Whatever the Halloween Equivalent of “Bah Humbug” Is

I’m not feeling very Halloweenie this year.  Though I usually get all worked up over the kids’ costumes (and end up making at least a couple of them), this year I laid down the law:  I’m not lifting a finger or spending a dime.  You either wear something we have, or you make it yourself. 

And I did this, of course, because I want to encourage frugality and independence and creativity in my children, not at all because I’m WORN COMPLETELY OUT and don’t have the wherewithall to get it together.  Oh, no

So Stephen (Anakin Skywalker) and Joseph (an Indian brave) are wearing previously-worn costumes, Corrie (Snow White) is raiding a wonderful stash of girlie Halloween costumes my friend J gave us, and my resourceful Adam has engineered an amazing ensemble in which he is some half-boy, half-robot creature ("It’s a CYBORG, Mom," he corrected me after reading this). 

I suppose in all fairness, if I’m not helping them with the costumes, I shouldn’t get to raid the candy.  But that ain’t happenin’.  It is a hard-and-fast rule in this family, written in stone:  MOMMA GETS THE THREE MUSKETEERS. 

So, what about you?  Which candy do you sneak out of their bags while they’re sleeping graciously ask your kids for?  Anyone else having a low-key Halloween this year?

95 thoughts on “Whatever the Halloween Equivalent of “Bah Humbug” Is

  1. Kellyn says:

    Oh we have that rule too. Momma gets the Almond Joys, and Daddy gets the smarties and any gummy worm that comes our way. It works well. lol

  2. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning says:

    The Butterfingers are all mine! And since I don’t have resident trick or treaters any more, I buy extras to give out and then withhold them from the kids who come on Halloween night. I know. I’m pathetic.

  3. Liza's Eyeview says:

    and oh .. low key? not quite. We already stared trick-or-treat last Friday:
    And a couple more before the actual Halloween :). No… not quite low profile this year …

  4. Kelli says:

    I get KitKat’s. Mine is an easy halloween, Hannah Montana all I had to do was the wig she had everything else in the closet. Then Tony Stewart which I bought the costume but how easy no makeup involved stick a hat on his head and he is done.

  5. Adventures In Babywearing says:

    As we’re trying to be frugal in every area, this Halloween is previous used costumes here, too. Thankfully my boys have enough dress up outfits and old costumes passed down. They will still be cute and when it’s all over, all they care about is the candy. Which, if I could HAVE chocolate, the Three Musketeers and Kit Kats would be ALL MINE. But instead I’ll probably just get the gum.

  6. Sandy says:

    Hi Shannon! I’ve always been low-key about Halloween. My kids have had to make up their own costumes – it’s always interesting to see what they’ve come up with.
    We only have one participating now. Two older boys are “too old.” ha!
    Halloween is my least favorite holiday (do we even call it a holiday?) but we’re always with great friends!

  7. Sandy says:

    Hi Shannon! I’ve always been low-key about Halloween. My kids have had to make up their own costumes – it’s always interesting to see what they’ve come up with.
    We only have one participating now. Two older boys are “too old.” ha!
    Halloween is my least favorite holiday (do we even call it a holiday?) but we’re always with great friends!

  8. Sandy says:

    Hi Shannon! I’ve always been low-key about Halloween. My kids have had to make up their own costumes – it’s always interesting to see what they’ve come up with.
    We only have one participating now. Two older boys are “too old.” ha!
    Halloween is my least favorite holiday (do we even call it a holiday?) but we’re always with great friends!

  9. Dana says:

    We don’t “do Halloween” around here. We take our girls to see my grandma at the assisted living home where she lives. The residents sit in the dining room after dinner and pass out candy to the kids.
    This year we’re not going. I have a bad feeling about it now. We’re going over on the 1st to see Grandma–without any costumes.
    As far as the candy goes…I got all the chocolate! It didn’t matter what it was, if it was chocolate, it was mine!

  10. MyStarbucks says:

    Oh my gosh, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I am totally not into it this year. I have not bought any pupmkins or candy. We just got my 5 year olds costume at Target the other day. Hopefully my mood will change by Thanksgiving.

  11. Midsummer Night says:

    I love, love, love those little peanut butter candies that most people hate. Those ones wrapped in black or orange paper. I love them. Those were always mine, until this year when we have discovered I have developed a allergic reaction to peanut butter. I am still morning the loss of eating those little candies.

