As I type this, she sits next to me, watching "Dora Bick-Splorer", happily shouting at the screen.  She’s wearing a pink Jasmine crown and slippers, given to her this morning by one of her favorite people.  She’s recovering from a nasty virus, her little nose still running furiously ("Momma, my nose is spitting!" she says.)  She’s eating Wheat Thins out of a plastic bowl–a plastic pink bowl, because Heaven help us if it’s not the pink bowl.  She leans over and puts her head on my shoulder.

She is captivating, this daughter of mine.

She is funny and smart and silly and eager and affectionate and tender and loud.

And today, she is three.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.

51 thoughts on “Corrie

  1. Not the Queen says:

    Oh, how I love 3! It’s a great age for girl! A time to express themselves; a time to be an individual; a time to copy every bloody thing her daddy says.
    Gotta love 3!

  2. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Princess! Our Emily turned 3 in September, and wore her “bootiful seeping booty” (Beautiful Sleeping Beauty) dress the entire day of her party, complete with tiara. Aren’t princesses lovely? Sugar and spice and almost everything nice… blessings to you and yours as you celebrate such a wonderful day!

  3. Clemntine says:

    Our soon-to-be 3-year-old Princess-of-All-She-Surveys (channelling Chandler Bing: Could I USE any more hyphens?), announced this morning:
    “I’ll get de sur-yup. I’m jus’ de WOMAN fer dat!”
    I think she and Corrie would get along famously. Just now, she is prancing around in her pink leopard “cos-chume” spastically pwanging everything below her 3.5′ reach with a pink and yellow tinker toy wand.
    Sunrise, sunset…

  4. Sharon@New Urban Mom says:

    What a funny, sweet “snapshot”of you and your birthday girl! It seems only yesterday that my little Hannah-Jane was insisting I pour her juice in her “PINK cup please!” Sigh…she’s now a gracious 17 yr old H.S. senior.
    These are precious days! Enjoy!

  5. Anonymous says:

    3??? She is already 3? Where does the time go??
    Happy Birthday sweet, growing girl!
    Just so you know, we (my daughter) also watch Dora. Often in the mornings as we are grabbing our items to head out the door for school I find myself singing to them, “Backpack… Backpack…”
    Or when we are leaving somewhere and I am asked, “Where are we going”… I burst into the chant “Where are we going, I don’t know. Where are we going, I don’t know”…
    Sometimes even the map and swiper make it into our discussions as well.
    *sigh*… Yes, Dora lives at our house too. 🙂

  6. MamaLady says:

    Oh Happy Birthday!
    Hope she feels better soon.
    BTW, my girl HAS to have her lavender bowl for all her eating. Thankfully, it was two pack, so I always have one clean!
    PS: Please hop over for my birth and adoption story carnival. Should be fun!

  7. momrn2 says:

    Sorry, the long discertation about Dora at our house as well was me… *sheepish grin*
    Again, Happy Birthday wishes coming your way for your sweet girl today! 🙂

  8. Nancy says:

    Nearly 20 years ago, MY three year old Princess informed me, at my admonition that “it MUST be nap time!!”…that she “was NOT sleepy, her eyes were just cranky!!”
    ~Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweetie!~

  9. Pam says:

    Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!
    Hate when that nose spitting stuff happens.
    Hope you feel better soon and keep insisting on pink. It’s my favorite color, too.
    I’m having a birthday next week and can’t have cake, so eat an extra piece on my behalf : )

  10. Chris says:

    There should be a law that the youngest can’t grow older than 2.
    Happy birthday much-loved girl!
    Chris in Canada

  11. Tee says:

    Awh, sick on her birthday. Three is a fantastic age. I can’t believe my youngest just turned six. Feels like yesterday I was thinking about what a wonderful little 3 year old he was… Enjoy her. The cliche is too true.

  12. Alli says:

    I knew your Corrie and my middle son were close in age, but I had no idea how close. We celebrate his birthday on Sunday.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you’ve all enjoyed your day!!

  13. Gego says:

    Many Happy Birthdays to the strongest girl I know. Corrie came into this world early with conviction and determination.
    May the Good Lord Bless the Parents and Brothers of this child. They need all the help the Angels provide.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY SPECIAL ANGEL. Love ya bunches, Gego

  14. Dana says:

    Ha! My two year old HAS TO HAVE PINK. Actually, she has a little dance she does in which she renounces her name and demands to be called Pinkie.
    So Pinkie it is.
    Happy B-Day to your sweet little one!

  15. Jenny from Chicago says:

    Three is a hard year…fortunately my three-year-old is turning 4 in a month and four is my favortie age.
    Happy Birthday little Corrie. Never give up the crown sweety, nevah!
    As you know, Shannon, gird your loins for the year ahead, it’s not for the meak.

  16. Cheri says:

    *iii* Happy Birthday *iii*
    Belatedly but I hope she had a wonderful day and is on the mend soon!
    Pink bowl powers UNITE 😀 (my girl would so join her in the love of the pink)

  17. beatrice says:

    Happy birthday to Corrie!
    (I’m just wandering by via other people’s blogrolls – did you know that the text that pops up when the mouse hovers over your left-hand menu is all prefaced with “Aquadots?” For example, it says “Aquadotsabout” when the mouse hovers over “about,” and “Aquadotse-mail” when it hovers over “e-mail.” Just FYI.)

  18. Megan (FriedOkra) says:

    Mine just turned three, too, and I have enjoyed her at every stage so far but this is still by far my favorite. Happy Birthday to Corrie and happy another precious year of mother/daughterness to her sweet Mama.

  19. Julie says:

    My daughter is 7 now, but when she was about 3 she thought the Dora song went, “Come one Lauren Rose, everybody let’s go!”
    Not one little bit narcissistic, I tell you.

  20. Sue says:

    Three is the BEST. AGE. EVER. The sweetness, the ability to tell you what they think – so charming, so awesome. I love three.

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