Was Your Entry Deleted?

First of all, double-check to make sure it was actually deleted.  If a few people ahead of your entry were deleted, it might have bumped your number up several places.

Please note that I automatically delete any posts that link back to the front page of your blog, instead of directly to the WFMW post.  This is not because I’m a control freak and a meanie (really!  I’m not!), but as a courtesy to (and at the request of) the other participants. 

See, people will be scrolling through these links all week long.  If you’ve linked to the front page of your blog (instead of directly to the post), then once you have a few posts on top of your WFMW post, it’s hard for others to find the right place.  And then they get cranky and e-mail me.  And I don’t like cranky e-mails.

So, for all our sanity, I automatically delete links done incorrectly, and (the good Southern girl in me shudders) the volume of participants prohibits me from contacting each participant personally to explain. 

This post will explain fully how to link directly to your WFMW post.  If it still doesn’t make sense, e-mail one of your bloggy friends, and they can probably walk you through it.

Other reasons posts are automatically deleted is if they don’t offer a link back to the main page (really, that’s another courtesy to your readers–the point of WFMW is to generate traffic for your fellow participants, and that can’t happen if you don’t link to the main page), or if they don’t actually contain a WFMW post!

Thanks for understanding, and feel free to re-enter your link correctly once you’ve figured it out.  I’m sorry if this causes anyone frustration, but playing by the rules on this one makes it more fun for everyone.  If you have any more questions, please look through the guidelines.