  12. Mari-jane says:

    I love the mini Krackle candy bars, and reese’sp-nut butter cups! My oldest daughter was killed almost 2 years ago.( she was 24) We are raising her 3 year old twins along with our 6 year old son. I have a 21 & 23 year old who are a great help. Halloween was my oldest’s favorite Holiday. I am trying to decorate and get into it for her children & my son, but the temptation is great to let it slide past like every other day. I have bitten the “silver” bullet, and today they helped me make up treat bags and get their costumes ready. But this is hard, so hard, and I wish I could just crawl back into bed and sleep the day away! The need to give them happy memories and something besides sadness is stronger, so onward I go!

  13. Kendra says:

    I’m with you-Three Musketeers all the way! But this year I’ll be trying my hardest to resist because I’m trying to loose weight with Carmen over at The ELFF Diet. Wish me luck!

  14. Danielle says:

    Halloween is low-key by default this year, because it’s Wednesday, and Wednesday is church night. We’ll be at family night supper, choir practice, and prayer meeting until at least 7:30, by which most of the kids will be done with trick or treating.
    We don’t have kids yet, but I always, always get the Reese’s peanut butter cups. Those are MINE!!

  15. Coralie says:

    We haven’t had to worry about it before, but now people are expecting us to dress up and take our newborn (3 months old) and that just doesn’t seem worth it to me!

  16. nicole says:

    i’ll eat just about any kind of chocolate/peanut/coconut/more chocolate combo, but my favorite part is SORTING the loot! just like the good ol’ days…
    not so low key around here…but we’re using Halloween as an opportunity to invite the neighbors over for chili and pumpkin bars…a little food, fellowship, & fun!
    did i already say food…?

  17. Emily says:

    When I was a kid, my parents would help us make our costumes (Dad was especially good at dreaming up good ones, and Mom was amazing at sewing them!) I’m not so good at either, though, so costumes will of necessity be much simpler around our house. (Of course, we’re also not sure if we’ll be celebrating it at all – something we’re still considering – but that is another story).
    Ok, so what I really started this comment to say: when we came home with our candy bags, Mom and Dad would have us all sit down at the table. We had our candy, and they had the change jar! Then they’d buy whatever we wanted to sell. Most things went for a few pennies, but Mom LOVED snickers bars (and so did we!) and they were often in short supply. I remember one year I got a whole dollar for a mini snickers bar. πŸ™‚
    In retrospect I think that was a great way for my parents to handle the candy haul. We got to make choices about how much we’d like to eat candy vs. how much we’d like to have spending money. We also became more discerning about what candy was worth eating!

  18. Ericka Wagner says:

    YES!!!!! I’m low keying it also!!!!! My baby (he’s three) is actually really scared this year of all the Halloween stuff. So we are just kinda lying low. I was so glad to read other’s are as well – I thought it was just me!
    Let’s see candy…….I love it all unfortunately πŸ™‚ BUT my absolute favorite has to be the peanut butter cups!

  19. Christa @ No End in Site says:

    We don’t “do” Halloween with our kids, but when I was little, my Dad had to “test” certain candies… to be sure they were “safe.” He always used those old scares on the news about needles being put in candy to justify his need to take bites out of pieces! Maybe you could try that! πŸ˜€

  20. FeeFiFoto says:

    Chocolate, the darker the better.
    Don’t beat yourself up — I seriously doubt that there will be a chapter in your childrens’ tell-all book about you titled: “And Another Thing — She Never Helped Me Make A Halloween Costume.”

  21. Short Stop says:

    Low key? NOPE. We go ALLLL out! Love Halloween! But, then again, I am not in the midst of remodeling either!
    I take the Reese’s cups. Sorry, boys…but you’ll have to live with the rest! LOL!!

  22. Stephanie says:

    I’m having a tough time getting motivated for Halloween this year also. My 8 yr old dd has taken her costume in her own hands and is creating a vampire bat costume from fabric scraps and batting that I had socked away. Let the creativity reign =)

  23. Melody says:

    Our kids don’t trick-or-treat, but whenever they do get candy bags at football games, etc. they all bring me the banana Laffy Taffys! I’m not allowed to eat chocolate anymore, so they graciously hand over my favorite of the “left-overs”.
    (When I get to heaven though, I fully expect to see a vat of those new Dark Chocolate Mint Three Musketeers and Butterfingers!)

