rock formations in our campground.  They led us to this curious one, a heart shape right in the rock (the scope is difficult to see in the photo, but I could almost lie down in it.  If I made a habit of lying down in natural rock formations, that is).  Adam named this The Rock Of Love (that’s pronounced lu-u-u-u-uv).


Here are my five favorite people:


And here’s me, being a rugged mountain woman.  Thanks to the wind, the Man Hair evolved into Troll Doll Hair:


This next shot is entitled "Hey Mom I Found A Fire Ant THIS Big".  I can’t imagine where this child gets his propensity for melodrama.  Cough, cough.


I really love this shot of my daughter’s shadow.  Kind of cool, isn’t it?


Hubs insisted I take this picture of his killer s’more making stick.  You have to love a man who’s not afraid to get excited about things like this:


One of our favorite parts of visiting Colorado is driving across the flatlands of the Oklahoma panhandle and southeastern Colorado.  Even though I grew up in the mountains, I’m gradually beginning to appreciate the wide-open beauty of the plains.


Isn’t that beautiful?  There’s something very satisfying about knowing I live only a few short hours from land like that.  It makes me think that if things get too crazy, I could just pack up a covered wagon and head west, you know? 

They do outfit covered wagons with on-board DVD players, don’t they?


64 thoughts on “Phenomenal Cosmic Power, ITTY BITTY Living Space

  1. Gego says:

    My apologies to you, Dear Heart. I grew up camping in Arkansas, carried that love of mine on to my kids. Fafa was an infant and we camped on the shores of a lake near Houston. The play pen worked wonders. Then, there was the trailer on Lake Ouachita, followed by the condo on Lake Hamilton. All events involved water – fishing, skiing, swimming,listening, exploring.
    My wish for you is many more Hubs dinners. He is really a great cook in the kitchen also. He knows how NOT to have pink laundry and can iron his own dress shirts. Don’t let him slack on his duties!
    Love and hugs, Gego

  2. Nicki says:

    First, I have to say, you are a brave woman! Second, we can call those “darn internet mean people” DIMPs. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but it’s just not right. The signs remind me of what I recently did to my husband while we were away for a little getaway–we can’t miss a bloggy opportunity, now can we? They are all great pictures. This post rocks!

  3. kelli says:

    You are the absolute cutest troll doll I’ve ever seen. It would only be cuter if your hair was orange, or maybe green 🙂
    Looks like y’all had the best time. Exploding family and all. So glad you had a great time to just be with the family!

  4. motomom says:

    A very windy camping trip – not a tree around, and a hornet’s nest in the outhouse+one injured mom in lots of pain and therfore very unhappy led to my husband buying a truck with a camper top. Best investment we ever made. I heart camping. Sounds like you had a great time!

  5. peach says:

    Great photos. Great scenery. How I love Colorado!
    Aladdin was the first video (yes, back when VHS was it, baby) my DP bought me. He got it as a birthday present for me the year before we got married. I still have a soft, gooshy spot in my heart for it. : )
    Glad you had a great time away and glad you’re back.

  6. Clemntine says:

    And WE spent the weekend just south of Lake Tenkiller in the coolest campground in all of Okiedom. Y’all would love it!
    Three years (and one kid) ago, we had a great little pop-up. We traded up for a travel trailer with 4 bunks and now we’re in the market for a motorhome. Oh, how I love the great views out my front door when we go camping!!
    Awesome photos, Shannon, and I couldn’t agree more about camping being the best breeding ground for blog fodder…kinda makes me wish I had a blog…

  7. Chelsea says:

    Aladdin — 10 points for me!
    Congrats on surviving and loving your family vacation. My childhood roap trips were more like family hostage situations…

  8. chickadee says:

    you’ve certainly got my admiration for camping with 4 kids in a pop up camper. but the scenery is sure beautiful and staying in a camper makes you want to get outside, right?

  9. Jesse says:

    I get points for knowing it’s Aladdin! Do I get more points for knowing that it was both Genie AND Aladdin that say that line? *grin*
    You sure are brave – as the oldest of four, I can only be in awe that you haven’t pulled all of your hair out yet. *grin* As it is, I’m still in awe that my mother hasn’t as well – of course, we’re probably why my father’s hair went grey so early! *grin*
    I’m glad you had fun! Love the pics!

  10. The G-Ma says:

    Dearest Roxanne Mai,
    You are some brave hardscrabble pioneer mama to venture forth to vacate in a softshelled camper-trailer, or whatever those contraptions are called. Your favorite people are blessed to sit at your table.
    To see pristine landscapes, unscathed by urban plight, must warm them ole cockles! And to capture this beauty in photos just begs comparison.
    Hope your wee reprieve from the ordinary sparks more creative excesses. It’s what we were made for and do best.
    Thanks for your blog. It always gifts us with a smile or a big ole laff!