  24. Cindy says:

    We are also a no-spending family when it comes to costumes! I like to think that rather than me being an uninspired or lazy mom, it is teaching my kids resourcefulness and creativity. πŸ™‚ I do tell them if they want to spend their own money on a costume, they can. They never choose to! Last year my oldest daughter taped a triangle of construction paper to a pencil, wrote “Go Ceilings” on it, and she was done… she was A Ceiling Fan. πŸ˜‰
    My girls know any Reeses product goes directly to mom.

  25. Angie says:

    I’m totally having a low key Halloween this year. I’m a little sad, but I’m just so worn out that I haven’t had the energy or time to stop and decorate. We have sporadically put things up but it wasn’t quick enough for my oldest.
    My darling husband is a giant kid himself and usually decorates like crazy. Last year he dressed like Professor Snape from Harry Potter. He made a Slitherin’ sign and put it outside. He also went to tons of trouble to make a bench that he then put black cauldrons on with colored lights. He hooked up a smoke machine to each one and it looked like potions cooking. It was awesome and we got tons of compliments on our decorations.
    Oh well, hopefully we’ll do better with Christmas this year.

  26. Everyday Mommy says:

    I sneak the Snickers πŸ˜‰ And, our Halloweens are always very low-maintenance, too. We just don’t do a big thing. I think it’s neat that your kids are using their creativity to come up with their own costumes.

  27. Stacey says:

    When I was a teen I got chased one Halloween, so it isn’t a happy halloween for me… but my hubby loves any and all the candy the kids will share- Last year I made my daughter a Cinderella costume, and I –(embarassed)made her wear it again this year, it is too short… but still cute, We usually go to a church, or around to friends ONLY ~ our neighborhood is better at smashing pumpkins, than handing out candy…
    I do get excited all about Thanksgiving though… I LOVE turkeys,pie,cranberry — oh, I can’t wait… (oh, I didn’t– check out my blog…) http://frogparenting.blogspot.com
    I love comments! (i am such a dork!)

  28. Jesse says:

    Going to Party City to get a costume (for the first, and hopefully last, time) was enough to make me almost hate Halloween……ALMOST…after all, it IS one of my fave holidays, but this year I’m not dressing up. The little bear is going as a Girl Pirate (she’s 2 and psyched about getting a sword…*sigh*)
    As for candy….since she’s 2, I can still con her out of just about anything, PLUS she’s a really good share-er, so she’s usually willing to part with some of whatever mommy or daddy likes (usually anything chocolate! *grin*). Probably better get the most out of it that I can, as she won’t fall for it next year most likely. πŸ™‚

  29. Lindsey @ enjoythejourney says:

    Reece Cups!!!!
    And maybe a kit-kat or two?
    I’m not into it this year either. Downsizing into 900 square feet was such a yuck thing to do a few months ago, I haven’t got much of my spunk back about anything. I’m praying it returns before Christmas.

  30. crafty carolinagirl says:

    I was just talking to someone about this the other day. I usually go all out for Halloween and I just haven’t felt like it this year. I don’t even want to carve my pumpkin. Maybe it is the warm fall we’ve had so far in the South. It just doesn’t feel like Halloween.

  31. CP says:

    AR was able to borrow a costume from a friend and went as a pirate to trunk or treat and BR was gooped up as a zombie type thing. I really didn’t want to spend the money on costumes and to be honest the holiday snuck up on me so I didn’t have a lot of time to make anything “new”!

  32. Aimee' says:

    Don’t worry about not helping them with costumes!! This is the first year we are actually letting the kids dress up and it’s just for a party at a friend’s, but it had to be with stuff we already own. Fortunately we already have cheerleader outfits and princess dresses. As for candy, we are even taking a pass this year on handing it out.

  33. Tabitha says:

    Halloween is definitely low-key this year especially since it is in two days and I’m not sure what the boys want to do. They had suggested ninjas and said all they needed were black turtlenecks and black pants. I’ve convinced one maybe to be a winter ninja so he can wear white since I don’t have two black shirts/pants. For some reason I don’t really care if they get to go trick-or-treating but if they do I take the chocolate when they are asleep.

  34. Shalee says:

    We’re in the same boat. I remember having to make my own when I was a kid, which they think was 50 years ago…
    Milk Duds. And I have no problem with taking that which I did not harvest. It’s my right as their mom. (Plus, they can’t guard the candy ALL the time. They have to go to sleep sooner or later.)

  35. Someone Being Me says:

    I’ve already gotten into the M&Ms assortment I bought for the trick or treaters. I couldn’t help it. They have been sitting in my pantry for nearly 3 weeks taunting me. A girl has her breaking point.

  36. Lady Why says:

    We don’t do Halloween either…but we do love those ‘after Halloween’ candy sales!!! Mom’s bag is ALWAYS the dark Hershey’s chocolate! That stuff is is out of this world fabulous!

  37. Clemntine says:

    I just wait ’til they’ve peacefully slipped into their diabetic comas (they’re so cute when they’re out cold), and help myself to whatever looks good.
    Is that bad?

  38. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Anything chocolate! Of course they’re not fond of the chocolate stuff anyway (go figure, no idea how I gave birth to these children)… Costumes were stressful this year – it’ll be nice when they’re old enough to make or scrounge their own… πŸ™‚

  39. Simple_Chic says:

    I don’t really raid my kiddle’s candy. Our tradition has always been that mommy “buys” any candy that is forbidden due to peanut allergies with other candy that is safe. I spend half of the night going door to door with the kiddle and the other half negotiating whether or not a fun bag of peanut M&Ms is worth more than one safe candy since there are more pieces of M&Ms.

  40. *Heidi* says:

    Same rule here: 3 Musketeers are all mine! Because I said so. (Too bad both my girls are grown up and out of the house, for the most part!)

  41. jenny says:

    SNICKERS!!! or whatever other pieces of chocolate they’ll part with. πŸ˜› My oldest son got a full new ensemble for a policeman, but it was only $15 so I didn’t think that was too bad. My daughter got cat ears and a tail which she is wearing with a pink cheetah print dress. My little guys are wearing costumes from the Halloween box. I’m thankful it’s not supposed to be too cold here!

  42. DSW says:

    Unfortunately (or fortunately?) none of my 3 kids are big chocolate fans! I don’t know how that happened!! So I get ALOT of candy after halloween. I often end up chopping up all the chocolate things and mixing them into brownies or cookies which I will share with friends.

  43. Katie says:

    Snickers and Baby Ruths are all mine. Daddy snatches the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. And thankfully everyone is using an old costume. The year of, “Mom, I want to be a WWI pilot. You can make it,” is past. My daughter did win the costume contest with the pilot costume, but came up to me afterwards asking, “Who is Amelia Earnhart?”

  44. Staci at Writing and Living says:

    I usually steal the Snickers and or Milky Way.
    Our Halloween is not low-key. A pair of watery, disappointed, baby-blue eyes in the costume store had me promising that I would make a costume this year. Now that they’ve seen that I can do this, I’m already getting requests for next year.

  45. Tooz says:

    If I can’t find it before Halloween, (as in the bag of Hershey’s chocolates I lost somewhere–maybe deliberately), it’s mine. My dad used to sit on the front porch, eat the candy, and drop wrappers in the sacks. If you lived in Kentucky, north of Louisville, and came home with candy wrappers in your trick-or-treat bag, then you probably went to his house.

  46. where the boys are says:

    Keepin’ it simple.
    And I get the mounds, almond joys, baby ruths, butterfingers, reeces peanut butter cups, milky ways, snickers, milk duds…
    Oh, come on people. Don’t judge. I have three boys and someone has to save them from themselves. And I volunteer cheerfully each year!

  47. pineapple princess says:

    I am a self proclaimed halloween hater, but I am trying to get better. I wish the Grinch would steal Halloween instead of Christmas as my post will tell you

  48. Melanie says:

    I am turning my trunk into Noah’s Ark, so I guess that wouldn’t be low key. :>) I do hope my kid gets some chocolate at the festival. Any kind will do.