  11. stephanie says:

    This former Okie is a little homesick looking at that last picture … and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mountains! Mountains over beach any day, thankyouverymuch. 🙂

  12. sam says:

    Aladdin of course. How sad is it that I remember that and my kids are 13, 15, 17 and 19? Needless to say it has been a while since we watched it.

  13. Cindy says:

    We just camped in our pop-up with our four kids for a few days and I blogged about it, too! My favorite moments are when the kids are fighting in the ITTY BITTY living space. This trip we found a new campfire treat that I LOVED…spread peanut butter on an apple slice and top with two roasted marshmallows. It tastes like a carmel apple!

  14. Jenny from Chicago says:

    I camped for the first time this summer but it was with other women and their kids (no men allowed) we each did a meal so nobody was cooking all the time. It was soooo much fun, we are definitely going again.

  15. Someone Being Me says:

    I am totally jealous of the s’mores roaster and the fact that you made s’mores. I have requested my husband buy me an outdoor firepit the last 2 winters specifically for this purpose. I could use my fireplace but it’s just not the same as sitting outside in the cold making s’mores in the dark.

  16. Anna says:

    Is it sad that I’m also very impressed by the s’mores stick? I’m going to be trying that technique next time I go camping.

  17. Faerylandmom says:

    That line is totally from Aladdin…sheesh…challenge me, wouldja? 🙂 Just kidding.
    Great shots, all around. And kudos to the hubs for his s’mores stick. Quite the accomplishment! LOL

  18. cindy says:

    Looks like a wonderful getaway for the entire family. Loved your photos. Do you have a link somewhere on how to put your domain on your photos?

  19. hogphan says:

    Wonderful pix! I can close my eyes and see the aspen leaves quaking in the breeze and changing colors this time of the year, and the mountains, and the snow on them each morning, and that bright blue sky unlike any other, and that smell of the spruce and…….

  20. Holly says:

    Nice Aladdin reference in the title! We haven’t been brave enough to take our boys camping yet, but it sounds like your family had a great time. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!

  21. Dana says:

    I too LOVED this post. I truly love your blog, but I really like it when you show us more about YOU!! With pictures. I love the picture of you and you do NOT have man hair. It is cute 🙂
    Looks like you guys had a great time on your camping trip. Except, the space does look a bit….small! thanks again for all the wonderful photos. I too wondered what kind of software you used for your watermark. Did you just do layers and add it as text? If you could do an EASY (basic for retards like me) how to on how to watermark your photos in Corel Photo or Photoshop…that would be awesome! I read all the stuff about people’s photos being lifted and it worries me!
    Thanks Shannon 🙂

  22. GiBee says:

    So … I was kind of feeling sorry for you when you said you went camping with your family. I had visions of the family jammed into a tent, with the wind howling around you.
    That was, until I saw that you had a camper, and were properly protected from the elements. I felt much better after that!
    Truly, the only SMART way to camp!

  23. jubilee says:

    My idea of camping is no wifi in the hotel room. Kudos to you though for an adventure that I’d never be brave enough to attempt. But then you did get some great pics and family memories!
    Your hubby slams on the breaks for photo ops?! Wow! I am in awe. The only thing my hubby slams on the breaks for is impending projectile vomiting. BG

  24. Beth @ The Natural Mommy says:

    ALADDIN! More spefically, the genie in the movie Aladdin. More specifically, the genie voiced by Robin Williams in the movie Aladdin.
    Can I use my points to on your bloggy giveaway site? So that maybe I might actually win something? Please?
    Ok, I’ll look at the rest of the post now.

  25. Muni says:

    I am chiming in late here but yes Aladdin. Hey I love your blog and I can totally relate to this post. But you beat me by a long shot. I only have 1 little one right now.

  26. Julie says:

    First of all, Aladdin.
    Second, that fence (in CO) looks like the one at the Emerald Ranch.
    Third, I know what you mean about Wind Chamber of Death. We had one of those but then we traded it in for the fifth wheel we are living in at the moment. Hopefully for only a couple of more weeks though.
    Love the photos!!

  27. TRS says:

    I’m so glad you can appreciate the wide open spaces. I grew up in Nebraska and I really tire of the people I meet who say… oh what a horrible drive! Nebraska is BORING. There’s nothing to see!
    Nothing to see?! You can see for miles! Which is more than I can say for the East coast… where everywhere you look all you see are trees. How the heck are you supposed to see where you’re going? Makes me clausterphobic when I’m driving out there.
    So anyway… Yay scenic driving!!

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