  49. peach says:

    I gave my three the same ultimatum here, so we’ve got a gypsy, “Maria” Batali, and a hunter dressed in full camo. regalia.
    When they are not looking the Three Musketeers disappear faster than Boo Mama’s fried catfish : ) I try to resist, but I just can’t. Also, the midnight Milky Ways were introduced to me through last year’s Halloween haul, so they are likely to end up MIA as well.

  50. LeeAnn says:

    This was the first year I put a lot of effort (and $$$ for me) into Halloween costumes. I made a Dorothy dress (that doubles for church unlike the ones you buy that are strictly costumes), and a Robin Hood hat and cape. One son made his Samarai warrior from cardboard boxes (although I bought him some leather lacings to hold it all together). This is the last year for my 2 boys though so we did it big!
    As for candy? My kids know their chocolate is not safe! We just do our church’s trunk or treat and then we’ll watch Transformers for the actual Halloween night.

  51. Meg says:

    My kids make it easy. My 1-year-old can’t have nuts yet, and my 3-year-old doesn’t like them. This means more Snickers and Almond Joys for us. :0) (Maybe that’s why I was the one ending up with cavities this year.)

  52. Nicki says:

    As Megan put it to me last week–the equivalent is Bah-HumBoo! I am not a fan of Halloween and never have been. But I will say I love taking the Snickers and Laffy Taffy, depending on my mood.

  53. Courtney says:

    I’m still giggling at “Halloweenie.” My inner 12 year old is happy. πŸ™‚
    Our Halloweens tend to be low key, but I’m also only working with a 2 year old here. We’re using a costume that we borrowed from a friend (aka FREE), and going trick or treating with some other friends.
    And the Reese’s Cups are MINE. Nerds are too.

  54. Andrea says:

    It’s really unfortunate for my kids that our one daughter has a peanut allergy. Because ALL the good chocolate (at least the stuff I like!) has peanut butter, therefore making it mine! And we’re going low-key, too. I haven’t even carved our pumpkin yet.

  55. Dana says:

    Halloween falls on a Wednesday which is their AWANAs night. We haven’t been trick or treating in a few years, so I don’t think they’ll notice.
    But they are looking forward to tomorrow’s trip to the Salvation Army to see what we can scrounge up.

  56. Shauna says:

    My attitude toward Halloween most years is Meh. My older daughter came up with her own costume this year–The Pink Ninja. My younger daughter is going to be some type of fairy or princess using items from our dress-up box. Not very creative, but she’ll be cute.
    When my first was a baby, I put on an apron and a baseball cap and dressed her up as a hot dog (a Halloweenie, you might say). I carried her in a box I strapped around my neck and put a sign on the box that said Hot Dogs $1.00.

  57. edj says:

    Hmmm….it’s our first Halloween in years, but we’re also adjusting to a more expensive place (US vs Mauritania) so we’re definitely doing “things we found in the suitcases” for costumes this year. Luckily Ilsa wants to be a spy and Elliot wants to be Jason Bourne–these are easy costumes. It may be low-key, but it feels more like a celebration to us.
    As for chocolate, anything dark choc they get is mine! all mine! Also black licorice.

  58. Tammy says:

    Anything dark chocolate…or M&Ms.
    But really, we don’t play up Halloween. I just mentioned that in my post today, in fact…I am just not comfortable with the whole thing, but we do dress up and go to Harvest parties. And their daddy insists on letting them trick or treat to a few neighbors.
    As far as the candy, though…I figure I’m doing them a favor if I raid their bags since they both have had cavities in the past. πŸ˜‰

  59. JCK says:

    Oh…GOD. Do I have to list them ALL? O.K., candy corn, tootsie rolls, almond joys, hershey’s symphony nuggets, snickers, M&M’s…and then there’s….
    I’m afraid I’ve had a bit too much fun so far for Halloween. I dressed up as Ginger and my hubby as The Professor from Gilligan’s Island on Saturday night. It was a hoot. And for Halloween night, my GIRL will be an Owl and my BOY will be an airplane pilot. We’re doing the costumes ourselves. No sewing involved. For everyone’s safety.

  60. Ronda says:

    Yes. Definitely a low key Halloween here this year. I got out the decorations for the kids’ sake, but only put up the ones that would fit on the fireplace mantle! My oldest was on his own for a costume this year, so that was easy & he’s happy. I sold my youngest on a terribly easy to make Bat costume, which he loves.
    My kids get until the weekend & then all Halloween candy goes into one big bowl & becomes community property. First come, first served (after meals), & Dad usually noshes the lion’s share! Mom’s favorite? Butterfinger, Dots, mini Reese’s cups….but my eyes glaze over when confronted with all those chocolate options they bring home. HA!

  61. Cyndy says:

    My kids can count on not being able to find anything with chocolate left in their goodie bags. In fact,(since we don’t Trick or Treat) when they win candy at our church harvest party I’m busy following them around and making sure that chocolate is put in their prize/goodie bags! Hey, I’m on the verge of menopause here and they need a happy mommy!

  62. Mommy, the Human Napkin says:

    Wel, we don’t do Halloween, but when they do get candy for whatever reason, I always sneak whatever looks good to me at the time. Mostly chocolate stuff. And then I hide and eat it so they can’t see. So sometimes, I eat M&Ms in the bathroom.

  63. daring one says:

    We’re totally recycling costumes this year. Laylee is a dorothy/fairy hybrid and Magoo’s wearing an Eeyore costume that looks like he borrowed it from his little sister. NOOO. He actually borrowed it from his BIG sister. He’s just an extremely large pumpkin-headed boy with a very lazy mom. Last night I dreamed I was a professional truck driver and I thought you’d like to know.

  64. Sally says:

    Anything chocolate and also the Smarties is what I take (I mean, ask my child to share with me!)
    My daughter wore the same costume for the last 3 years, so I guess that counts as recycling.

  65. Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama says:

    If it has peanut butter in it and it shows up missing I am definitely to blame…
    We actually spent about $3 TOTAL on both kids costumes this year. Jake is a ghost, which my mom made out of an old angel costume of mine, and Emma is a cowgirl, which is a hand-me-down from her cousin. Gotta love it!

  66. Bailey's Leaf says:

    Heath bars. They don’t come along very often, as I’m certain that they are really more of an adult candy bar. I think that those who buy them are afraid of being stuck with the leftover candy and purchase something they like to eat. We only got one, but mommy sucked it up without even checking the wrapper for tampering.

  67. Cyn says:

    I would like to be able to proudly announce that I throw out all the chocolate so I won’t be tempted one iota! Nope! Not a bit. I lie.
    Good news for us is we get away with not doing anything for Halloween. Our Pumpkin was born on this hallowed day so we celebrate her. I use her as a an excuse so I don’t look so much like Scrooge!

  68. Kathryn says:

    Can I just share how relieved I am to NOT be alone in feeling “BAH halloweeny”? Plus, today is my youngest son’s 6th birthday and I”ve been SO distracted lately.. :::sigh::: (by prev. mentioned difficult pregnancy). And it won’t be ANY candy this year (sob, sob) as I have gestational diabetes ALREADY (16 weeks pregnant) but it WOULD be Almond Joys. It’s gonna be a LONG holiday season!

  69. dcrmom says:

    LOL!! In this house, MOMMA GETS THE MILKY WAY BARS! And the Reeses Cups, and the Snickers, and the M&M’s and the . . . Well, I guess it’s fair to say I take a sampling of each.

  70. Thursday Next says:

    I teach third graders, and I’ve told them all about how I take excess candy as a service to them. They call it the Mrs. Next Candy Foundation. πŸ™‚ They know I’m especially taking donations of milky ways. hehehe

  71. Therese says:

    Any kind of Hershey’s chocolate was mine, but sadly I now have to purchase my sweeties. My little ones are now BIG ones that do not trick or treat any more. Besides, their 6′ man selves and deep voices would scare anybody who answered their door!

  72. junosmom says:

    Ours was a very-low key Halloween this year as well. The trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood are very selective about which house they will visit. Having so many packed into one street, they don’t bother with houses that lack lights and noises and things that jump out at you. You need more than a couple of jack-o-lanterns to attract these days.
    For me….100 Grand, Payday and Almond Joy. All of which were lacking this year!!

  73. Heidi says:

    Pretty much anything that involves chocolate but not peanuts. My favorite is anything that has chocolate and caramel or coconut. (Why has no one ever thought of putting all three in a candy bar? And while they’re at it, they could throw in some pecans. Now that would be good.)

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